Saturday, June 29, 2013

Baseball stories and the number 42

Another week flew by!

Highlight of the week was the double header up in Clear Lake.
(two 5 inning games)
The day dawned foggy with 96% humidity and all that humidity totally juiced up the atmosphere so that when the fog finally cleared and the sun came out we were primed for some major storms.

The sky got dark and it stormed for so long I was sure the games would be cancelled. 
When they were finally over the driveway was washed out again.
What a pain in the ass. 
The Hubby has decided against "fixing" it until we can get a few loads of gravel in here. 
So, beware if you are coming to my house - the ruts are deep lol
Also we've got some free kittens if you are interested.
Just a few of the beautiful babies.

Anyhow back to the story

When we got to the game it was about 80* with incredibly high humidity.
Of course blogger is not letting me upload videos again today!
What is up with that!!  GRRR

Suffice to say that Caden is first up to bat and hits his very first home run!

He fairly flew around the bases!
Now that is how you start a game!

Watching the action.

Checking out the all important play book.

Warming up for his second time up to bat.

First game won 7 to 4.

Second game Caden pitched three innings.
He gets in the zone 

and lets it 

The other team only got three hits off him.
They won 9 to 2!

Have I mentioned how much I love baseball?!?!?
It's awesome!

Yep, I had a Birthday.
42 good years.
Course the Hubby got me a cake that said 29 - again!

I can be found today mowing the lawn and weeding the garden.
Broke the riding mower on Thursday and will be using the push mower - good thing I don't have too much left to do.
In one week the garden went to pot with all this rain.
Weeds galore - ugh. 

Planning on a little ride this evening as well. 

Have a wonderful day friends!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Caterwallin' Cows

Now you'd think on this ONE Monday morning that I did not have to get up at the ass crack of dawn that I could sleep in JUST A LITTLE BIT wouldn't you?
Yeah, not so much. 
These caterwallin cows started bawling at first light.
Why you ask?
Because the neighbors loaded about 30 cows with two bulls in his pasture across the road and our ladies are in heat. 

All damn day and now into the evening the caterwallin' continued. 
It's enough to drive you absolutely bat shit nuts!
I'm sure our neighbors to the West just loved us today.
Yeah well I can't stand their barking dogs either so I guess we are even.

Deep breath.
Check it out some lilacs are blooming.
They smell divine.

I told Chyann last night that it was going to be a scorcher today so if she wanted to get a ride in we'd have to go early.
She says sure Mom, but I don't want to get up before noon.
Who is this teenager that stole my early bird little girl?
I waited till 1030a and told her I was going without her if she didn't get her buns moving.
She very reluctantly got with the program, but was definitely not in the best mood.
I think the look on her face says it all - put the camera away MOM!
Jeez what a crabass.

It was freaking hot/humid, but beautiful.

I rode Scotch bareback and was literally soaked from the waist to my ankles. 

Everywhere we went was wet too.
Enough of the rain already.
My Dad says you farmers are never happy, never enough rain or too much lol
True story, right?

Caden had a baseball game in town tonight and for the first time I forgot to put the damn SD card in my camera and could not take any pictures.
The boys did great though.
9 to 1
Caden pitched two innings and did very well, with only one boy walking to first.
Wednesday they've got a double header in Clear Lake.
Now that promises to be a super long night. 

Sweet dreams.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday morning coffee

Spam is driving me nuts!
A few older posts that literally have almost a 1000 hits of spam on them.
Turned on the comment moderation to weed them out, but I tell you it's a huge pain to weed through them on a daily basis.
Any thoughts on how to stop that shit? Is word verification the only way?

Last week I saw that we had a few random ants on the kitchen floor.
Put ant traps on the grocery list. Got them yesterday.
Last night those beasties came out in freaking droves to get that ant bait!
Talk about nasty ((shudder))
Where the hell have they been hiding?

Attended a potluck last night.
Made the best macaroni salad.
Rained to beat the band for about an hour.
Good thing there were awnings to take shelter under and no wind to drive the rain at us.
Potato launchers are pretty cool. Might have to make one.
Invited a few friends over to our place afterwards.
Had a bonfire until 3am, it was a beautiful night.

Coffee is good today.

Blustery this am.
With any luck the wind will dry out the ball field and the boys will have practice this afternoon.

The price of a 1000lb bale of alfalfa for the cows is going from $100 to $300 bucks.
A bale of grassy horse hay is up from $65 to 150 bucks.
We'll be making some big herd reduction decisions soon.
Not a good time to be a hobby farmer. Hmm.

