Sunday, December 21, 2014

A forgotten post and other blither blather

While thinking about what to write about this morning I realized I had a few forgotten/unfinished posts. 

I started this one back in August. 
I clearly remember this evening. 
It was hot, humid and green out.

Did you realize that today is December 21st - only four more days until Christmas, but even more importantly our days will start getting longer from here on out. 
Spring is on the way folks!
In just a few weeks we will all be seeing a noticeable difference in sunrise and sunset times. 

On that happy thought I'll tell you that I've begun thinking about my garden plans for this year. 
I'll still do my tomato, peppers, both sweet and hot, onions too. 
I'll be adding brussel sprouts, green beans, pumpkins and try growing jicima.

Have you ever heard of jicima?
It's a root vegetable, sometimes called a Mexican potato. 
My Dad and Jeanne have sent me a few since their visit in October and I am totally hooked on them!
The flavor is unusual almost like an apple. I've been putting them in salads and eating them raw as a snack. 
Fortunately yesterday I found that we can get them in grocery stores here so I bought a bunch and have a nice stock pile of them now.  

Anywho, the forgotten post:

The Hubby finished working on a friends jeep the other day then took Caden and Dodger for a spin in it.

It's a stick and since we don't own any vehicles with a manual transmission he decided to teach Caden how to drive it.
Which every kid needs to know how to do, in my opinion.

They drove up behind the barn and down the run to the front pasture. 
I left the gate open to take pictures and of course those silly horses took advantage of that and high tailed it out to do a little mowing.

He only made the gears grind a few times and picked up the rhythm of gas/clutch quickly.

What fun, eh?

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saturday AM Coffee


Sitting here drinking my coffee and reflecting.
I'm pretty damn fortunate.
All my kids are home.
(the hubby is off working OT ALL day)
I got the cards done last night and will stuff them in the mail today.
The shopping is about complete as well.
Just one more run to the store with the kids tomorrow so they can get a little shopping for each other taken care of.
Maybe do a bit more baking and wrapping on Monday.
Holiday handled. 

Today I'm going to go hang out with my friends and enjoy some holiday cheer. 
While checking out some "ugly sweaters". I don't actually have one of those, but will improvise and wear my favorite unattractive sweater. 

Our warm weather is once again only a memory.
Temps are back to normal for this time of year, which I knew would happen but I still wasn't ready for it.
Sounds like we'll be having a white Christmas as well. 
With the bulk of the snow falling on Wednesday - up to eight inches, just in time to screw up the roads for those who travel. 
Colton was planning on going to the girlfriends place on xmas eve and then driving home, so I guess we'll see if he decides to go.

Have a good weekend!
later alligator 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Putting on the miles

Almost 500 miles in the van this weekend and all of them in this pea soup type fog. 
The weather has been phenomenally warm for mid-December. 

Damn near 50* today. 
I'll take it. 
We'll have winter again at some point, but for as long as it holds off I'm good with that.  

Yesterday was Cadent basketball teams first mini-tournament. 
Mini as they only played two games instead of the usual four. 

Caden's team whooped up on the other boys quite soundly both games.
With Caden making 25 total points between the games. 

Hitting numerous free throws too. 
Excellent start to the season!
These boys have improved enormously since last season. 
I think they'll give any team a run for their money this year.

My boy was incredibly stiff and sore after the games. 
He now has the osgood-Schlatter in both knees and it is causing him more grief than his severs is.

So, we'll see how the season progresses. 
Hopefully the stretches and other exercises he does will benefit him through this basketball and wrestling season and he'll be less sore.
Fingers crossed anyhow. 

A few pictures from around here today.

Dodger likes playing fetch without the snow, sure is sloppy out there and he was totally covered with mud. 

The horses seem to be enjoying this warm spell too.
Today would have been a good day for a ride since it was so warm.
Maybe tomorrow.

I haven't sent out my Christmas cards yet, in fact I just ordered the damn things last night.
They'll be here on Thursday though and I'll get them in the mail by Monday at the latest (i hope).

Do you send out Christmas cards?

Everyone must be behind this year because to date, we've only received one card. 
Typically we get about 50ish and I send out about 60ish.

I suppose a lot of folks could have decided not to send them. 
They are probably deemed an old fashioned tradition by a lot, but in this day and age where the world moves so fast - smart phones and texts instead of picking up the phone. Getting a Christmas card is pretty nice. 
Someone took the time to think of you and hopefully write a little something and not just have a pre-printed name in the card or whatever.
I especially like the ones with a Christmas letter that tells all about the family/persons adventures over the last year. 
I haven't done that in a while, maybe I will this year.

