Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday AM coffee

It's outrageously foggy outside this morning and warm.
Well warmer that you'd expect for the end of November, 36*.
The snow is melting and will be gone soon with temperatures expected to get up to 50* on Monday.

It was harder than I thought it would be not to have the big kids home for the holiday. Didn't feel like much of a holiday at all actually. I am counting the days until they are home for Christmas.

Caden and I got out and did some shopping yesterday. We had fun. The kid even bought me lunch ❤

Not a lot on the agenda for today. I think I'll attempt to work on the quilt I've had in progress for about ten years. Or maybe read a new book that was delivered to my kindle. Or maybe nap. Possibly do some baking or make a soup. For sure refilling my bird feeders though.

Maybe I'll just look at old pictures and think about a better way to organize them.
Here's a good one from a few years ago.

Have a good day.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Winter arrives

It started snowing last night.

This morning when I went out to feed the horses, it was raining and I wondered how long the snow would last.

Two hours later we've got big flakes coming down.
2-4" expected.

It is beautiful.

I am looking forward to the Hubby coming home and firing up the wood furnace for the first time this season.

Since we did our Thanksgiving dinner with the kids already tomorrow we will be having ribs and all the yummy BBQ type fixings.

The most unexpected thing happened this week.
My Mother got a smart phone.
She had worried that it would be difficult to figure out how to use, but nope she is doing better with it than I did when I first switched.
Her first call to me was actually a facetime request!
I was absolutely thrilled to see and talk to her.
Made my day!
She worries occasionally that her hair doesn't look just right, but what she doesn't realize and I tell her is - I don't care how your hair looks, it's so good to see your face!
Especially when she laughs.
Technology people, it is a wonder.

Hope you have a great holiday and safe travels if you are traveling to be with loved ones.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday AM coffee

So what's been going on?
Eh, a little bit of everything it seems.
Busy time of year at work with overtime available so I've been taking advantage of that when I can.
Christmas is coming and there are bills to pay after all.

Up until Friday night we had been enjoying the mildest November on record for weather.
We had booming thunderstorms and pouring rain off and on throughout the day with a high temp in the mid 60's. Even felt a bit humid until the cold front moved in and the wind started howling as the temperatures dropped. 
Yesterday was freaking freezing!
With the wind and cold temps the real feel temp was 14*!
We had a few flurries from the storm system that moved through the upper mid-west, but Chyann in St Cloud had almost six inches of the wet heavy stuff.
Other areas of MN got over a foot of snow.

Fall concerts and Veterans programs.

Did I mention Caden got his braces put back on?
Phase 2 has begun and WOW his teeth are on the move.
He will have a gorgeous strong jaw line when this is over.
Totally worth it.

He has decided not to wrestle this year.
Which we support.
He was worried about disappointing the coaches and other wrestlers, but it's his decision to make.
He has other interests that conflict with the schedule and the opportunities there outweigh trying to shoehorn wrestling into the equation with the ever looming possibility of an injury wrestling. Just not worth it.

Yesterday was the start of the gun deer season around here.
Never heard a shot all day, maybe too windy for the hunters I don't know.
This morning though, no wind and I started hearing gun shots at the crack of dawn.
Course that bone head Scotch was out in the back yard this AM too. Don't know where he snuck through the fence at either so he could slip out again.
I can't imagine a hunter would mistake him for a deer, but you never know.

We got hay last week the first time since last April.
I was thrilled to find the price had not gone up, still 40 bucks for a 1000lb bale.

The big kids came home last weekend and we enjoyed an early Thanksgiving together.
I made a turkey and a ham plus numerous side dishes which made for a good amount of leftovers that they were both able to take back to school.
New ham recipe this year. Take your bone in spiral sliced ham, put it in an oval crock pot add 2 cups brown sugar and a can of pineapple chunks. Cook for about six hours. Delicious! Freed up the oven to cook the Turkey and sides. I put a Cajun rub on the turkey and that was good too.

The kids are doing well at school and in life. Sure makes us proud.

We've had some incredible sunsets this month.

later :)

Sunday, November 6, 2016

This and that

Did you remember to turn your clocks back an hour last night before bed?
Did you also remember to change the batteries in your smoke/fire and CO2 alarms?
We did.
Changing out your batteries twice a year is easy to remember to do when springing ahead or falling back.
So do it.
It could save your life.

In other news we broke high temperature records yesterday and have a chance at doing it again today by hitting 70*.

We let the horses out to do a bit of mowing since the grass continues to grow.

Jennifer Rain.
Hard to believe she is 11 now.

 That rotten Scotch was out again this morning so today I'll be running the weed wacker to clear the fence line and get the electric fence turned on.

With all the windows and doors open yesterday the cats sure wanted to go outside.
The orange kitties, Dewey and Captain Crunch, will be going to live with Colton soon I hope.
They are the sweetest but four cats is too many cats in my house. 

Before those two came in, Captain Crunch hid in the Hubby's garage over night and managed to knock down a super heavy metal pry bar. The bar clipped the end of his tail somehow. We figured he'd loose the tip of his tail where the bar hit him and sure enough he did.
Freaked me out to find that on the floor let me tell you!

Sunset from the other night.
It was spectacular.

It's time to get weed wacking.
See ya.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Saturday AM coffee

Something you never want to see first thing in the morning from the bathroom window when you've barely rubbed the sleep from your eyes:
Scotch hanging out in the neighbors hay field.
No idea where he got out at or how long he'd been out.
That guys is Houdini in horse form.
Thankfully it was early enough that not many folks driving by saw me in my nightgown trying to get a rope on him. He must have been full as he was relatively eager to come home.

It's been gorgeous here.
Mild temps in the 60's.
Good tree trimming weather.

I gave the willow a trim earlier in the week.

It will be a whole lot easier mowing around it next summer.
This summer the branches grew to be laying on the ground about a foot or so and I had a hell of a time getting them out of the way. Once I ran over a chunk of branches which pulled on the main branch so hard it broke off and almost landed on me. Scared the crap out of me.

Random picture of how beautiful it is here.

We had Papa Murphy's pizza last night for dinner.
I don't think we'd eaten there in several years, but I have to tell you it was delicious!
They now offer roasted garlic as a topping choice.
I don't know if I'll ever be able to eat pizza with out roasted garlic.
It was the absolute best thing ever!

later :)