Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Garden update

The apples are looking real good.
This particular one is bigger than a golf ball.
The kids run around eating them already
and let me tell you they are incredibly sour!
Don't know how they do it.

Some tomato's too.

This banana pepper is giant compared to the plant it
is growing on.

All my pepper plants are looking pretty puny.
I think they are trying to say:
"enough of the rain, give us some sun!"
Hopefully tomorrow we will be turning the corner
and the heat will begin again.

Pontiac red flowers.

Yukon gold flowers.

This one is a volunteer from last year.
I need to thin out my plantings from this year.

A nice row of green beans.
You can tell the Hubby had a hand in the planning of this row
because it is so straight.
My rows look like a drunk did them :)

Butternut squash I planted for Krissy
since she isn't going to do a garden this year.

I've had a hard time staying on top of the weeds with all
the rain we've had and still the lawn hasn't been mowed.
Hopefully soon though.


Aunt Krissy said...

Next time I come over I will weed around MY plant. Maybe I will help with the green beans too. (Maybe!)
I also need to mow. With all the rain, my grass has taken off. If it's not done soon the chickens will get lost in it.

Dar said...

Your garden is coming along wonderfully. I hear ya about the weeds. It's been so wet here that the garden is like a mudhole. Gotta hope it dries up enough to get the hoola hoe in action.

Anonymous said...

wow, you guys are so far ahead of us. I just planted my beans last week, so they arent up yet. We are on day 3 of rain today, so havent had to water. We need the rain big time tho. But, it can quit before the weekend!

tainterturtles said...

Your garden plants look amazing. My poor vegetable garden always lags behind because it only gets sun for half the day.

That one pepper is BIG!!!!!