11 more shopping days.
Are you ready?


Friday, December 12, 2014

Concerts, phones and other fun

I love going to the kids' Christmas concerts
They are excited about preforming, usually dressed in their best and eager to  show off their skills. 

Unfortunately no videos would load for me today and am out of time to fiddle around with it. 
So here are a few pictures. 

Chyann getting ready to play.

Caden and the band.

And Caden just before he sung with the choir.
He had a solo in one of the songs and he was amazing!
I'm thrilled that he did so well. 

A technology update.
Yes, I got my phone and it's pretty cool. 
Took me a few days to figure out how to stop my text messages from going to Colton and his to me and Caden was getting my calls on his ipod. 
Weird stuff right.. 

Now I'm just afraid I'll loose the damn thing.
Also talking on it feels unnatural, like talking into a book or something.
Because I like to talk on the phone much more than I like to text.
My phone does have this neat feature called face time.
I can call up Colton and SEE him as well as talk to him.
If you've got this feature on your phone, call me/face time me - I'd love to see you too :)

We've had a nice warming trend and the snow is almost gone. 
Supposed to rain and get up to almost 50* through the weekend. 
We could have a brown winter and I'm okay with that. 

Still not ready for Christmas, but getting closer - sort of. 
Less than two weeks till the big day.

Busy weekend ahead.
First basketball tournament in a town an hour North of us tomorrow. 
Then we'll be heading over to River Falls to bring a load of stuff home for Colton. 
Next week he has finals and after finals he has to move out of the dorms since he is going to Europe next semester.

Have a good one!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Times are changing

I have finally entered the new world of technology and ordered a freaking smart phone. 

Two things prompted me to do this:

1 - My Dad got a smart phone! and I figured if he is moving int the world of technology I supposed I should consider it as well 
2 - A friend of mine introduced me to this app called Think Dirty.
No it's not what you think so get your mind out of the gutter!
It's an app that allows you to scan bar codes on consumables you currently have in your home or items you want to buy.

Like your laundry soap for example, to see what kinds of horrible carcinogenic shit is actually in it that just may cause you to grow a third tit or if you have chosen wisely and have a product that is not detrimental to your health. 

 I had Caden download this app, but his ipod does not support it - it's too old apparently. 

Decision time. 
what to do, what to do

Since I have become quite conscious of what products I buy; from the freaking lunch meat - that is typically loaded with nitrates and sulfates to my face cream --- I wanted that damn app! and of course the fact that my Dad now has a smart phone..........

It will be here on Monday. 
Imagine that. 

Got the crap scared out of me the other day when I went to get a wash cloth.
Bobbi Jo somehow managed to get in the drawer and lay down. 
Not quite sure if she was trapped in there and made the best of a bad situation or what happened, but she didn't leave after I opened the drawer so she must not have minded too much.

later alligator 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

This and that

I hope everyone had a nice holiday. 
We sure did. 

23 more days till Christmas.
Last year at this time I was totally done with shopping, all the holiday preparations and was eagerly awaiting my trip to AK to see the family and excited even about Christmas.

This year,I find that I haven't even started a damn thing having to do with the holiday and have no desire to do so.
Chyann says it's because we didn't go black Friday shopping this year. 
Maybe, but I don't think so. 

However I am beginning to feel a pressure to get some shit done and soon.


After my last post about my kuerig, I figured I'd show you my current favorite kitchen gadget.
Purchased at thrift sale this summer from my friend Linda for a whopping 3 bucks!

It slices, dices, juices, masher, rices, presses, cores and even extrudes!

I've only used it for making french fries so far and let me tell you it's the BEST 3 bucks I've ever spent!

Ever had sweet tater fries?
They are AMAZING!

Slice your fries, put them in a big bowl, melt a little butter and pour it over them and then sprinkle with salt, pepper, season salt, smidge of garlic or whatever you like - stir well.
Cajun seasoning is great too.

Put them in the oven and bake at 400* turning periodically, until they are as done as you like them. 
Approximately 40 minutes. 

The Dodger playing ball with a frozen apple.
Poor guy somehow broke a toenail yesterday and they are not even long. 

Caden freaked out when he saw the blood and brought him in the house. 
At which point he was so excited to be "in the house" he ran all over the place leaving bloody paw prints everywhere. 
Anyhow he is on the mend.

After Caden built a snow man he tackled it and used the base to climb the maple out front. 

later :)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday confessions

My friend Kris did a fun Sunday confession back when she was blogging and I thought I'd give it a whirl.
But first, what a change we've got going on here.

