Sunday, December 21, 2014

A forgotten post and other blither blather

While thinking about what to write about this morning I realized I had a few forgotten/unfinished posts. 

I started this one back in August. 
I clearly remember this evening. 
It was hot, humid and green out.

Did you realize that today is December 21st - only four more days until Christmas, but even more importantly our days will start getting longer from here on out. 
Spring is on the way folks!
In just a few weeks we will all be seeing a noticeable difference in sunrise and sunset times. 

On that happy thought I'll tell you that I've begun thinking about my garden plans for this year. 
I'll still do my tomato, peppers, both sweet and hot, onions too. 
I'll be adding brussel sprouts, green beans, pumpkins and try growing jicima.

Have you ever heard of jicima?
It's a root vegetable, sometimes called a Mexican potato. 
My Dad and Jeanne have sent me a few since their visit in October and I am totally hooked on them!
The flavor is unusual almost like an apple. I've been putting them in salads and eating them raw as a snack. 
Fortunately yesterday I found that we can get them in grocery stores here so I bought a bunch and have a nice stock pile of them now.  

Anywho, the forgotten post:

The Hubby finished working on a friends jeep the other day then took Caden and Dodger for a spin in it.

It's a stick and since we don't own any vehicles with a manual transmission he decided to teach Caden how to drive it.
Which every kid needs to know how to do, in my opinion.

They drove up behind the barn and down the run to the front pasture. 
I left the gate open to take pictures and of course those silly horses took advantage of that and high tailed it out to do a little mowing.

He only made the gears grind a few times and picked up the rhythm of gas/clutch quickly.

What fun, eh?

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saturday AM Coffee


Sitting here drinking my coffee and reflecting.
I'm pretty damn fortunate.
All my kids are home.
(the hubby is off working OT ALL day)
I got the cards done last night and will stuff them in the mail today.
The shopping is about complete as well.
Just one more run to the store with the kids tomorrow so they can get a little shopping for each other taken care of.
Maybe do a bit more baking and wrapping on Monday.
Holiday handled. 

Today I'm going to go hang out with my friends and enjoy some holiday cheer. 
While checking out some "ugly sweaters". I don't actually have one of those, but will improvise and wear my favorite unattractive sweater. 

Our warm weather is once again only a memory.
Temps are back to normal for this time of year, which I knew would happen but I still wasn't ready for it.
Sounds like we'll be having a white Christmas as well. 
With the bulk of the snow falling on Wednesday - up to eight inches, just in time to screw up the roads for those who travel. 
Colton was planning on going to the girlfriends place on xmas eve and then driving home, so I guess we'll see if he decides to go.

Have a good weekend!
later alligator 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Putting on the miles

Almost 500 miles in the van this weekend and all of them in this pea soup type fog. 
The weather has been phenomenally warm for mid-December. 

Damn near 50* today. 
I'll take it. 
We'll have winter again at some point, but for as long as it holds off I'm good with that.  

Yesterday was Cadent basketball teams first mini-tournament. 
Mini as they only played two games instead of the usual four. 

Caden's team whooped up on the other boys quite soundly both games.
With Caden making 25 total points between the games. 

Hitting numerous free throws too. 
Excellent start to the season!
These boys have improved enormously since last season. 
I think they'll give any team a run for their money this year.

My boy was incredibly stiff and sore after the games. 
He now has the osgood-Schlatter in both knees and it is causing him more grief than his severs is.

So, we'll see how the season progresses. 
Hopefully the stretches and other exercises he does will benefit him through this basketball and wrestling season and he'll be less sore.
Fingers crossed anyhow. 

A few pictures from around here today.

Dodger likes playing fetch without the snow, sure is sloppy out there and he was totally covered with mud. 

The horses seem to be enjoying this warm spell too.
Today would have been a good day for a ride since it was so warm.
Maybe tomorrow.

I haven't sent out my Christmas cards yet, in fact I just ordered the damn things last night.
They'll be here on Thursday though and I'll get them in the mail by Monday at the latest (i hope).

Do you send out Christmas cards?

Everyone must be behind this year because to date, we've only received one card. 
Typically we get about 50ish and I send out about 60ish.

I suppose a lot of folks could have decided not to send them. 
They are probably deemed an old fashioned tradition by a lot, but in this day and age where the world moves so fast - smart phones and texts instead of picking up the phone. Getting a Christmas card is pretty nice. 
Someone took the time to think of you and hopefully write a little something and not just have a pre-printed name in the card or whatever.
I especially like the ones with a Christmas letter that tells all about the family/persons adventures over the last year. 
I haven't done that in a while, maybe I will this year.

