Thursday, April 28, 2011

Umbrella tale

Why yes, it did snow again yesterday and today. And yes they say winter really will be over soon. Like tomorrow - forecasted high of 58*! Whoopee! So yes I will be able to muster through this last day of yucky weather.

I've got an umbrella story for you.

I'm from Alaska and true Alaskans don't use umbrellas so I've never owned one.

Here in WI EVERYONE has an umbrella.

I picked one up at a thrift sale a few years ago and recently found it again.

Tuesday morning it was pouring rain and a bit blustery when I went to work so I thought I'd try out this dusty umbrella.

Now I don't know much about umbrellas other than it's bad luck to open one up indoors.

So, picture this - I get to work open the van door and get out, I've got my purse and lunch slung over my shoulder while I bump the door shut with my hip, I'm hoisting this umbrella and opening it all at the same time. I was standing into the wind so the umbrella would not get blown backwards - as I opened it a ton of dust/dead bugs are blown into my face so I quick turn and the wind grabs the umbrella and turns it inside out kinda pulling me down the parking lot!

It was just like in the movies where the wind is howling and the rain is pouring and the ditzy gal has her umbrella blown backwards - except for the dead bugs and cobwebs stuck in my hair and face! Real classy.

I marched into work soaking wet with nasty shit all over me and threw the umbrella in the trash!

Moral of this story? Not sure other than I'm not using an umbrella again!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Brother! Love ya!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend rewind...

Random cat picture. Don't Cairo and Gracie look comfy.

Chyann and I spent a good chunk of Saturday over at our friends place with her and her horses. Nan has Shire's and Chyann is going to help her show them this summer, specifically Ellie who is in the picture below. Ellie is five and exceptionally well behaved. The Draft horse show season doesn't start until July, so Chyann will probably start going to Nan's on a regular basis next month to start preparing the horses for the season. Lets hope she can get that right knee nice and bendy soon!

Caden got told to go suck an egg while we were doing up the eggs and of course being him, he did!

We sure got some vibrant colors this year.

Easter Sunday was a gorgeous day! Chyann in her quest to become more mobile and independent went out and brushed all the horses. Talk about a shed fest!

For me Sunday was just the best, spending almost the whole day outside! I even remembered to put on sunblock, so my freckles today are pretty minimal and no actual sunburn at all! ha!

We cut down three trees and a ton of ground shrubs that had died and hauled them away. Got the flower beds all cleaned up, yard raked, cans crushed and ready to be taken to the recycler, took Jennifer on a walk to get her use to being out again before I attempt to ride her.

Sure wish I didn't have to go to work today because it's going to be an even nicer day than yesterday and there is still so much to do! I really just want to ride horses :)

Anyhow. I found this in the bathroom yesterday evening and laughed my arse off! That Caden sure is something else!

Hope you had a nice Holiday!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Nine years ago we arrived here in WI!

We rented a van in Minneapolis, drove to Eau Claire, checked into a motel, slept for six hours and woke up to 3 inches of snow and snow thunder!

What a welcome.

We moved to our town not knowing a soul. Never having been here before we were all breaking new ground. It was scary, but has definitely been worth it!

We've made some great friends, learned tons of things we never would have without having lived here.

Yeah, sometimes in the beginning I thought what in the hell are we doing here, but I can say without a doubt that I love it here and we sure have a good life.

Random horse picture from a few weeks ago when we had that nice spring teaser.

27 days till graduation. Damn I've got to get the invitations in the mail.

Chyann's physical therapy is going slow. Apparently the technical term for what she has going on is frozen knee. Not good. Lets hope she can get it moving soon, as the therapist says the alternatives are very unpleasant.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Cats and snow

Gracie has found my plant. She has not yet attempted to use it as a litter box. She likes to lounge in the dirt and bat at the leaves.

Got a few more things crossed off my list of things to get done before the big graduation. All that's left for the upstairs is to shampoo carpets. I'll be waiting for warmer weather to get that done.

