Monday, June 28, 2010

That was a fast weekend

We had a nice weekend with great weather and lots of swimming.
Sure flew by though.

Our poison oak problem is beginning to clear up.
I'm amazed how oozy and yucky the sores are.
Caden has one on his knee that still is filling up and popping,
but other than that one we are on the mend.

Went out for a horse ride yesterday and looked all over for
any plants that matched the description of poison
oak/ivy/sumak so I knew what areas to avoid,
but never saw anything that matched the internet pictures.
No idea where we picked it up the first time.

Still no Lily baby.
Someone has suggested to us that maybe she has twins
and that's why she looks so huge. Maybe.
Guess we'll see if she ever goes into labor.

Little Eight-ball is a Houdini.
Escaping the back pen at will to wander in my
garden and the backyard.
Yes, it was him and not any deer in my garden.
How do I know this? I saw him laying among the taters!
As soon as he sees us, he boogies back under the fence.

Here he is in the feeder, just hanging out.
Probably pooping in there.

Chyann says Casey is now able to move her tail, sphincter
muscle and a foot now and then.

That is encouraging.
We're going to go to the vet today to get another cortisone
shot and an evaluation done.
Hopefully the vet also sees some improvement.

Chyann doesn't leave Casey much, but when she
does you can find her out with the horses.

Saturday night's project was Scotch.
He is still an Ass unfortunately.

Got the lawn all mowed on Saturday.
Sure looks nice.

The garden got all cleaned up also.
I need about 20 bales of straw to put down, but
can't find any cheap stuff so I'll go without.
More weeds to pull.

Happy Monday :)


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Kellie! sorry you had to cancel your party. At our new Walmart, they have a poison oak remedy... its with the insect sting stuff. And Alaska doesnt have poison oak!! Just like when KMart came in and they had frog spears... have you ever seen a frog up here large enough to spear? :-)

Nice coat too... I have one, but its my motorcycle one. not a dressy one.


tainterturtles said...

I'm glad your poison oak is healing. I hope you can find the source before it happens again.

Chyann looks like a natural on her horse.

Dar said...

Poison oak, stinging nettle, no fun, in fact, down right miserable. I love your entries full of daily farm life. You make me miss it.
Always an adventure, for sure.
Your daughter looks right comfy on her horse. My daughter started young on the back of a horse, and still has them today. Her boys are getting the bug now. It's such a great way to teach responsibility and they don't even realize what you're up to when you say, Of course, you can have a pony!
Have a Great Week