Saturday, November 30, 2013


is the time we made it home on Friday morning.

I never thought I'd be out and about up and at'em for a solid 24 hours - with the exception of that 15 minute cat nap I had at 2p Thanksgiving day.

We got to the mall just as the doors were opening and walked right in. No waiting in line for us.

Made my first purchase in the Macy's shoe department within ten minutes of our arrival.
Yes the purchase was a fancy pair of boots for me and damn were they a good deal - regular priced at 89 bucks I got them for 19.95!

We never waited in line for more than a minute or two. Everyone was nice as can be. There was no pushing, shoving or shouting like you see on the evening news when they report about black Friday shopping. Strangest thing we saw was outside the Victoria Secrets store. The line was enormous, two of the three entrances were blocked off and at the only open entrance they had security guards letting people in and out. By 4a the crowds and security guards were gone so we went in and asked what all the hoopla was, the sales gal said they had a pajama set on sale for 25 bucks that everyone went nuts over, she said she was amazed because it really wasn't that good of a deal.

We left the mall and went to a nearby Target. Fueled up on some delicious Starbucks coffee and drove to Kohls. Had a scary moment when we were getting ready to check out and Chyann's friend discovered she'd lost her IPod. It was left in a dressing room and not there when the girls went back to look for it. Thankfully some super nice person turned it in at the customer service desk and she got  it back! By this point I was ready to pack it in and come home. 3am is plenty late for me to be staying up, but the girls were hungry and the only place open was the mall food court. So back to the mall we went and fueled up on some food.

Now it became a quest to stay at the mall until Scheels opened at 6a. We were giddy and overtired, but had two hours to burn so we hit the open stores trying on clothes and goofing off. My friend Kathy was so tired when we left Old Navy that she put her shirt on backwards and it didn't even faze her lol She wore it the rest of the night inside out.

The magic hour of 6a arrived and we walked right in Scheels. Went directly where we wanted, got our deals, hit the cash registers and exited the mall.


It was full dark when we piled in the van at the mall and completely light when we pulled in at the house.
The sunrise was absolutely gorgeous!

The girls scurried in and up to bed. I fed the animals, stoked the fire, unloaded the dishwasher and thought about our nights adventure. Was it worth it? Did I spend wisely? How long would it take to recover from staying up all night? What else did I need to get? It was these overtired thoughts that kept me awake until about 1130a. Finally falling into a deep sleep filled with dreams of having lost my wallet, being unable to find the girls, spending all my money on one item - then having that one item stolen and other random bullshit. ISH Woke up at 3p feeling hungover and unsettled.

In conclusion.

I don't know if it was really worth it, but I did have a good time.
Maybe we'll go again next year.

It's weirdly mild here today, going to be about 40* and you know what that means - we are going to do some wood. Maybe Chyann and I can squeeze in a short ride in the pasture next door too.

later :)

Thursday, November 28, 2013


I'm thankful for so many things in my life.
A Husband that loves me, children that continue to thrive and grow, good health for all of us. 
Friends that are the glorious flowers in the garden of my life.

Today is my favorite holiday.
I am going to spend the day with my lovely daughter in the kitchen cooking up a storm.
This is the first year she has actually volunteered to help prepare our dinner - previous years it was like pulling teeth to get her to help.  

Colton's girlfriend is the only company we are expecting. 

I'm feeling some serious Holiday cheer.

We put up the Christmas tree last night.
This is the earliest we've EVER done that. 
Usually I put the kids off until at least December 1st.

I'm attributing this incredible holiday zeal to my new job.
Last year at this time I was working an insane amount of OT and it completely drained me of any good holiday feelings.
The new job has almost zero stress and absolutely no OT.
A friend of mine worked 13 hours yesterday and has mandatory OT of 4 hrs fri/sat/sun.
YAY for not having to work like a maniac anymore! 

A little week review.

The wine tasting last Saturday was fantastic!
Good wine, good friends, good food.

Have you ever had olive salsa before?
Well neither had I.
The owner wouldn't give us the recipe, but did provide the five main ingredients, from which I googled enough and found a few recipes that might be it then threw them all together.

