Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Unexpected

My boy didn't have a virus.

He had pancreatitis which landed him in a hospital half way across the state from Sunday night until Wednesday afternoon.

After arriving at the hospital via ambulance and getting settled in his room, the lights were dim and in a drug induced haze he says to me in a very somber voice "Mom what if the zombie apocalypse happens while we are in the hospital?" Apparently a lot of zombie tv shows/movies/video games take place in hospitals, so to him this was probably a valid concern. I told him, no worries that I'd unhook his IV, get him in some clothes and carry him out of there piggy back style. He thought about that for a minute and finally says "Ok, good thing you do lots of elliptical and will have the strength to do that." lol

In all seriousness though the whole situation was scary. No idea how or why he'd get pancreatitis. Apparently 35% of cases in children the cause is never determined. Which is where we are at. The doctors think it was likely a virus, but can't be certain. What is certain is there will be no contact sports for two weeks = no wrestling. He is seriously upset about that as Regional's are right around the corner and he had a good shot at going to State this year.

He has been out of school for a week now. I was planning on sending him back tomorrow, but now I'm not sure as he has developed a cold. Awful sore throat, coughing and all that fun stuff. We shall see.

The eldest came home for the first time since Christmas yesterday. Guess he had to see for himself that his little brother was doing alright. I can't tell you how nice it is to have all the kids home - under one roof, safe and sound.


74 days until graduation...