Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mama Bird

Yesterday I took the three-wheeler and trailer out to the
front pasture to pick up rocks.

Up at the top near the fence I see this bird hopping around.

It would come toward me with it's wings out making
strange noises.

Then it would hop/jump away making even more noise.

At first, I really though this gal was injured and
was contemplating if I should try to catch it and
try to help or just leave it alone.

Until I spied these little beauties.
They were so well camouflaged that I almost didn't see them.

Mama bird was getting more agitated all the time so I
got out of there and continued on with my rock picking.

She is back on the eggs in this pictures.

Glad I brought my camera with me.
You never know what you might see.


Dar said...

Yup, she was trying to distract you away from her nest. Isn't nature a treat. You got some awesome pictures.
Have a great day

tainterturtles said...

Kellie, that was a classic broken-wing "act" that the Killdeer mamma bird will do in order to distract predator from her egg nest. Isn't that amazing that a mama Killdeer will do that? A Killdeer is a pretty bird.

PS. Since my dad was a Biology teacher, I had to learn all the birds and wildflowers that grow native to Wisconsin!!!!

Aunt Krissy said...

Kellie, her act fools animals too!

crochet lady said...

It is amazing how mamas will give a lot for their babies.