The field next door was finally planted on Thursday.
Course it rained so much Thur/Fri/Sat that it washed out parts of the field.
They may not be having much come up.

Deaths and desertion.
Pain that never healed.
Pig headed-ness.
Absolutely nothing I can do to influence the situation.


Thinking about the weddings that were held yesterday.
Saw some beautiful pictures on facebook.
The one thing I don't like about not living close to family.
Missing the big events in the lives of people I care about.
Everyone looked so happy.
Made me feel all melancholy.
Big event planned in December for my brother.
I hope I can make it.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

The week in review

Yadda, yadda, yadda.
Yeah it was a long busy week.

A few of the highlights were:

Listening to my eldest play the guitar on the back porch.
I love to hear him play.
He'd like to get together a new band and play 80's type rock, but hasn't at this point since he doesn't have a lot of time to devote to playing. 

Wondering what the orange snow fence is doing on the porch?
It was put up to keep the cats and dogs away from the pool when the water level was low - if you know what I mean. I can probably take it down now since the pool is up and running. 

Headed out in a new direction riding horses with Chyann. 
Came a cross a nice looking hay field.
Yes she also rides English.
Knee problems have precipitated this need for using a saddle recently.

Most fields we rode through have not been planted yet. 
Tater came with us and she must have picked up 100 freaking ticks. 
Had loads of fun picking them off her.
I read in the newspaper that the ticks in our area are going to be a huge problem this summer because of the wet and now hot/muggy weather.

During our ride we came across a lot of bones and some full deer skeletons.
We've never seen so many bones - someone must have had a deer carcass dump ground nearby that animals drug the bones from.

Baseball game in a town 1.5 hrs North of here.
We won 26 to 0 if you can imagine that!
Caden pitched a no hit inning!

And made 4 runs in!

Band lessons began and Caden was surprised that he couldn't "automatically" play great music LOL
Practice my dear.
Practice is what it takes to play beautiful music.
Course he wants to practice right in the middle of things, which irritates the shit out of the other kids but is just fine with me. 
The big kids seem to have forgotten that they also did this.

Another baseball game and the boys were anxious about it because this was the team that beat them earlier in the season. They pulled it off though and won 4 to 1. Caden made two of those runs in and his hits were both doubles - I'd post a video, but blogger is being a pain today.

Some massive storms have been rolling through too.
Like we needed MORE rain at this point.
My poor little garden is floundering.
Lost another branch from my favorite maple tree.
Only two branches left on it now.

The forecast is calling for a lot of hot and humid weather for the next week, with a chance for storms everyday.
Did I mention that the skeeters are absolutely terrible?
I've got a nice bite right in the middle of my forehead - itches like crazy!

Today a niece in ND is getting married and my nephew in AK is also getting married.
Would have been nice to go to one of them, but it just didn't work out. 

I'm taking a few days off work next week.
No plans to do much of anything at this point, which is ok by me.

Later :)

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Yesterday was incredibly muggy.
Not really exceptionally warm - only about 75*, but you could feel how heavy/thick the air was.
To me it felt "juicy" almost like you were breathing in water laden air. 
Does that make sense?

Anyhow, with high humidity came the expected storm and boy did it just pour!
We lost power for about four hours and entertained ourselves with some heated games of UNO. 

The horses were out back mowing and thankfully just stood there during the whole storm. 
Once in a while when a huge crack of thunder came they'd flinch, but that was it until the storm ended. 

Can you see the river of water flowing down the driveway and the small lake in the corner of the pasture?

Yeah I know, we still haven't gotten the elm stumped, but it's on the list!
The LIST is currently HUGE.
One thing at a time, it'll get done - I'm practicing patience here folks. 
And if you are wondering what the tan thing is? 
That is Caden's bow and arrow target. 

The rain floated a bunch of balls around the pasture too.

After the storm it was absolutely gorgeous out!
Blue skies and no wind.

Not the best picture of the new ruts in the driveway, but they are quite deep in some areas. 

The kids had to play in the puddles of course.

Big rut by Shasta. 

Gypsy and Scotch

Jennifer and Casper

The barn was flooded and is now an incredibly sloppy mess.
Why walk through that mess?
Because she can loose her shoes, then her balance and fall down in the muck.
yuck :)

Waiting for the power to come back on.
Poor babies can't handle no flushing toilets and no wi-fi lol

Tomorrow starts summer band lessons for Caden.
9 to 930a! 
Why schedule it during the day when people freaking work?
I'll be using 1 break and my lunch to run him and a buddy of his, into town for the lessons.

