Thursday, June 10, 2010

Riding lessons for the kid

Chyann has decided that Caden WILL learn to ride horses
better this summer.

Yesterdays lesson is as follows:

Get Cowboy.
Tie him up.

Groom him.
No, don't brush Scotch.

Do his hooves.

Saddle him like this.
Poor Casper want's to go too.

Get on.

No hanging onto the horn.
It wrecks your balance.
He has none.

All these pictures were taken from my dining room window.
They moved behind the willow tree and I couldn't see them
anymore, but I could hear Chyann "directing" Caden.

It's finally sunk into Caden that I want to sell Cowboy
because he rarely gets ridden. Chyann told him that
if he showed more interest in riding maybe I wouldn't.

Chyann has elected to not do swim lessons or summer school,
which is really more of play time with your friends, and
I think is already getting stir crazy so her teaching
Caden to ride may be just something to do.

Cowboy is outrageously overweight. We keep a grazing muzzle
on him most of the time and Chyann exercises him daily.
As soon as he is down some pounds he will be sold.
That is me, the mean mama talking because really
we don't need five horses.

Jenny update.
Twice a day she gets her powdered antibiotics with sweet feed
and her wound gets cleaned out.

The wound was looking better until last night when she decided
to be an ass. She was not wanting me to pick up her foot
to clean out her wound. Which was looking nice and dry.
So I picked up her left front foot and leaned down to
put the iodine on the right foot. That sounded
like a good plan, but it wasn't.

She reared up and came down with the left
hoof on her right hoof - that hunk of skin that
was drying up specifically and tore it a bit.
More blood and more her not wanting me to
mess with that foot!

Damn, should have insisted the vet cut that hunk of skin off
when he was here on Monday.

Let's hope this mornings application of iodine goes better
than last nights did.


crochet lady said...

They both look so cute out there together. That's nice that Chyann is helping her brother.

Aunt Krissy said...

Has Caden come in yet drying because of Chyann's "teaching" skills? Tell the kids that two goat make one horse. If Caden wants "snake" and Chy wants "Nicotina" then cowboy needs to find a new home.

tainterturtles said...

Ohhhh, that's so nice Chyann teaching her little brother. She's so sweet.

Horses must have a stubborn side to them. I will never understand horses, they kind of scare me!

PAK ART said...

I think your daughter Chyann is a really special girl. She is smart and kind and loves animals and will do the work necessary to keep them. I looked at last post also, I like the pics of your rock wall and barn and everything looks so farmy - I guess that's because it's a farm, duh.