Monday, May 29, 2017

Weekend wrap up

Man, these last four days flew by!

The lawn was mowed, two gardens planted, flowers potted, down front fence repaired, road trip half way across the state, baseball practice, house cleaning, Memorial Day parade and we are at Monday night. I definitely do not feel like working tomorrow.
Seems like one more day off should be in order to rest up from this busy weekend, but alas I will work.

My little garden ended up with 24 tomato plants.
Do you see Tater? She did a lot of supervising while I planted.
The other garden has the usual sweet and hot peppers, onions and cucumbers. I even have a bit of room left so will be picking up a few more plants this week to fill it out.

My favorite part of the weekend was the parade.
When we first moved here 15 years ago you could hardly get a spot on the old nursing home lawn to watch the parade, unfortunately every year the number of spectators dwindle. This year those of us who attended had plenty of elbow room.
We were thrilled to have Colton join us this year.

Caden with the high school marching band!
He looks super sharp in his uniform!

A nice turn out at the cemetery. The guest speaker spoke eloquently about surviving a war zone and then the reality of coming home to deal with your memories. Very moving.

Our boys.
Seems just like yesterday that it was Colton in the uniform instead of Caden.
Caden says he doesn't think the uniforms have been washed since then either lol

A few storms this evening brought more rain to water my thirsty garden.

Hope you have a great short week!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Saturday AM coffee

I got a lot accomplished yesterday.
The little garden is ready for planting today.
Still have the other garden to weed and till, but I'll get it done.

Bought all my plants yesterday afternoon.
Not sure how many tomato and pepper plants I ended up with. Quite a few though.
I know I didn't buy enough flowers so will have to get more next week.
There were several varieties of heirloom tomatoes that I'd never heard of before so we'll be trying them this season. I can't wait for that first fresh tomato!

Picture from a week ago.

The lilacs just keep blooming and they smell amazing.

When Chyann was home last she discovered that our barn cat had kittens out in the old cow barn. There are five of them and they are super sweet so hopefully we wont have a hard time finding them new homes when they are ready. 

Time for me to get some sunblock on and get to digging in the dirt.

Have a good one :)

Friday, May 26, 2017


Memorial day weekend is here.

As soon as I finish drinking my coffee I'm heading out to pull some weeds in preparation of planting the garden tomorrow.

The Hubby thinks I should scale down the garden since we will be doing a lot of baseball over the summer. Yesterday afternoon when he suggested it, I said maybe. Today I'm thinking nope. I don't want to miss a single fresh tomato, pepper, squash, bean, onion, spinach or melon. It'll be a lot of work and probably a bit weedy at times, but I'll make it work.

A few pictures of my new friends.
Rose-breasted Grosbeak and a Baltimore Oriole.

I believe this is a house wren. He sits outside the dining room window and just sings and sings.

Everyone loves the vivid colors of the Cardinal.

We've had flocks of robins land in the apple trees too.
Love listening to the birds in the morning. Seems just before it gets light out is when they are the most vocal.

Big Memorial day parade on Monday and Caden will be in the high school band.

Enjoy your weekend.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday AM coffee

Dang it's cold out.
We've had some unusual weather this last week.
From almost 80* for Colton's party last Saturday to 37* this morning when I got up.

Severe thunder storms and tornados about 40 minutes North of us tearing up towns. We've had a ton of rain.
Not sure how much rain we've had since I can't find the rain gauge (guess I need to buy another one), but the willow has about of two inches of standing water around it.
Even with the cold temps the grass is growing and the yard needs to be mowed badly.

This weekend would have been Caden's first baseball tournament, but it was cancelled due to field conditions and more rain is expected today. As crazy busy as April was for baseball the crappy weather has caused more cancellations for games and practice than we've ever experienced. Some springs are just like that I guess. Makes me glad I resisted the urge to get the garden planted prior to Memorial Day weekend.

Did I mention the apple trees all blossomed for Colton's party last Saturday?
They bloomed when he graduated from High School too. What a coincidence.
With the rainy weather we didn't get to enjoy the scent of the blossoms for long unfortunately.

Chyann made the deans list last semester at college!
She is one dedicated student to make that happen and work at the same time.

