Saturday, June 26, 2010

Birthday rash

Yesterday was my 39th Birthday.
Yes, 39.

Next year will be the big 4-0!
That sounds scary!

I had plans to have a few friends over and make
homemade pizza, then eat cake.

But this guy while we were in town hitting some garage
sales (walmart too) began breaking out with blisters
on his arm, legs, face and trunk.
That is calamine lotion on him.

Course all I can think of is Chicken pox
because he has them spread a little here and there.
Only this one on his arm is abnormally looking.

So, I did what you are supposed to do and
called my friends to say it looked like Caden had
chicken pox and yes, he'd had the vaccine
it's only 75% effective and unless you want
your kid(s) exposed don't come over.

Needless to say, no one came over.

Then as I was undressing for bed I notice this on my foot.

I was freaked for a bit - me and chicken pox have a history.

Chyann looked up poison oak on line and the pictures of it
look very much like Caden's arm and my foot.

Apparently I jumped the gun and canceled my own
Birthday party for poison oak or rather nothing contagious.

On the up side I did hit some good garage sales and got
myself some good deals.
My favorite thing is this 2dollar leather coat!

This morning I came downstairs and to find a tent up in
the living room and Caden snoozing in it.
The tent was last weekends 2dollar garage sale deal.

Now we know what poison oak looks like.
I just have to find the source and get rid of it
because these sores really burn!


Dar said...

Ouch...looks uncomfortable, alright. I got into stinging nettle once and had the same effect. Hope you find it and spray the daylights out of it with some Round-Up and still stay away from it til it all dies down.
Sorry you guys are hurting.

Aunt Krissy said...

Looks pretty nasty. Did you drop the cake? Happy almost 40 soon!

crochet lady said...

Happy Birthday Kellie! Hope you can celebrate with friends another day.

That jacket is a great find!