Last night I made it:
1 can black olives finely chopped
1 jar green olives with pimentos finely chopped
half a red onion finely chopped
as much garlic as you want - I used six cloves finely chopped
1/2 cup feta cheese finely chopped
dash of pepper
1/2 cup EVOO
1/2 cup red wine vinegar
small sprinkle of italian seasoning - would have used only oregano if i'd had it tho
refrigerate about 2 hrs 
serve on your choice of crackers or whatever
I used black pepper olive oil triscuits

Yes, I'll have the worst breath for a few days, but totally worth it!
This salsa is totally addicting and I'll be making more today.

The Hubby's cow came home Sunday.
She looks good and is indeed pregnant.
He has taken to calling her little white face.
When she was over at the neighbors she sure stuck out with that little bit of white - the other cows were all solid black.

Shasta snuggling up on a carelessly tossed jacket and extension cord. 

Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday :)

I'll be braving the crowds this evening to take Chyann and a friend shopping. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Caden has Sever's disease.
It's more of a condition rather than a disease however.

He's had it since about May.
After baseball practice or games I'd notice him limping around and he'd say his feet hurt.
He'd go to bed and the next day he'd be just fine

At first I chalked it up to old cleats so we got new ones.
That didn't help.
Took him to the doctor, who said the problem was Severs and basically "over use" due to his being so active.
Ice, rest, and ibuprofen was the remedy.

About this time baseball was over and he wasn't as active on his feet.
More swimming and riding motorcycle/gocarts so it wasn't really an issue and we mistakenly thought the problem had resolved. 

Fast forward to September and the Twister run he participated in. 
From that moment until now the Sever's has been raging.
Very easily aggravated and painful for him. 

Enter the specialist (who was Colton's doc for the foot surgery he had), now this doctor has a son who had severs last year. The doc says this is a self-limiting condition = you can be active until it hurts then you STOP the activity and rest - start the remedies.

Sounds reasonable right?
Sure it does until Caden decided to push it one day in PE when they were playing a hot game of basketball.
We just happened to pick him up from school that day and he said his right foot hurt worse than it ever had before, previously it was his left that bothered him most.
 Ok, we went home and started the ice/ibuprofen.

Next day I went to wake him up and he literally fell to the floor in pain.
He could not stand on his right foot at all. 

Course the specialist was in surgery all that day so we went to an urgent care doc who said Caden was having an acute bout of Severs - no broken bones. He put Caden on crutches and in a boot to allow the growth plate inflammation to subside.

The next week we went to the specialist and he said yep, this will happen when you push the activity too far. He said his son was in and out of the boot/crutches for nine months. 
Which visibly made Caden cringe because those crutches were fun for about the first two hours and that was it. They were now a pain in the butt and he was MISERABLE.
And wouldn't you know it basketball practice started that very day.

The doc said Caden can play basketball if he's smart about it - when the pain starts he has to stop otherwise he'll be back in the boot and both feet could be booted at the same time if he's not careful.

A week on crutches, a week just in the boot and now, as of this last Wednesday, he is back up and around. Thankfully.
He was a miserable boy the whole time his activity was limited.

We are doing some stretching exercises to attempt to help lengthen his Achilles tendon, hoping this will also help.

Side note: Caden has grown over an inch in six weeks! How's that for a growth spurt!

No one knows how long his Sever's will last. 
Could be another six months or four years (oh please not years). 
Every kid that has Severs is different.
Until then Caden will have to be very careful and listen to his body - then do what he knows he needs to do - STOP and rest his feet.
Which is a whole lot to ask of a sport crazy boy.

At the Veteran's Day program a few weeks ago.
He had been going to be a flag bearer and read at the microphone, but didn't want to have to walk in front of the crowd on crutches - fearing that he'd fall, so he ended up handing out programs at the door.

It's damn cold here today.
WINDY and a high of only 15*.
It's the opening day of deer hunting too - burrr.

A local business is having a wine tasting event and my gal pals and I have decided to attend. 
Should be fun!
Stay warm :)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Did you know...

the back of our long bed truck with sides on it will hold 471 pieces of stacked wood?
It's true.

No I don't have OCD, but when it's loud with the sound of chain saws grinding and the log splitter whining and there is no one to yack with somehow I ended up counting pieces of wood that I stacked.
Ridiculous I know, but there you have it.

We couldn't have asked for better weather to go cut wood. 
It was very mild for this time of year. 
Can't believe it's almost the end of November already.

