Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Chyann's dog Casey has
spinal trauma causing paralysis.

Not sure what happened to her, but
on Saturday she began whining and crying
when she had to walk or was picked up
by Chyann who was trying to figure out what
was wrong with her.

Sunday Casey acted very stiff and
rarely moved off the couch except to
eat or go outside.

Monday she was paralyzed from the mid-back down.
Took her to the vet and he said
she had had some kind of back trauma and
swelling on her spinal cord was causing the paralysis.

He gave her two shots of cortisone and sent us home.

Hopefully she will make a full recovery.

At this time she is still unable to walk or control her bowels
and is wearing a diaper.

Chyann is devastated.

She has had this dog since she was three years old.
Her Daddy got Casey for her when she started wearing glasses.

Casey has been her best sleeping buddy, pup to dress up
in doll clothes, and everything else you can imagine.

The vet says we should start seeing some signs of
healing within this next week.

Let's hope so!
Otherwise there will not be enough kleenex in this state
to dry her tears.


Lisa said...

Oh this is so bad. Keep us posted. Could one of the larger animals have kicked her?

We'll be praying for her and Chyann. A hurt pet is always the worst. Especially from a kids point of view.

tainterturtles said...

Oh, how sad for Casey. No animal should suffer. I feel bad for Chyann, and I hope she can stay strong if Casey takes a turn for the worse. Hang in there.

Aunt Krissy said...

I hope that Casey gets better fast. Does Casey mind the doggy diapers?

PAK ART said...

We had dachshunds and they are prone to back problems. I sure feel sorry for both Casey and Chyann right now. It's so hard when a pet we love get's injured or dies. Here's hoping she gets better soon. My daughter Katie used to love Ruger (the dachshund) just like that. We got him when she was about 5 and she had him until she left to go to the Navy.