Speaking of warmer weather - WHERE IS SPRING!??!?!?!

It snowed both Friday night and early Sunday am. 6" of snow is predicted for Tuesday night as well!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Good News and talent galore

First off let me say outside my window this morning is about an inch of snow!

Yesterday was so gray and blustery! The news said it could blow up to 60knots last night and I bet it did! Sure reminded me of Cold Bay - the toilet water was sloshing around. Why it does that in high winds I don't know, but I digress.. SNOW! Outside today! I hope it melts and the ground drys out soon! I've got so many outside things to do within the next 33 days!

Anyhow.. Here is ol' Scotch lounging in the hay after his breakfast last Sunday. He seems to be saying just give me a bit and I'll get the rest of this all eaten up.

Chyann and I went to the Cities on Wednesday and the news couldn't be better!

Her doctor is sooo pleased with her bone healing! Ony problem is she has almost no range of motion in her right knee.

This is due to when she got the fixator off it hurt to move so she didn't and the muscles that were already protesting about the stretching/growing they had to endure have locked up and gotten super tight. This is pretty normal and intensive physical therapy is moved up to now, instead of after she got off crutches - that would have been for gait training.

Luckily we have a relatively new physical therapy place with an outstanding reputation right in our little town so we wont have to drive all over for that. This is especially nice since gas prices are now up to $3.89 a gal!

Check her out cruising with one crutch and bearing all her weight on the right leg! I tell you it felt like Christmas to see that!

Later that evening we went to the school for the first annual talent show! I heard that my eldest boy and a few of his friends are the ones that came up with the idea to raise money for the music department. It was $5 bucks a head and a dollar a vote, to vote for your favorite act. There was a lot of singing, dancing, comedy skits, the school jazz band, show choir, and of course the eldest son's death metal band.

I can't tell you how amazed we were to hear some of the kid's lovely singing voices. Our school definitely has some talented kids.

Caden's favorite part is when the jazz band played the limbo! He got pretty low and was one of the last ones going under. He was disqualified after this backwards slide though.

The MC introducing Colton's band. Moments after this picture, three girls ran up on stage as "groupies" and wanted to introduce the band. The MC said ok and they squealed the band name, gave some whoops and hollers and while exiting the stage called out "Colton we love you!" Apparently he has some fans :) A good time had by all!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What a weekend...

After a late night on Friday, Saturday started out too early and gray.

The annual pig butcher at our friends' place.

Not a lot of folks do this kind of thing anymore. It is economical and we sure have a good time though.

The guys butchered 17 pigs. Usually they are hung to cool overnight, but since the weather was pretty warm they put them on a trailer covered with snow.

In past years I'd be there all day wrapping meat, but since Chyann was sick I only went down to help wrap our meat. It's quite the assembly line.

Pork chops anyone?

More signs of spring! The rhubarb is making it's appearance.

We had a whopper of a storm on Sunday afternoon. Shasta got caught out in the hail for a bit. Even some tornado's 40 miles or so south of us.

After the big storm the guys did some target practicing with muzzle loader guns. Caden is very patiently waiting his turn.

Colton showing off for his girlie friend.... Jeez.. I wonder what's with the rolled up pants? New style? Really want a pair of capris?

Meanwhile Chyann brushes, trims and loves on the pups.

Hard to believe it was 80* on Sunday with all the wind that we had, both before and after the storm - sure fellt like North Dakota..

We are even forecasted to possibly get some snow come Friday too. blah.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The House of ROCK!!

Orchard Warden Rocked the House of Rock last night!

The bar had an interesting set up. There were two sections, the stage and dance area with some seating, separated by the bar and another seating area with a small stage and TVs to watch the bands on.

It was so friggin loud that the ladies and I sat in the furthest area way from the stage and watched the band on the TVs. You could feel the drums and bass in your chest. I think that anyone with a heart condition should stay far away from this band! They are libel to keel over!

