Sunday, September 29, 2013

Where's my endurance? Where's my strength?

Funny how this last week flew by without me even realizing it. 

The surgery on Monday went well my Doc says.
A few issues getting my junk out the designated areas, but all in all good.
I've got four inch long incisions that are above my belly button and they appear to be healing as expected. 
Those incisions don't really hurt, but itch so I'm not really sure where the pain comes from.
Maybe the cut muscles inside? No idea, I just know that if I'm upright for more than say 10 minutes the pressure and pain begin to soar. 
So I go lay down and end up taking a nap. Sometimes for hours at a time.

My pain has mostly been controlled using regular ibuprofen and have only had to get the big numbing/constipating rx out when I have gotten ambitious and decide to do dishes or something you'd think would be easy and not super taxing on my body to do.

I wonder where my strength and endurance went.

I've watched more television and movies than I have ever wanted to watch.
I've read a few good books on the kindle.
I've yacked on the phone till my ear is sweaty and the battery died - I've had the best conversations with my Mother. 

I got a deal in the mail on Friday that I think my Doc was supposed to send to my insurance company. It said projected time off from work until Oct 23rd.
I about freaked!
I know she said I could go back in two weeks.
Have to find out about that when I see her on Tuesday because if I'm really going to be out that long I'll have to find a project or something to do to keep me occupied.

Two options come to mind. 
That quilt I started for Caden about five years ago or print a shit load of pictures and do scrap booking.

All in all?
I'm going to say so far so good.
Everyone I've talked to says it's the best thing they've done and feel like a million bucks afterwards.

Yesterday was my first outing.
We went to Caden's football game. 

How about these gorgeous trees?
I love the maple on the right. That red is so vivid against the green - amazing! 
The leaves started turning with that one branch that is to the right of Caden and the color is spreading upwards.

Do all Maple trees turn colors differently? Seems to me they do.
Like this one starts at the top and the colors work their way down.

Talked my elder children into coming to the game.
Neither of them wanted to get up, but I finally got them moving.

Can't you just hear her saying "put the camera away Mom!"

Caden had a close game, but unfortunately his team lost 21 to 14. 
He made one touchdown and when he was QB threw an interception (however I'd say the interception was more the receiver stood there and didn't REACH for the ball and the boy covering the receiver zoomed in and caught it). He was bummed, but said we'll get them next week. 
Our other fifth grade team won their game though. 

Caden catching a bumbled hike from the center when he was QB.

On the way home we saw a line of tractors.
Not sure what they were up to, I'm guessing a benefit or some such?

So, I was out of the house a total of 1 hour and 45 min.
I didn't do anything, but sit on my arse, take pictures and run my mouth..
This exertion equaled a four hour nap and one movie watched before I had the energy to get up and do anything.
Ish - I hate feeling weak like this.

Also if you are interested, my favorite movie this week has been the Life of Pi.
Loved it.

Many many thanks to Sherri for the hot dish!
You wouldn't believe how much we appreciated it!
I'm going to have to get that recipe from you, because it was delicious :) xoxox

Alright, I'm off to the couch.
Have a good one.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Today is the day

Tonight, or last night as you read this, the Hubby and I are talking logistics with the kids since we'll be gone before they get up and no one home when they get off the bus. 
When Caden unexpectedly says "so are you having one of those autopsy type of surgery's?"
I bust out laughing and say I certainly hope not and again explain to him that I'm having my baby growing equipment taken out. 
He is bummed since he still wants a little brother or sister. 

A few hours later he says, "well maybe Colton will hurry up and get married and have a baby so I can have that one for a brother or sister". 
I said nope, lets hope that doesn't happen ANY time soon. 
Holy cow son, what is with the sibling fixation? Because I guarantee he'd probably love a sibling for about five minutes. Then he'd be done. 

Had a fantastic horse ride with Chyann. 
Colton went back to school. 
A productive day all in all. 

The big maple starting to turn. 
It's beautiful. 

Wish me luck, I'll be back soonly :)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday morning coffee

.We had a frost warning last night.
Didn't get any, but I bet it was close. 

