Saturday, June 12, 2010

Finally Saturday

Sure seems like this has been an extra long week!

Yes, school has been out and I've not had to make
any lunches, holler at kids to hit the hay at night
or even set my alarm clock to get up in the morning.

Even so this week was long.
Maybe it was the weather.
It's been cool, cloudy and rainy.

The other night I saw on the news how our area
is still classified as being in moderate drought.

I wonder how they classify that?
The news said we had over an
inch of rain already than we normally have in June.

I really need to mow the lawn if it doesn't rain today.
The jungle has grown so much it'll probably be
over the mower bumper in some places.

I did get all the big garden weeded and hoed yesterday.
Small garden got it on Thursday.

I've got a few tomato's and peppers already set.
The spuds are about ready to put their flowers out.

Jenny's foot is drying up and looking somewhat better.
We are getting real sneaky about putting her iodine on.
Sure wish we'd have gotten that hunk of skin cut off
I can see it is going to cause more problems than we

My Mother and Gerry are gonna come see us.
Sounds like sometime the end of June'ish.
We can't wait!! :)

Hauled the pig off to the butcher last week too.
The hubby is going to get two more soon.

Ok, I've got to get moving.
Time to feed the animals.

Happy weekend to you!


Dar said...

Having a hobby farm is a great reward but as you say, a lot of work. It was something we did as our 5 were growing up. It kept them as busy as us. If they wanted those expensive jeans or a dirt bike, they had to earn it. We would help them along by giving them an animal to raise, take to fair, and sell at auction. They didn't always show it, but they did enjoy it and the profits.
You are doing a great thing, raising a family amongst the rural surroundings. AND What could be finer than right here in good ol' WISCONSIN.

tainterturtles said...

Ya know, I was just talking to a friend of mine from church today and we both agreed that we've had the same complaints:

Tired, no energy, can't get ourselves out of bed in the morning, and lack of motivation. Yes, I think it's the weather.

Oh my gosh I just got a peek of sunshine @ 8:20 pm....must be a miracle. Thank you Lord!