School is winding down for Caden too. Six and a half school days until he is officially a FRESHMAN.
Imagine that.

And you know what? I signed him up for drivers ED in August. WOW, right?
He could have done it in June, but with his baseball schedule it would have been too hectic.
Time is flying folks.

later :)

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The BIG day!

The culmination of five years of hard work was upon us.

We got up at the ass crack of dawn to arrive at the college at 710a.
Yes, we were one of the first ones there; we got good parking and the best seats.
Course that meant some sitting and walking around time until the ceremony started at 9a.

The kids goofing around on our way into the school.

Chyann's boyfriend came too.

The graduates were in one gym getting ready while the families were in another huge sports facility.
Caden and I found Colton when we were out on a walk and got a few pictures.

Finally the time had come.
The ceremony will full of pomp and circumstance, the traditions of the collage.
In total it was about two hours long.
The man presenting the diploma was a professor that Colton had for quite a few classes throughout the years.

Walking back to his seat.
He undid the top button of his shirt because he was so hot and forgot to re-button it lol

Afterward a few family pictures.

If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time you'll remember that we always took a first day of school picture of Colton and the kids at his dorm when he lived there and it seemed fitting to get a graduation day photo too.

Can't even tell you how proud we are of him.
Hell of an accomplishment!

Topped the day off with a gathering of friends to celebrate the occasion.

A wonderful day.

Now the real world awaits.

Happy Mothers Day to the Mother's in my life.
I had a great day with all the kids home.
later :)

Friday, May 12, 2017


Good Morning.
I am off today with the intent to make pies and other food, clean house and iron clothes in preparation for Colton's GRADUATION tomorrow!

Seating begins at 7a and its open seating so we should really be there no later than 715a. The kids line up at 8a and the ceremony starts at 9a.
We are going to have to get up early to make all that happen, like 4a. 

Chyann is home for the festivities.
She has had a successful first year of college and has a busy summer planned.
Nice to have her home for a week though.

A few pictures around the place.
Jennifer turned 13 last week. She is shedding and her palomino color is gorgeous.

Having a birthday snack in the field next door.

Everything is in bloom.
Which while beautiful has awoken my allergies.

The willow is majestic.
We've had a lot of rain this spring and have standing water at the base of the tree.
When I mowed for the first time last week I almost got stuck down there.
Tore up the lawn a bit, whoops.

Alright my coffee is gone.
Time to get moving.
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

April is done

April sure flew by.

April consisted of a snot load of rain, a bit of snow and wind.
Man the wind has blown constantly it seems.
Working outside between the rain and cold has been problematic, but I've managed to get all my trees trimmed. The driveway trees took the most time. Now I will be able mow under them without risking decapitation or loosing an eye due to a random branch. The apple and plum trees should be more fruitful now since I thinned the crap out of them.

Our old boy Scotch proves that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence by continually escaping the pasture to mow the yard for me. The Hubby has been fixing one section of fence after another and still he escapes. It would be nice to put up a whole new fence, but I don't see that in the cards at this point. Good thing Scotch never really goes too far. The ground has been so soft though that he is gouging up the yard something terrible. No idea how we'll smooth it out. jeesh.

Baseball season has started. Currently just practice four or five days a week but soon the games will begin.

The highlight of my month was our school talent show.
Somewhere or another I've mentioned that Caden taught himself to play the ukulele over the winter and sing the Elvis song take my hand. 
Both the big kids came home to see him perform.
Prior to the show Mom has to take some pictures.
No one was real enthused, but you'd think they'd be used to this by now.

Waiting inside for the doors to open so we could get a front row seat.
Doesn't Chyann look so happy?
This last year she has really grown and is a wonderful young lady.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunday AM coffee

It's feeling like spring folks!
Yesterday we got up to 64* and it felt wonderful.
We worked outside all day cleaning up yard debris, stacking wood, brushing horses, cleaning out vehicles and even got in a few games of basketball.

The first baseball practice for the travel team was last night too.
It's going to be interesting to see how they sort the kids to form the AAA, AA and A teams.
There are about 30 kids vying for a spot on the rosters.

In other news the school production of the musical Annie has wrapped up.
It was fantastic!
All the kids were amazing!