Friday evening it was beautiful. 
Farmers have begun harvesting the corn, I hear it's a pretty dismal crop in our area.

Interesting clouds eh?

Colton drove us to my friend Sherri's on Friday night. 
We had a fantastic time visiting, laughing and even singing/dancing.
Thank you Sherri! You are the BEST xo

Stayed up waaaay too late, but somehow managed to drag my ass out of bed at 620a to make it to the exercise class.
Exercising first thing after an evening of indulgence is incredibly difficult.
The first 15 minutes I was sure my legs had 50 pound weights attached to them, but after the sweating began it turned into the best work out ever. 

Home to shower and then headed to Caden's first football game. 

They split the boys up into two teams and each team played the 6th grade boys.
Caden's team won with him making two touchdowns and the other lost by one touchdown.
YAY Caden! He was super stoked!!

I've about got all my ducks in a row in preparation for tomorrow. 
However a friend gave me a five gallon pail full of apples that I should do something with and I think we'll be tarping the pool today. 
Must get in a horse ride too and make some soup for Colton to take back to school. 

Have a good day :)

Thursday, September 19, 2013


As usual I'm behind.
Trying to get all my shit sorted out and in line.
Everyday has been extremely busy.
Between the canning, running around for the kids, the usual house keeping/laundry/cooking, riding horses, cleaning the barn and the exercise thing.
I'm tired.
And to make it even worse I'm not sleeping well at night.
It's really pissing me off.
I fall asleep right away then wake up.
Toss turn.
Toss turn.
Toss turn.
Get up, go pee.
Fall asleep for an hour or two.
Go lay down in my office to minimize disturbing the Hubby.
Toss turn
Finally doze off as the Hubby is going to work.
Sleep like the dead until he calls me at 5:15a.
I don't wanna get up.
You'd think with all this exercise crap I'd be worn out and totally zonk out at night.
But NO.


We are getting some much needed rain and a few thunder storms.
I love it.
Today while I was working I could see this huge dark cloud coming my way.
I raced through the house closing all the windows except the one in my office.
FYI -  it was freaking HUMID as hell today before the storms.
Raced back upstairs to my office and watched it roll in.
First the wind picked up and the smell - it was incredible. Can't even describe it.
Then the thunder starts rolling - BOOM!
And the rain.

I got all my tomato's turned into salsa on Sunday and even caught the last late game.
The only canning left for me is to do some pickled jalapenos and sweet banana peppers.
Then I'm done.

A shout out to my dear Alaskan friend Rose who had a Birthday on the 16th! xoxo

Caden has somehow gotten ringworm on his scalp, just above his right ear a bald spot about the size of a silver dollar.
It's a fungus NOT a damn worm as the name suggests.
3 mos of oral RX to cure that shit and the hair he lost may not grow back for 6 to 12 months!
No idea where he caught it from.
The docs had a list as long as your arm of possible ways of transmission.
He has his first football game on Saturday and I can't wait!

Last nights exercise class was tough.
Imagine extreme cardio with one of those huge balance balls.
My tendinitis made holding onto that ball a challenge, but I managed it.
And the sweat. Incredible.
I had shin splints today lol
Only one more class before my surgery on Monday.
Sure hate to loose all the ground I've gained.
Double damn, but what can you do.

Off to make the donuts - errr dinner.
Have a nice evening.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Last night

 I fell asleep to the sound of rain (and it was a good soaking rain).
It's been some time since that has happened - probably a good two months. 
It's still drizzling some this morning too. 
It's a bit cool out and I've got the windows open - I sure love the smell of rain. 

The leaves around here are starting to turn some.
A combination of drought stress and it is freaking September.

There have been bees everywhere recently.
I couldn't believe how many this patch of flowers had on it. 
It was literally alive with the buzzing of bees.

Yesterday was jam packed. 
I hauled myself up at at the crack of dawn to go to the gym.
Wore my pedometer and got an incredible 6000 steps in the space of an hour!
Now that is what I call a productive hour.

