Sunday, June 6, 2010

One year already

Today is my one year blog anniversary.

Like anything else it seems like I just started blogging
and also have been doing it forever.

I originally started this blog for family and friends in
AK and OK to stay in tune with what we are up to.
That hasn't worked out like I planned, but that's alright.

I've contemplated ending this blog for a number of reasons
over the past year, but as you can see, I'm still at it.

I'm not the touchy-feely-get-in-touch with my emotions
blogger nor am I looking for approval or for you to
blow sunshine up my ass on a regular basis.

I blog for the fun of it
not because I have anything amazing or insightful to say.

I'm just a gal who loves her family,
is a backyard horse lover,
gardener, cook, animal caretaker,
and anything else I decide
to do at any given moment!

Thank you, to the folks who read my blog!

I enjoy reading your comments.

It's fun knowing there are folks who are interested
in our hobby farm life and learning a little from one another
is a bonus too!


Lisa said...

So you didn't start much before me. Some days I think I should stop, because, honestly I'm not wisdom inspiring, but then I think, "So what?"

I'm doing this for fun and if other people enjoy it at the same time, all the better!

So keep at it! I love you horses and such

Happy Anniversary!

PAK ART said...

Happy Blogoversary. You crack me up. I like you're sentence about "I'm not the touchy-feely....

That's perfect and similar to what I'm thinking too! I haven't been able to keep up with mine lately and I keep asking myself why I'm doing it. I think it's still for Kris, just like it was in the beginning, but I've gotten sidetracked along the way with all my arty friends.

Anonymous said...

hey.. you cant quit blogging.. I love it! Otherwise, we hardly ever email and this way I can watch the kids grow.
sounds like you are having a great start to summer. Cant believe Colton is a senior...

crochet lady said...

Funny Kellie.

I've thought about quitting too, but find I just can't seem to.

I enjoy reading your blog and getting to see through a window into your life.

Aunt Krissy said...

Hey Sunshine! Don't stop blogging. Even though was talk all the time I still like to read your blog and see the pics.