Thursday, June 3, 2010

Quiet days are nice too

I am finished helping my friend do the college move-outs
and let me tell you that is hard and dirty work!

I am amazed how some folks can live in filth!

Of course this gives me a new perspective on how
clean my own home is.

Having pets in your house automatically makes your
house much dirtier than homes with no pets.
No kidding!

Dog or cat hair gets everywhere.
Your dog or cat will have an accident somewhere
and you may or may not find it.
(Your next guest will probably smell it though)
There will be puke or a bone hidden where you least expect it.

Really makes me think about banning all animals from our house!
The dogs are out for the summer at least.

Anywho, I had big plans for today.
They included CLEANING my house and renting a carpet cleaner,
but I got a sinus headache and decided to take a nap instead.

So, I've had a nice quiet day.

Probably my last for a while because tomorrow
is the last day of school!

Actually I'm really looking forward to the kids being home.
They can help clean!

Random photo of the horses.


crochet lady said...

I'd go for the nap over cleaning even without a good excuse. Hope your headache is better. That sinus stuff sure can get you down.

I get tired of always getting after my men to pick up after themselves, so I've learned to live with less than clean most of the time.

Lisa said...

More random pics of horses please. I keep thinking of getting rid of all the house pets. Life would be so much cleaner. But alas, nothing beats a warm, fuzzy cat on your lap.

Last day of school? Already? Us it goes till end of June. I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

A nap sounds better than cleaning. You need the rest anyway it sounds like your summers are busy.

Dar said...

Nap? Quiet? Clean the house? Nap, YES
Blessya...sinus headaches are a pain. Hope you're feeling rested and ready for a busy kid weekend.

Aunt Krissy said...

Poor baby! I hoped the nap helped. Alas, I did not get a nap today. But I did clean house a little bit.

tainterturtles said...

When I clean my house, it stays clean for like one day...and I don't even have kids living at home any longer, HA!

Oh I bet your kids will keep you busy this summer. Take an extra nap today!!!!!!