Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday Memories

I've been going through a lot of pictures videos recently to make picture boards for the graduation and have come across some forgotten videos.

Please enjoy my eldest son having a lot of fun during his senior year.  

Watching that video just makes me smile. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday Monday

I've got the day off and have spent the day doing random house chores and reviewing senior pictures. The pictures are marvelous. I love them all. No idea how we'll choose which ones to print, use for invitations or hang on the walls. Decisions, decisions... Only 235 more days until the big day.

I had planned on taking a walk as well, but I wasn't quick enough to get outside before the rain arrived. So, here I am waiting for chicken to thaw and butter to soften. I've got cooking on my mind since there will be no walk.

Did you see the eclipse last night? It was quite beautiful. Caden kept saying how we should remember this blood moon eclipse since it wont happen for 18 years and that will be the year 2033. He says he'll be 31 and I'll be 62 when we see it again . Hard to fathom eh? Time folks, it's a tricky bastard...

Did you know dogs can have seasonal allergies? When you say seasonal allergies I immediately think snotty nose, sneezing and goopy eyes which are my typical symptoms, but nope not for dogs. Apparently they itch like crazy.  I had no idea about any of it until ol Dodge started itching himself with obsessive intensity. One steroid shot and weekly oatmeal baths later and he is fixed up for the moment until we get a good freeze and whatever it is that is causing the reaction dies.

Jennifer's wounds are healing up well. Just a bit scabby here and there.

Still no luck skunk hunting and it's become an evening ritual. Maybe it has moved on, but somehow I doubt it.

Here's to a short week folks :)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Skunked again and randomness

Last night sitting on the couch watching a movie with all the doors and windows open to enjoy the wonderful weather we've been having - Dodger and Dozer start barking at something. Within a minute we smell the stench of SKUNK! 

The Hubby suits up to go hunting.
The dogs have been sprayed again and are of no use locating the skunk.
He has got to find that skunk.
The smell is so awful. I swear this morning I still smell it. 

Unbelievable that September is about done.
Our leaves are starting to turn. I am looking forward to the guy who rents the fields around us to harvest his corn so we can ride horses out there again. The corn is so tall and full it's hard to even ride around the edges of the fields.

I've got my garden all cleaned out except for the pumpkins. I figured I'd leave them on the vine until the weather got cooler so they didn't rot so fast. Speaking of the garden and I tried my first jar of sweet and hot pickles this week and they are delicious! Another week or so and I'll try the kosher dills to see how they turned out.

My boy marched in his first parade earlier this month. The middle school band sounded great!
He has recently started doing gymnastics in a nearby town one day a week. It's a program for boys that are also wrestlers. I can tell already that he is getting stronger and has much more flexibility that previously. The workouts he does there are harder than any he has ever done before for wrestling, baseball, basketball or even football he says. Wow right? 
I know watching them makes me want to get in there and do it too!
Probably wreck myself if I even tried some of the back bends or hand springs that they are doing.

The kids have rescued two kittens. One was super runty and the other had a broken back foot.
Not sure what the plan is now that they are both on the mend. They sure are cute though.

Yay for Football Sunday. I see in my future a restful nap on the couch during a game :)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday AM coffee

Morning folks!
Long time no blog eh?
We've been busy, but I suppose that's just  an excuse. If I really felt like blogging I would have. It's like anything else in this world we will make time for the things we really want to do and apparently I needed a little blog vacation. 

Lot's of things going on here, but all I've got on my mind today is baseball.
This is our first weekend with no baseball in forever it seems. 

Last Saturday was the playoffs for the fall league. 
The previous Saturday the boys got their butts whipped both games so they were a seventh seed - I previously thought they were sixth seed, but the Hubby assures me they were seventh out of nine. 

We got to the field just as dawn was breaking and it was freaking cold, wet too since it had rained the night before. 

First game was tight, but they won!
The boys were surprised and thrilled to be moving on.

I'm not kidding, Caden slid to steal every base he gained the whole day.

They had a five hour break between the first and second games which made me think the boys would all come back worn out and ready for the day to be done, but they surprised me and played fantastically!

 I still can't believe they managed to win the second game and they are moving on to the championship game!!
They tried picking Caden off - getting him out, at every base. 
Good thing this kid is super fast!

The third game started out tough.
They were down 4 runs to zero in the bottom of the second inning. 
Caden scored their first run in and I think that was the turning point of the game.
Those boys were not going to let that win slip away.

And check out this gorgeous sunset!
At first I tried to capture it without the baseball lights, but realized having the lights in the picture made for a quintessential baseball picture.

I sure love my camera. Slowly getting it figured out. It does some amazing panoramic shots.

