Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ouch! The vet visit.

Our lovely Jennifer Rain somehow managed to cut her right
front hoof, just above the coronary band on Sunday evening.

Caution for those who don't like cuts and a little blood,
those photos are next!

(isn't she pretty)
Doesn't looks too bad and she wasn't limping at all,
but it was sure bleeding and when
she moved her foot the wound would gape open and you
could see down into it.

The Hubby cleaned it out and put iodine/water mix on it.
He thought we could treat this without having to call in the vet.
I don't know much about wounds other than what my
vet book said and it said "Call the Vet!"

I told him we'd see how it looked after he got home from work
on Monday. He agreed.

We did decide to keep her in the barn out of the muck so
she wouldn't get mud/crap in the wound.

This probably sounds like a good decision, but she
had never been stalled before and didn't care for it much.

She did have some visitors as you can see...

The hens came and pecked at the fallen grain around her feet.

The rooster came to see what he hens were up to.

Sparky the cat ended up laying in her hay feeder.
Those are Caspers legs too, he was sticking his nose in the
window to see what was up.

Her mother Gypsy also was a visitor.
I think she just wanted in the shade of the barn though
and soon left.

Poor Jenny wondering where everyone went!
AND please come back!

When the Hubby and I got home from work yesterday,
I worked for my friend again cleaning, we cleaned the
wound out again and decided to call the Vet.

The Vet came out and gave her a Tetanus shot first off.
Did an exam and said we were doing what he would do.

Keep it clean with a mix of iodine/water 2x a day.
Antibiotics, he would have prescribed penicillin, but
Jenny doesn't do well with shots and penicillin shots
are hard to give due its a slow process with the medicine
being so thick. So, he gave us a sulfa powder to be mixed
in her grain. And that hunk of skin that is hanging
he says will shrivel up and the Hubby can nip it off
with side cutters or hoof nippers or the Vet can come
back out and do it.

Thankfully the wound wasn't over to the right more
or it could have severed a tendon and that would have
been BAD! Like tons of rehab or even having to
put her down.

Her wound after the Vet visit.
That's iodine not blood on her hoof.

You can see where she pawed the barn floor while
being confined to the barn Sunday night and filed
her hoof down.

And since she doesn't do well in the stall the Vet
suggested putting her in our front pasture with
the other horses - the front pasture is dry or
it was yesterday, today it's raining so it's wet, but
not 3" deep like it is in front of the barn.

Now we'll just watch and wait to see what happens next.

It was too late to ride the Gypsy and Scotch after the Vet left
so Chyann had to ride something....

This would be the pogo-stick competition we had.

She started it with 10 hops,
I got 12 hops,
She got 20
I got 21
She got 31
I got 41
she got a whopping 51!

I gave up for the day and will let her hold
the title of Pogo Queen!

PS Any suggestions on how to get Jenny do better
with shots are surely welcome:)

Happy Birthday Krissy!!
We love you!!


Anonymous said...

go Chyann! 51 hops!! thats great.. she sure is getting tall.

crochet lady said...

Wow 51 hops! I would have bombed after 2.

Poor Jenny. Hope she minds you so she can get her shots. Those vet bills sure add up and probably the bigger the animal, the bigger the bill?

Lisa said...

Once again, beautiful horse photos. It's amazing how animals can get hurt and we have no clue how it got there. I hope she's better soon.

tainterturtles said...

What a great photo of Jenny...she's beautiful. Poor thing however, I hope she settles down with all the medicine and treatments.

Way to go Chyann....she's a natural!

Aunt Krissy said...

You can beat her! Get back on the pogo stick! Glad that Jenny did not damage a tendon, that would have been really bad news.