I was surprised at the age group of folks there to listen to a death metal band. Since it was a bar anyone there was over 21, but most of the "kids" looked to be mid to late 20's? Mostly dressed in black, some with mohawks, lots of piercings and tattoos, super short skirts - not a lot of gals there though. Interesting crowd of folks to say the least.

The band did very well if the crowd reaction was any indication. They even had fans moshing on the last song. Why they or anyone thinks moshing is dancing or fun is beyond me.

My very brave friends and I were wishing we'd brought ear plugs towards the end of the show!

Interesting side note: That was the absolute cleanest bar I've ever been to! No kidding the tile floors throughout the place were so clean they shined! Even in the bathrooms!

Short video of the TV we watched the band on. I did end up going into the other side of the bar to take more pictures and videos, but this is the only one that would load on blogger today.

In other news.

Chyann completed her first week back to school with only a few bumps along the way. She continues to get stronger every day.

We went to the FFA banquet where Colton received an award for 1st place in soil judging. Funny when we first moved down here I could never say FFA (future farmers of America), it always came out as FAA (federal aviation administration).

This is also the big pig butcher weekend. Caden is evidence that it is a real dirty job.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Buds are here!

This morning when I came home from taking the kids to school I noticed the maple tree in the front yard was getting some nice buds on it. Pretty cool nest too. I think it is a swallows nest, but I'm not sure.

We got up to the low 50's yesterday and a ton of snow melted. By this weekend it'll probably all be gone. It is even forested to get up to the high 60's possibly 70 by Saturday!! Spring has finally sprung!

Colton's band has a show at the House of Rock on Friday night! This will be my first time seeing them live since the Homecoming bonfire last spring. I'm looking forward to checking out all their new moves and stage antics.

Happy hump day!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


The Play last night was beyond FANTASTIC!

I absolutely loved it!

Everyone said that Colton stole the show!

As the mute king he had almost no lines and carried the show on his facial expressions and outrageous gestures.

I didn't get any good pictures of him after the show because he was mobbed by folks wanting to congratulate him on his performance.

Chyann's first whole day of school yesterday went well also. A friend helped her to and from all her classes. Best of all she only had to have 1 advil after school to get rid of her aches and pains.

Report cards also came out yesterday.

Colton is doing great with mostly A's, 1 B and 1 C! Even with missing almost a whole quarter of school Chyann managed to hold on to her status as an A student on the honor roll! Except now she is getting an M (medical) in band and PE. Caden is O for outstanding as well, having moved up to a 3rd grade reading class!

My kiddos are super smart!

As for my first day back to work -- It was a long day. I detest the hours I work. 930a to 6p with a half hour drive home, that puts me here at 630p with dinner yet to get on the table. blah. And there seems to be quite a bit of discontent within my work group as well. That is always fun.

Any how...

I am sooo pleased with my young King! I never thought he'd enjoy something like acting, but you just never can tell how kids will surprise you.

Friday, April 1, 2011

No kidding, really...

It's a beautiful sunny day here! The snow is melting, the trees have plump little buds on them, and the kids are at school. I've become a lady of leisure and quit my job to stay home! I'll now be getting dinner on the table no later than 6p every night, I'll have time to hang clothes out on the line, keep a weed free garden, makes sure everything is 100% ready for the big graduation and party to follow and have plenty of time to ride horses everyday!

Yeah, I know I'm full if shit. April Fools any way.

It's frigging snowing out today, the snow is not melting, there might be just a hint of buds on some variety of trees, the kids are at school and I'm going back to work today. Damn.

I've had fun this week hanging with Chyann at school and I don't think I've embarrassed her too much. Every day she's gone for a few more hours and today she's going to do a whole day. She sure is sore in the mornings and is totally tuckered in the evenings, but has more strength every day. As evidenced by the below picture of her going outside on Wednesday for the first time to see the horses.

Tonight is opening night of the play too! I got to see it yesterday at the school when they put it on for the school and man was it wonderful! Colton as King is soo funny! He gets the crowd really laughing in a few scenes. Really looking forward to seeing it again tonight.