Saturday, June 5, 2010

They came...

Yes, after the river was floated yesterday
eight kids descended upon us!

They were loud!
They were funny!
They were rambunctious!

They were in and out of the pool,
then in and out of the house!

We fed them a dinner of hot dogs, skinny fries,
watermelon, chips and lemon-aid.

At 9p half the kids had to go home and the Hubby
got a bonfire going for the rest.

They did smores and the little kids went out and
roasted some marshmallows too.

Caden would not leave the fire alone.
He wanted to poke at the fire and throw wood on
so we went in to bed.
Boy, was he mad!
He was sleeping within maybe 2 minutes.
Tired little second grader he was.
And he got all O's on his report card except for 1 S+!
Isn't that wonderful!

The other kids, except the one who is currently sleeping
on my couch, all went home for Midnight curfew.

I think the party went well.


Lisa said...

What's an O or an S?

Kellie said...

O is for outstanding and S is satisfactory. The + makes the grade really satisfactory. :)

Chelsi said...

Roasted marshmellows! Oh! Oh! Oh! I must have some! lol

Aunt Krissy said...

I know how Caden felt. I get cranky too when i'm tired. Its good that the kids could come over to your place and have fun with water and fire!

Dar said...

That's my kind of party.
BlessYourHearts for hosting