And today is Fathers Day!
A big brunch is planned, but other than that and RIDING HORSES not a lot going on here. 

Happy Fathers Day to you all out there!


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer = chaos

  The chaos of summer vacation has arrived!

The week started off relaxing enough.
So much so that I made the first rhubarb pie of the season and two batches of rhubarb jam.
Wasn't sure about making the jam with no strawberries, but hey how can you go wrong when the recipe calls for 3 cups of rhubarb and 5 cups of SUGAR?!

A stellar Baseball victory in a nearby town!
The boys were totally on! 
6 to 0!

Caden has been in a basketball camp everyday this week in a town about an hour south of here. 
They have an excellent program reinforcing skills and teaching the kids drills/plays they'll really be able to use come basketball season. 
Glad we've got good friends who offered to pick Caden up and haul him there and back since I had to work and couldn't take any time off to do it.

Yes snakes have been found.
This appears to be a non-poisonous garter snake.
Even so -YUCK!

Spent last night at our local Fair grounds
Deal of the day - $15 wristbands to ride all the rides from 4 to 8p.

I really enjoyed myself - visiting with the lovely Sherri for the better part of two hours, the incredibly shrinking woman Krissy for about an hour and other various folks I know.

We had some big booming storms last night and got a little more than an inch of rain.
All this wet has sure been havoc on the farmers. 
The field next door still has not been planted, which is good for me and Chyann since we can go out and goof around and not have to worry about staying on the edges, but not too great for the guys that farm it.

Never have heard back from the folks that looked at Casper last week. 
Which is ok, there are other avenues to explore. 

Hoping to get out and ride this weekend. 

Colton made it through his first week back to work tired and worn out. 
He is bouncing back nicely though. 

 All else is well here in the land of milk and honey.
Happy Staurday to ya :)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Morning coffee

Another GREAT Saturday.

The folks that were coming to look at Casper had something come up yesterday morning so we rescheduled for later in the evening. 

Which worked out for me so I could get ALL the mowing done.
Weeded a few flower beds.
I had to replaced four plants in the garden due to misadventure - horse stepped on one and Caden somehow forgot I had planted the garden and ran over several on the corner when he was sweeping the yard with the three wheeler. 
The Hubby got the pool all ready to go.
Chyann and I had about an hour before the folks were due to arrive so we took a quick ride. 
As we were coming home we see a small bus pull into the drive way.
That's them. 
They've got five kids in age from 14 to 4 - hence the need for a bus I guess. 

When we got back to the house I took our horses and Chyann went to get Casper.

Never had Casper been so well behaved lol
No kidding, he is a great horse but he was exceptionally sweet.

Chyann brushed him and got him all saddled up. 
Two of the little girls, age 5 and 6, are taking riding lessons so they had an idea what to do, but Chyann walked with them in the yard and up/down the driveway anyhow. 
Then the Dad led Casper with the younger kinds.

They were real interested in the fact that Casper also pulled carts.
Chyann stated since it had been two years since he had pulled a cart and that this wasn't the time to demonstrate that he could - he would need a bit of a refresher.

The Dad picked up all his feet, look at his teeth and played with his ears. 
I think they really liked him.
They'll let us know.

After they left Chyann said she felt he'd have a good home with them.
And he probably would, but at this time (they used to have horses) he'd be the only horse and I'm not sure how he'd deal with that.
I don't think that he's ever been "alone". 
Something to think about. 

All those little girls in love with Casper brought back so many memories of when Chyann was little too.
Had to take a walk down memory lane.

Early spring 2005, Chyann was about seven here.

Also 2005 - sure wouldn't recognize Caden would you? 

Colton at 12 with his beloved Lucky and two cats - Fluffy and Sweetie I think.

My lips feel sunburned this morning and my forehead is red.
It was so nice yesterday - felt good to be outside.

Course today it is windy and rainy.
The forecast is for temps in the low 80's this next week, summer temperatures may finally be upon us. 

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Pretty as a picture

During our stormy weather last week a window was left open and the wind blew a picture off the wall. 
The glass got cleaned up, but the frame and print were carelessly tossed onto a chair. 
Pumpkin decided it must be a good napping area.

Last day of school was yesterday.
All A's except for a B in math for Caden and a B+ in History for Chyann!
Excellent report cards!