Came home and started on the cucumbers.
I thought I was done with cucumber/pickles, but the kids have gone through most of what I made back in July already so I called around and found that one of Colton's friends mother had good cukes yet. 
I bought a five gallon bucket for seven bucks from her. 
Yeah some of them were a little bigger than I'd like, but I made it work. 
The biggest ones I'll be making relish with today and the medium ones I sliced and did up two batches of sweet and hot. Then made two different recipes for kosher dills. 

14 quarts of kosher and 4 quarts/8 pints of sweet and hot.
Soon as I get off this computer I'm getting after those tomato's to make salsa. 

Went to a wedding reception last night for our Hay guys stepson. 
It was nice, the food was good and we were home relatively early.

Alright, time to get busy with these tomato's if I'm going to get any football in today.

Later :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Belated results and other fun

That kid is pretty fast!
He came in third in his age group, which is now 10 -14.
He ran a mile in 6 min 52 seconds!

He said he was out in front of the pack until he turned his ankle about 3/4 of the way and had to stop for a moment. 
Then he gave it all he had to try gaining back his position.
Between first and third place was a mere four seconds! 

Caden did wonderfully!

The winners in all their glory. 

Then of course we hit the thrift sales.
I got some good shit I probably didn't need, but that's ok I had a blast.

The guys waiting for the parade to start and holy cow was it freaking HOT!
We all got some sunburn.

There is the lovely Chyann.
Blogger isn't letting me upload videos today otherwise you'd be in for a treat, because I got some good video of the band this year. 

Our neighbor is getting more elaborate with his parade costumes lol

Everything else here is well. 
The hot weather has finally broken and we are having more comfortable temperatures.
Which Caden appreciates with his football practice.

I'm back to the gym since my arse has healed up some. 
I also joined a fitness thing through work where you wear a pedometer every day and track your steps.
Did you know that 10,000 steps a day is what everyone should be getting?
I had no idea.
And with working from home I sure didn't get anywhere near that number unless I really try.
So, that is my daily goal 10,000!
Try it. 
You'll be surprised at your numbers.

Have a good one :)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday morning coffee

YAY for Saturday!

Once again for a short week it sure seemed like a long one.

The kids all made it through the first week of school with smiles on their faces. 
Caden had a little bit of math homework everyday, Chyann has not had a bit of homework at all and Colton says he has about three hours of homework a day.
He came home yesterday afternoon.
Ever so nice to see his smiling face. 

There will be no exercise class for me this AM as I'm still attempting to recover from my slip down the stairs. 
I've missed some good riding with Chyann this week because of it. 

I also decided not to do the twister run 5K today - it would be way too much for my achy parts.
Caden is still going to run the one mile though. 

We've got a citywide thrift sale going on too so as soon as he's done we are hitting them.
Not that we need anything, but it'll be fun.
Then the Fireman's Parade, which Chyann'll be marching in with the band. 

 Who knows what the rest of the day will hold. 
Maybe I'll make more salsa.

Have a nice day :)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Another school year

We got Colton all moved in at UWRF on Monday. 
Met his roommate, who is from a suburb of the cities and he seems like a nice kid. 
Took another tour of the campus. Checking out where all Colton's classes will be, the cafeteria, library and all that.
I did ever so much better this year than I did last year. 
The water works only turned on just as we were leaving, pretty good eh?

The kids posing in front of Colton's dorm.

And the next day in front of the school mascot.
Chyann again gave us a huge amount of grief about taking the picture at school.
She's way too cool for this crap I guess. 
One day she'll appreciate the memories I guarantee it.

Tuesday afternoon when I got off work I helped the Hubby load our last two cows up in the trailer.
Definitely was a scary endeavor.
Seemed like waaay too much COW in our little trailer.
Course they had never been in a trailer before hence the thrashing about that ensued, making me think the damn thing would just fall apart.
The Hubby assured me that the trailer may look like it's rickety, but that he had totally re-enforced the whole thing from top to bottom and there was no chance of it falling apart.
Once they got some hay in front of them and fly spray applied to their backs they settled right down.

I didn't realize until I saw them side by side in the trailer how much bigger the steer was.