Some friends of ours have a lot of land and had some of it logged.
The loggers only take the choice cuts and leave the rest behind.
Which enables us to go be the clean up crew and get free wood to burn.

Some of the logs were just ginormous.

The week pretty much passed just like that.
Go get wood, unload wood and repeat.
Not that we need any more wood for this year, but the Hubby likes to stock pile it when he can and I guess if it's free (which is all relative when you have to go get it) we might as well. 

In other news I got some new glasses ordered. 
They'll have some type of HD lenses in them that will/should eliminate the christmas tree light effect I now have when driving at night. 
Sure hate picking out new frames. 
Nothing ever looks good and I always think when I get the new ones, damn should have gotten that other pair I liked. 


YAY Friday it's finally!
I'm sleeping in tomorrow :)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

First rides

It's been one of those weeks where everyday is busy and crazy and I fall into bed every night thinking whew glad this day is done.

The week started out decent enough.
Had my first ride last Sunday.
Just me and Scotch.
It was a beautiful day. 
Scotch did wonderfully for having not been rode for eight weeks. He didn't even have a problem going out by himself. I was amazed.
It felt incredible to be out for a ride again.

Some crazy cold front moved in Monday through Wednesday and damn it was cold out.
Freaking windy and high temps in the low 20's - burr.
Course those were the days we put wood in the basement.
Very thankful to have been the one in the basement stacking wood rather than in the Hubby's shoes outside shucking the wood down to me. Good thing he's tough.
Thursday was more wood, but the temps warmed up some so it wasn't so miserable of an endeavor.

And Friday.
Remember that old song by Loverboy? Working for the weekend?
It played in my head all week.

Friday finally.
Chyann and I took a ride and it was fantastic.
Even warmer temps in the low 50's.
The sky was gorgeous.

A little panoramic on horse back turned out pretty good too.
Scotch has a hard time standing still unless he's eating so he really did well being still so I could get the three pictures required for this one.

Don't know if you can see it, but this field was planted about a month ago with winter wheat and it is actually coming up already - about an inch high in some spots and almost two inches in other areas.

 On the edge of the field there is a culvert that feeds into the above wash.
It always has a little water coming out of it and a few mud holes right on the trail. I couldn't get Scotch to go over it and had to take him down to a drier area to cross. 

Chyann decided she and Jenny would attempt to jump it.
Assessing the situation.

And finally after a few false starts - totally clearing the water and mud holes with ease!
Sure it may be a little blurry, but that is the best picture ever!

 We had so much fun!

I really need another horse though.
Scotch as sweet and willing as he is, is just a smidge too short for my liking and Gypsy is just too old to do a lot of riding on.

Hay is still at a premium around here. 
Our hay guy didn't get a whole lot put up over the summer so the Hubby has started buying bagged feed to supplement the hay.
Don't know what we'll do when his cow comes home.
We see they've starting feeding the cows she is running with at least two 1000lb bales a day. 
So figure she'll be coming home anytime now.

That's all for now. 
Signing off.
Have a nice day.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday morning coffee

It's beautiful here this morning.
Sunny, relatively warm for this time of year - 37 and a light wind of about 5 out of the West. 
The horses are eating and as soon as they are done I'm rolling Chyann out of bed for a ride.

It's been incredibly windy here this last week which put me off from attempting to get out and ride.
The willow tree is a good gauge for riding if ever there was one. 
If the those long flowing branches are blowing more than a foot from the tree I'd rather stay in. 

Matt made it safely to home to Florida yesterday.
Unpacked and went to a local restaurant for dinner since he didn't have any food in those house.
He was driving home on his motorcycle and was hit by an older man driving a car.
No injuries thankfully, but holy shit. 
He drove five thousand miles across the country only to have an incident a few miles from home.

We watched Iron Man 3 last night and enjoyed it.
Funny when we were in ND a few weeks ago this woman comes up to me and says your Hubby reminds me of someone, but I can't think of who. She did that about four times before she is practically running to me saying I know who it is! I know who your husband reminds me of!! 
I'm like who? and she says - drum roll please.......
Robert Downey Jr!
No kidding.
She told me how lucky I was to be married to a guy who looked just like Robert Downey Jr.
I conceded with the dark hair and goatee, but that's about it. 