In the end the boys won the championship in OT 8 to 6!

First place folks!
They are the CHAMPIONS!

My boy loved this league.

I am missing baseball already.

That is all for now. 
Have a great Saturday!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Monday, September 7, 2015

Sunday AM coffee

Being woken up from a dead sleep by the thunder of hooves and frantic whinnying of horses is never a good thing.

My first thought was "I'm sure I shut the gate!"

I stumbled to the window and see in the half light of dawn the three of them racing through the back yard heading around to the front of the house. I knew the Hubby's string/gate was not up and could just picture them running straight up the driveway to the road!

I hustled as fast as I could down the stairs pausing for a moment to find a pair of shoes because if they were headed for the road I'd need something better than flip flops on.

By this time the dogs are freaked out and barking like maniacs. I let them out and they headed towards the back pasture.

Yes the horses had started down the driveway, but for some reason were now headed back in my direction. They raced to the barn and circled frantically. I could hear the dogs in the distance - they were barking and snarling at something!

When Jennifer got close to me I could see she'd been injured. From about mid neck to her knees she was bloody. I couldn't see any blood on Gypsy or Scotch and they were calming down. I got a halter and rope on Jennifer and walked her to the barn where I could clearly see that she'd went through the old section of barbed wire fence. Something must have been chasing them. Something that the dogs were now chasing off apparently.

Seeing blood on a light colored horse is always a bit of a shock. I was surprised that Jennifer stood still as well as she did to let me clean her up. Most of the cuts are not deep, but boy there are a lot of them. Only one two inch gash has me worried as it's much deeper than the rest and near the bend of her chest and forearm so likely will take longer to heal.

The dogs have now returned and are panting like crazy. They must have been successful at running off whatever had chased the horses.

Gypsy and Scotch were uninjured. Which makes sense I suppose since Jenny is the biggest scardy cat around that she'd be first in line to get away from a predator - not to mention she is younger and  much faster than them.

In between rain showers the Hubby, Caden and I repaired the fence. Jenny took out about 60 feet of wire and pulled out two fence posts. I can't believe she didn't get hurt worse.

Other than the heart pounding horse fun, we've had a quiet holiday weekend. Made a trip over to see Colton on Saturday. He likes living in the apartment a lot better than the dorms. His classes just started last week and he's already had quite a bit of homework. He picked up extra hours this weekend at work so we didn't stay long. When we went to leave the door knob broke, basically locking us IN the apartment. We stuffed Caden out the window and he went around to see if he could open the door from the outside, but he couldn't. Good thing I had my handy dandy leather man in my purse for the Hubby to use in removing the door knob and fixing it so no one would get locked in again.

Hope your weekend was enjoyable :)

Thursday, September 3, 2015


First day of school.
Caden is a 7th grader.
Chyann is a senior.

Best way to bushwack your daughter who is a SENIOR to getting her picture taken IN THE SCHOOL is to give the camera to a friend of hers who just happens to be walking by.
Only thing to do is smile lol
You can almost see her thoughts - damn it MOM, did you have to do this again?!?!
The answer to that is abs-o-fucking-lutely!

Got the kids checked in and we went to breakfast where we reminisced on years past first days of school. We've taken the kids to the first day of school every year they've been going (the Hubby has only missed one year). I got a little teary several times. Man time is going so fast.  

After breakfast we picked Chyann up and escorted her to UW Stout where she registered for the college courses that she'll take during her senior year. 
How cool is that?!?!
We couldn't be more proud of her. She is a wonder I tell you.
An amazing young lady who has the potential to do any thing she wants in this world. 

Freshly printed Stout student ID! 
Officially a member of the student body - WOW!

She'll only be at the high school a few hours a day and spend the remainder of her day at the college.

Which means no band.
I can't get over her not being in band - all my kids are in band - but taking the college courses are a priority for her. OK, ok. I will adjust, but I was so looking forward to both her and Caden being in the parade next weekend. Guess that means she'll just have to sit with me and the Hubby for the first time in ages.

Colton started his fourth year yesterday at UWRF.
So far so good. 
We are going to visit him this weekend. 
Miss him tons already.

In other news we had a hell of a storm yesterday which knocked the power out multiple times while I was working. What a pain in the ass. Strange storm though. Light rain with huge blasts of thunder and lightning - the thunder seriously, knocked vitamin bottles off the bread box in the kitchen and knocked over several pictures that were in windowsills. Then seemed to move out only to be replaced with strong winds and downpours. We ended up getting almost six inches of rain which of course washed out a portion of the drive way and flooded the barn. damn. 

later :)