It was -5 Friday morning and by night fall was up to 25*.
Yesterday we got up to 40* and today it's almost 50*!

There is not much snow left and its supposed to rain today.
Some areas to the East of us are expecting about 5"- how crazy is that?!
Super glad we are not getting that mess - fingers crossed that the forecast doesn't change.

So, for my confession.

I hate strongly dislike and am completely unsatisfied with my Kuerig.
There I said it.

Can you believe that? Well it is true.

I know, I know. I wanted and longed for one the whole time Chyann went to the orthodontist for her braces - I would look forward to her visits just so I could have a cup of wonderful coffee made by their Kuerig. It was amazing! I'd even stop in randomly when I was in town to "pick up" more wax or whatever and get a cup. LOVED LOVED LOVED that coffee.

Last year when I went to my brother and sister in laws place in AK, they had one. Again I was treated to amazingly delicious coffee.

When I got home I decided what the hell, now was the time and I bought myself one for Christmas.
Even going as far as special ordering the brand and flavor of coffee that the orthodontist office carried so I'd be ready for my very own amazing coffee on Christmas morning.

My anticipation was great. I told all the gals I worked with that I couldn't wait for Christmas morning and that FIRST cup.

I got that machine out, had the directions read and up and running within 40 minutes.
Everyone came in the kitchen to witness the first cup, because they all knew how excited I was.

That first smell, that first sip and gag, yuck, what is wrong with this coffee?!?!

Ever since then I've continually tried, tried, tried and tried to like the coffee that my Kuerig makes.

I've looked online, contacted kuerig, spent a shit load of money on different coffee and coffee brands, filtered water, distilled water, super cold water, warm water (the model I have has no manual temperature adjustment). You name it I tried it with no success.

Alas I can not stand the coffee my Kuerig makes. I've taken it off my counter top and put it away with all those other small appliances that I had to have - like the air popcorn popper, quesadilla maker, mandolin slicer, little forman grill, rice steamer and vegetable steamer.


If you know anyone that is interested in a super cheap Kuerig, let me know.

Yes, I used all those K-cups I bought for my Kuerig. I cut them open and used the coffee in my $8 walmart special coffee machine and every cup was delicious.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

They say

it's still fall, but I don't believe "them".
Yesterday was 18* when I went out to feed the horses and it felt warm out compared to the previous few days. 

However we are supposed to be warming up to possibly the high 30's come the weekend and maybe even get rain Sunday evening. 

Chyann decided that regardless if she would freeze or not she was taking a ride.
Ok, I'll come too.

And damn was it cold. 
Casper doesn't seem to mind it at all though. 
His coat is super thick. 

The barn is so full of hay that I have to kick the bales down from the top to feed the horses. 
Course by the time I got back around they were already snacking. 

Right after I took this picture Dodger almost had the crap kicked out of him by Jenny.
Chyann had just gotten off and Jenny out of the blue let loose with both back feet! Literally just missing him by a hair!
Scared the shit out of me lol

Well Dodger hasn't been up to visit the neighbors that we know of. He is the master Houdini when it comes to eating ropes, climbing fence and digging holes to regain his freedom though.

I've no idea what it takes to keep a year old lab occupied.
During my breaks I walk him and throw the ball for him and he still gets wiggly. 
Everyone takes a turn when they get home too.
Chyann says he is a bad dog lol
Any tricks to keeping him worn out and docile, let me know.

Anywho, have a good one :)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday AM coffee

Burrr it's cold out this morning. 
Only about 10* and some light flurries.
Sounds like a good day to stay in and do some baking/cooking and nap while watching football.

A few pictures from my trek out to feed the horses this morning.
The apple trees looked pretty cool with the few frozen red apples still hanging around.

Jennifer and Casper in the background.

Gypsy showing off her frosty whiskers.

 A few pictures from the Veteran's day program on Tuesday.
My camera wouldn't record video for some reason so only got pictures this go around.

Caden and the choir singing.

What else is new?

We went to a play on Friday night and then out for a late dinner. 
Hell of a good time and we are definitely planning on going again. 

Found a good blog for new recipes too.
Going to have to try some of those pie and dip recipes - YUM!

Chyann wants to put up the Christmas tree already.
I'm protesting though. 
Not till at least Thanksgiving - when her brother is home and if I can put it off till that first weekend in December I will.

You ever listen to Pandora?
I listen to it everyday and have play lists to fit the genre of music I'm in the mood for. 
You should check them out, I love it.
Currently my favorite is my P!nk! list.
Great variety of tunes. 