Our boy had several parts. My favorite was star to be.
A few pre show pictures of him.

Hooverville crew.

Singing his part for the song NYC.
The kid really was phenomenal.

Secret service agent.
So proud of all the kids for having the guts to get out there and perform.

After the first show.

Chyann enjoyed it so much she came to watch it the second night when Colton was home.
Caden loves fruit gushers so much they got him those instead of flowers, which he was thrilled about.

My kids are sure growing up.

Yes Caden is as tall if not taller than me (gotta love shoes with heals).

We were so pleased both the big kids came home for the show.
They are coming back on Friday too for the school spotlight night.

That's all I've got.
later :)

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday AM coffee

I am sitting here drinking my coffee and enjoying watching the birds outside my window. It's peaceful.

Not a whole lot going on here this weekend, other than making three pans of special K bars and rice crispy treats for the marathon all day play practice tomorrow. Yes, the play Annie opens next weekend! We are really excited to see it!

I recently took a trip to see family in KS and OK. While in KS a cousin gifted me with my Grandmothers old slide projector and four boxes of slides. He apparently kept them especially for me all these years.

Unfortunately the projector isn't in the best shape, but the Hubby has taken it apart and has it working well enough for us to look at the slides at least once. When all the kids are home next weekend for the play we'll put on a slide show and check out some family history. One whole box of slides was taken when I was a kid and my Grandparents visited us in AK, can't wait to see them!

Baseball tryouts were earlier this month. All the hard work and dedication Caden put in over the winter really showed. He did fantastic! Definitely stood out. Can't wait for the season to begin!

I am feeling spring fever something fierce this year and have quite a list of projects that am fantasizing about getting done before May arrives. From trimming trees, weed wacking the brush that is encroaching on the lawn, tilling the garden, planting 60-80 more trees, hauling crap off to the junk yard - ya I know you've heard that one before, but the Hubby says its really happening this year (fingers crossed), digging out stumps and cleaning barns.

With all the snow gone we can see that those freaking moles have been making paths all around the pool. Lets hope they didn't manage to compromise the liner.

Anywho, that's all I've got.
Have a good one :)

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Winter returned

All our snow was gone.
Everything was drying up nicely.
The grass appeared to be starting to green up even.
It was lovely.
Until yesterday brought about ten to 12 inches of snow. Wind too. We've got drifts three feet deep on the driveway and will probably spend a good chunk of time outside today moving snow.

It is still February and winter, but that little taste of spring was sure nice.

The kids are all doing well at school.

Colton's graduation date has been set. May 13th! I'm giddy with excitement for him!
The world is his oyster. Wide open in front of him. He can go anywhere, do anything.
Exciting times!
Chyann continues to excel and be successful at college. She will be home in March for spring break. We are all looking forward to having her here for an extended period. With any luck the weather will be nice and we can ride horses. I have been working with them every few days so hopefully they wont be too wild and crazy when we do ride.
Picture from last time she was home.

Caden is in the school play Annie which will open towards the end of March. Between play practice, baseball practice and school work that kid is always busy. Baseball tryouts are next weekend and he is ready to strut his stuff!

Work for me has been busy. It's a good gig. I can't complain at all.
The little taste of spring we had got me thinking about my gardening plans. I'm excited to get outside and plant. Can't wait for that first fresh tomato.

That's all I've got.
Have a good weekend.
Stay warm.

Sunday, February 12, 2017


So it has been 43 days since I have talked to you all.

43 days of crazy shit.
Everything from snow and ice storms, power outages, no water due to well problems -twice, hospitalizations, vehicle accidents, the flu, injured horses, cats with diarrhea, hot tub malfunctions, family member with a terminal illnesses, a clown running the country, nephew got married, my parents will be great grandparents this summer (my brothers kids), fish classes, Dean's list, feeding birds, baseball, broken resolutions and more.

I've laid in bed at night, while unable to sleep, writing interesting and funny blog posts with the intention of writing them down and saying hello first thing the next morning before work. However all the witty things I thought I had to say disappear from my head in the cold light of day and with each day that passed, it was harder to sit down and write.

Here I am today though, short on time as its baseball bat try out day. Baseball season starts soon ya know. Although for us it's turned into a year round thing.

I'll be back soon.