The Hubby hauled the steer to the butcher and the heifer to the neighbors place to run with his bull.
So now when folks stop to tell us cows are out one of ours just might be. 
Don't tell the Hubby, but it sure is nice to have them gone.
Course he says we really need to thin down the horse herd now - yeah I know.

So, I think I've mentioned before our house is an older one. 
The stairs can be treacherous and yesterday I discovered just how treacherous when I fell down them.
No idea how or why.
I just coming down them like I normally do and BOOM!
Next thing I know I'm at the bottom stunned.
Freaked Caden out pretty good.
He ran screaming for the Hubby.
 Chyann showed up first and wanted to call 911.
By the time Caden and the Hubby get back I'm a little more with it and discern that nothing is broken so no 911.
I do however have a right elbow that is about four times it's normal size black/blue and the absolute nastiest looking bruise on my right butt cheek. It's is spectacular. If I didn't think it would make folks puke I might have posted a picture, it's just that bad - shudder.
Oh and a bruise on my foot, two knots on my head.
Hell of a tumble.
Been a bit of a scardy cat going up and down those stairs today I tell you.
Sore. sore.sore.sore.sore.
I can't even tell you how freaking sore.
Everything aches.
This morning when I woke up I could hardly move.
Two advil and some coffee later I thought I might live.

toodles :)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor day and other fun

It's the big move in day.
I'm putting off waking everyone up as long as possible.
My last day to have them all tucked in safe and sound and exactly where they are supposed to be. 

Yesterday was full.
I managed to get together enough tomato's from the garden and make my first batch of salsa. 
It's delicious!

Since the big cows are gone we opened the run from behind the barn down to the front pasture. 
The horses are loving it.

We had some guy stop yesterday evening to tell us there were cows up on the road, not sure why everyone assumes they are ours, but there you go. 
The Hubby and Caden took the three wheeler out to round them up since the guy who owns them was out of town. 

And of course Chyann had to jump on the nearest horse and get in on the action. 
Only took them about 15 minutes to get them all rounded up. 

The boys hanging out, watching Chyann ride in since she decided to take an alternate route home.

View from the back porch last night.
Sure was beautiful.

The kids visited and laughed all evening.

Wanting to make the most of Colton's last night at home I'm guessing.

I suppose I had better get moving.

Have a good Labor day.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


September 1st.

I am surely not ready for summer to be over. 
With the late start to spring and all, summer just flew by way too fast

However I will say that there are three things that I'm looking forward to:
relief from these rotten ass allergies
trying out my new skis
football season - both Caden's league and the NFL.

Caden starts practice on Thursday - we can't wait!

I didn't get a hell of a lot accomplished yesterday, but we did find Colton a decent laptop.
Packed up some food and other essentials for him to take too.
Even with a food/meal plan at college he still needs some food for the dorm to snack on and a cheap coffee maker.
Colton is planning on just bringing the bare essentials with him on this first trip to school tomorrow. He want's to see what the new roommate brought so they don't have a lot of extra junk in the dorm or stuff he has to haul back home.
All his classes start at 8am, which is good. 
Get him back on a decent schedule.
He's always had a tough time finding a good sleep routine and working those 2nd and 3rd shifts over the summer did not help at all. 

Chyann and Caden had an open house at the school earlier in the week.
Meet your teacher(s), find your desk/locker and all that.
Was nice to see a lot of familiar faces. 

Chyann has been thinking a lot about college over the summer.
At least once a week she gets literature from one college or another.
Now instead of an astrophysicist she is leaning towards being a doctor of psychology.
I told her she has plenty of time to make a decision on what to do, relax a little.


Caden had a lot of fun helping Grandpa when we were in OK.
He loaded trash for a run to the dump.

Course Chyann had to drive.

The kids took a walk with Mom to the mailbox.

Can you believe the height of those calla lilies?
Must be all the fertilizer from the guinea hens.

Grandpa and the Hubby rounded up the bull and a cow to take to auction.
Last year all those paddocks were red dirt,  it was so dry out and look at it this year. Nice and green with tall grass.