Now the summer awaits.
Be nice if we got some warm/hot weather.
I think last week we made 60* only once. 
It was wet, dreary and gray.
Need to mow that ever growing lawn again this weekend.
The Hubby thinks we are in for an Alaskan summer.
Which all things considered isn't a bad thing, but certainly doesn't make for a HOT summer.

The folks who are interested in Casper are coming over around noon today.
I asked Chyann if she was really alright with selling him and she has assured me that she is.

Colton is about back to normal - eating, drinking and no pain pills in days. 
He plans on going back to work Monday. 


Happy Birthday to Krissy!

Love ya lady!!
Hope you have a fantastic day!!

Later folks :)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

This and that

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend.
Of course it was too short. 

Saturday I had the best surprise visit from Krissy.
We visited for hours as the garden slowly got weeded.
Nothing like visit from Krissy to put a smile on my face. 

In the end, my small garden got weeded, hand tilled, planted, watered and mulched.
Now if I can just keep the bunnies, dogs/cats, and other four legged varmints out of it.

The horses were on mowing duty until Sunday when I broke out the mowers and got busy.

The grass in some areas and I'm not kidding - had to have been a foot high.

Chyann and I had a fantastic horse ride in the late afternoon and I completely forgot to bring my camera.
It was truly gorgeous out and as an extra bonus the horses were exceptionally well behaved.
Imagine that.

The eldest son appears to have turned the corner with his healing - thankfully.
Poor guy was so miserable for a while there.
Hell of a diet plan though, he has lost seven pounds - eek!

Best news for last -
Dishwasher repair man arrived and reconnected a wire fixing my heating element issue!
No more dishpan hands for me!

Apparently when you mention a major company several times on the web, even in a little known blog, they take notice.
Check out the comment section in the previous post.
Holy smokes!
Who knew!?!?

Have good one :)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

For a short week

it sure felt like a long one.

Felt good to sleep in a bit this morning.

We've had some stormy weather this week.

The news guy said last night that the month of May brought over 10 inches of rain and of course that18.5 inches of snow.
We are saturated with the wet. 
A lot of farmers haven't gotten their crops in because it is just too wet 
and those farmers that did get their corn in before all the rain came are not expecting it to grow with all the water standing in the fields. 

It's surely been too wet for me to mow as well. 
It's a jungle out there!
Dandelions as far as the eye can see.

My only saving grace has been the portable mowers AKA the horses.

Jennifer taking a little nap

Scotch and Casper asleep on their feet.

Jennifer waking up enough to have a nibble.

It's been too cool to get the pool up and running so it's just plain water that Gypsy decided to have a drink of instead of going back to the barn for water. 

Funny how she lapped at the water like a dog would. 

Colton is slowly recovering. 
He had a bad day Thursday - he got behind on the pain meds.
Bet he doesn't do that again.

Cadens game on Wednesday was cancelled due to storms in the area, but they played on Thursday in a nearby town.
Drove through a huge storm on the way there so I was thinking that game might be cancelled too, but it wasn't. It was windy and raining on and off throughout the game though.

Caden got on base twice, but never got to home.
He pitched two innings!
Man was I nervous!
My stomach would just clench every time he threw the ball.
He struck a total of four boys out.
Pretty good for the first time pitching this year. 
He has good aim, but needs to work on putting more speed into it.

They lost 5 to 3.

The boys were bummed, but it was a good experience. 
They know the areas they need more work in and when they play this team in a few weeks they'll be stoked to win.

One more week of school left for the kids. 

I'm planting my garden today.
Really scaling it down from last year. 
Loved the big garden, but I want more time to do other things than just WEEDING every free moment.

Also, at the Memorial day parade our chiropractors family was sitting next to us and I was visiting with the wife. We were talking horses and I mentioned that I had finally talked Chyann into selling Casper.
We talked about Casper and what all he could do and she said her brother in-law might be interested.

Yesterday when Chyann had her appt the wife asked if they all could come over early this next week to look at Casper.

So, guess we'll see what happens there. 
Can't imagine not having him, but he needs to be ridden/worked.

Happy June to you folks :)

Side note:
My dishwasher washes the dishes now, but the damn thing does not dry them!
When the cycle is over they are clean and HOT and are covered with water spots.
So much that I have to hand dry them to put them away because if I crack the dishwasher door to let them dry they end up covered in ugly dry water spots.
I'll be calling Sears AGAIN today.