Veterans Day program tomorrow at 10a.
Why does the school plan these events smack in the middle of the working day?
So I'm going to start work half hour early then use my lunch and breaks all in one whack to see the program. Cadens' fifth grade class is spotlighted in the program. Reading essays on what Veterans day is about or what the flag symbolizes to them. They also hand out roses to the Veterans and escort them to the front of the podium for the program.

I've started putting together my menu for Thanksgiving.
Going to try a few new side dishes this year I think.
A wild rice corn dish and possibly a new yam dish.
Haven't decided on deserts yet tho.

Happy Birthday to my fantastically wonderful friend Sherri!
Let's do something soon! xoxoxo

Later :)


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Uncle Matt

We had a fantastically, wonderful visit with my brother Matt. 
One of those fun, never run out of things to say, can't believe I haven't had you in my life more, where has the time gone type of visit.

He has definitely grown up from the little kid I picture in my minds eye.

I had the best time just sitting around the table talking, remembering our lives together and telling our new life stories.

Matt works in AK about eight months out of the year for the state doing a variety of things. 
From making sure the crabs are of good quality when they come off the boats to monitoring fish as they swim upstream to spawn. 

When I heard about the crab part I told him we watch Deadliest Catch and was what he did like that? He said it was similar except that show was mostly bullshit with all the drama Hollywood has injected into it. Well who knew lol 

Matt had the best bear stories ever!
They kept all of us enthralled, but especially Caden. He kept asking him to tell another story and Caden would hang on his every word. Later he told me that he hoped to have adventures like his Uncle Matt did one day. 
How cool is that. 

He left on Monday to continue his journey across the US. 
I was sad to see him go.
Maybe we will go see him in FL one of these days - his house is a stones throw from the ocean and it's a short drive to Orlando with all the Diseny type fun. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

A whirlwind week

Happy November!

Last Saturdays wedding was fantastic.
Wish I'd have known it was outdoors though, definitely wouldn't have had bare legs in the barely 40* weather and the light breeze - BURRRR!
The venue was a place called Rustic Oaks and it really was beautiful.

The reception was held in beautiful barn.
The high ceilings messed with my little cameras settings, resulting in some funky lighted or washed out pictures.
It was so nice to see the Hubby's family at an event other than a funeral.

Aunt Carrie, Great Uncle Tom, me and the fam, Cousin Judy.
Uncle Tom was like a Dad to the Hubby while growing up and his family didn't tell him that we were going to be at the wedding. He was thrilled to see the Hubby! Was very sweet.

Cousin Julie and her two girls, Morgan and Maggie. Aunt Carrie (the Hubby's sister), Aunt Judy, Uncle Toms wife. i've got to get a hair cut.

I love this picture of the 2nd cousins hanging out.

After the wedding dinner they cleared out some tables and the dance began.
Absolutely tickled me that Chyann and Caden got out there to dance.

The Hubby even cut a rug with the bride. 

Of course we shut the place down.
Went back to the hotel and ordered pizza and were up until the wee hours.

Next day we all got up relatively early, considering how late we'd stayed up.
The kids swam and played mini-golf. 
We hung around talking and catching up on life. 
Definitely wasn't ready to check out and head back home.

The drive to and fro was uneventful however I was tense the whole time seeing as the roadsides were full of deer carcasses. Gruesome. 

Spent a few days catching up on lost sleep.

 My baby turned 21 too!
Night before his Birthday he went to a place called the Brickhouse to see Todd Sucherman of the band STYX put on a Pearl Drums Clinic.

Is this not just the best picture of Colton ever taken?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
He looks so incredibly happy!
Makes me melt a little to see him looking like that.

Colton had a good 21st Birthday and said bar hopping was really not all it was cracked up to be.
Good. Keep thinking like that.

Yes, it was our anniversary too - 22 years and we did what we always do on Halloween.
We went trick or treating.
This years bunch of candy getters.


Surprise surprise!
Look who rolled in late last night - 
Amazing to see him after so long.
He sure looks a lot like his Dad. Even has some of the same mannerisms.

Caden showing him his knife collection.
Matt was suitably impressed :)

Matt will be with us through the weekend.
Not sure what all we will do.
Except guess what?!?!
I saw my doc yesterday and have been released to ride horses!
Not do major exercise yet, but that will be soon!
YAY I'm really on the mend and fingers crossed will be back to "normal" soonly :)