11 more shopping days.
Are you ready?


Friday, December 12, 2014

Concerts, phones and other fun

I love going to the kids' Christmas concerts
They are excited about preforming, usually dressed in their best and eager to  show off their skills. 

Unfortunately no videos would load for me today and am out of time to fiddle around with it. 
So here are a few pictures. 

Chyann getting ready to play.

Caden and the band.

And Caden just before he sung with the choir.
He had a solo in one of the songs and he was amazing!
I'm thrilled that he did so well. 

A technology update.
Yes, I got my phone and it's pretty cool. 
Took me a few days to figure out how to stop my text messages from going to Colton and his to me and Caden was getting my calls on his ipod. 
Weird stuff right.. 

Now I'm just afraid I'll loose the damn thing.
Also talking on it feels unnatural, like talking into a book or something.
Because I like to talk on the phone much more than I like to text.
My phone does have this neat feature called face time.
I can call up Colton and SEE him as well as talk to him.
If you've got this feature on your phone, call me/face time me - I'd love to see you too :)

We've had a nice warming trend and the snow is almost gone. 
Supposed to rain and get up to almost 50* through the weekend. 
We could have a brown winter and I'm okay with that. 

Still not ready for Christmas, but getting closer - sort of. 
Less than two weeks till the big day.

Busy weekend ahead.
First basketball tournament in a town an hour North of us tomorrow. 
Then we'll be heading over to River Falls to bring a load of stuff home for Colton. 
Next week he has finals and after finals he has to move out of the dorms since he is going to Europe next semester.

Have a good one!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Times are changing

I have finally entered the new world of technology and ordered a freaking smart phone. 

Two things prompted me to do this:

1 - My Dad got a smart phone! and I figured if he is moving int the world of technology I supposed I should consider it as well 
2 - A friend of mine introduced me to this app called Think Dirty.
No it's not what you think so get your mind out of the gutter!
It's an app that allows you to scan bar codes on consumables you currently have in your home or items you want to buy.

Like your laundry soap for example, to see what kinds of horrible carcinogenic shit is actually in it that just may cause you to grow a third tit or if you have chosen wisely and have a product that is not detrimental to your health. 

 I had Caden download this app, but his ipod does not support it - it's too old apparently. 

Decision time. 
what to do, what to do

Since I have become quite conscious of what products I buy; from the freaking lunch meat - that is typically loaded with nitrates and sulfates to my face cream --- I wanted that damn app! and of course the fact that my Dad now has a smart phone..........

It will be here on Monday. 
Imagine that. 

Got the crap scared out of me the other day when I went to get a wash cloth.
Bobbi Jo somehow managed to get in the drawer and lay down. 
Not quite sure if she was trapped in there and made the best of a bad situation or what happened, but she didn't leave after I opened the drawer so she must not have minded too much.

later alligator 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

This and that

I hope everyone had a nice holiday. 
We sure did. 

23 more days till Christmas.
Last year at this time I was totally done with shopping, all the holiday preparations and was eagerly awaiting my trip to AK to see the family and excited even about Christmas.

This year,I find that I haven't even started a damn thing having to do with the holiday and have no desire to do so.
Chyann says it's because we didn't go black Friday shopping this year. 
Maybe, but I don't think so. 

However I am beginning to feel a pressure to get some shit done and soon.


After my last post about my kuerig, I figured I'd show you my current favorite kitchen gadget.
Purchased at thrift sale this summer from my friend Linda for a whopping 3 bucks!

It slices, dices, juices, masher, rices, presses, cores and even extrudes!

I've only used it for making french fries so far and let me tell you it's the BEST 3 bucks I've ever spent!

Ever had sweet tater fries?
They are AMAZING!

Slice your fries, put them in a big bowl, melt a little butter and pour it over them and then sprinkle with salt, pepper, season salt, smidge of garlic or whatever you like - stir well.
Cajun seasoning is great too.

Put them in the oven and bake at 400* turning periodically, until they are as done as you like them. 
Approximately 40 minutes. 

The Dodger playing ball with a frozen apple.
Poor guy somehow broke a toenail yesterday and they are not even long. 

Caden freaked out when he saw the blood and brought him in the house. 
At which point he was so excited to be "in the house" he ran all over the place leaving bloody paw prints everywhere. 
Anyhow he is on the mend.

After Caden built a snow man he tackled it and used the base to climb the maple out front. 

later :)