Have a good one :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

No show on the snow and other news

We got lucky in that the storm snow line was about 20 miles North of us.
They got over a foot of snow and we only got a total of about 5" from Sunday night through today.
Not bad.
Yes, Chyann rode the bus and bitched endlessly.
However I am not the only hated over protective parent around.
Two other gals that I work with also made their teen drivers ride the bus- so there!

I think she was really ok with it especially after yesterday AM.
Lots of protesting going on and all the sudden we heard ambulances and fire trucks racing to the scene of a crash just down the road from our house.  HELLO! IT'S DANGEROUS out there.


Today the Hubby and I went to a Veteran's program at school.
It was very well attended even though the roads were pretty crappy yet.
At the program they asked everyone to stand up who had a family member in the service.
I stood up, the Hubby says why are you standing.
I said stand up. Our lives are full of veterans - your Uncle, My Dad, my step-Dad, my brother, our nephew.

Thank you to all the Veterans! Your sacrifices make a difference in all our lives.


In other news, with this snow the horses were stranded down in the front pasture. There was a small drift that they wouldn't go through in the run going to up to the barn. We ended up having to walk them one by one to the barn. Never had to do that before. Strange.

later :)

Sunday, November 9, 2014

OH my!

Of course the first storm of the year would have the potential to drop up to 15" of snow on us right?!

Graphical depiction of the weather story for today.

Well nothing like a big dump to get us back into the winter mode.
The Hubby is already fretting about Chyann driving to school and says she'll need to ride the bus if it's too bad. Guess we'll see what it looks like in the AM, because she says she is NOT riding the bus under any circumstances. Crimaney..


At any rate the basement is full of wood and we are ready.

In other news...

I got 8" of hair cut off last week and it's still a little past my shoulders. Should have went another 2 or 3", but at the time I couldn't quite get up the nerve to do it. Course now I am wishing I had.

Gave Colton a hair cut today too. He was home this weekend with his girlfriend. Apparently she may be going to Europe with him come January too, but wont know for sure for another week or two. He says even if she doesn't go that he still is. 9 countries in 4.5 months. I can't even imagine and truth be told, I may be more excited than he is!

Have a good week :)


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Saturday AM coffee

I'm not liking the time change.
Definitely gets dark too early for me.
Sign of the times I suppose, it being the beginning of the holiday season and all that.

Sounds like we'll be getting our first real snow of the season come Monday.
I realize we've gotten lucky in that it's held off this long, but still I'm not ready for it.

Report cards came home on Friday.
Straight A's for my kids and I couldn't be prouder of them.

You know Facebook is an interesting thing. You have your friends and family posting shit here and there so you can keep up with all that they are up to, right?

I find it interesting to see that your Hubby's' sister and her family - who live about 9 hrs away from here, have traveled to a town that is less than an hour away from where we live to spend the weekend and we don't hear from them at all.

Real nice. Ok, so you have plans? Fine, but a call to say hey we are around but unable to meet up would be appropriate I'd say ESPECIALLY if we were in their neck of the woods and didn't contact them would lead to a major family hurt feelings. But whatever, I am not even going to tell him that they are in the vicinity.


Wood is on tap again this weekend and damn if it's not cold and windy out, but got to get as much done before Monday.

Have a good one :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I do some of the stupidest shit.

For example.....

After a long day of work - we have OT currently, which is quite unusual for the team I'm on - we decide to get the grocery shopping done before the weekend. 
Hit three stores and man it's 6p already. 
Been up since 4a and I don't feel like cooking.
Lets order up some pizza for pick up. 
No problem, I've got that number in my phone, which I dial up just as we are leaving the last store.

It takes ten minutes to drive to Pizza hut.
We pull up in the drive through and say:
Me: I need to pick up the Big box please
Them: name
Me: ME lol
Them: when did your order?
Me: about 10-20 minutes ago
Them: who did you talk to?
Me: no idea, but the price was about 24 bucks
Them: we have no record of an order for you
Me: really?
Them: Yes. Are you sure you called THIS Pizza Hut?
Me: I think so, is this the number xxxxxxxx
Them: NOPE. That's the Pizza Hut in a town 30 miles from here. 
Me: OMG. No way, really?
Them: Yep. Want us to call an cancel that order? and place an order with us?
Me: Yes. Man I can't believe I did that. I'm so sorry.
Them: Yeah, no problem. It happens to a lot of older people.  
Me: lol really?.. nice. 

Boy was I embarrassed. 


It's wood season around here. 
The weather has been super nice so we've been taking advantage of it. 
I'm sure we'll push the wood till the snow fly's and it's impossible to do, until then every free moment will be spent on that endeavor.

Colton has turned 22!
He'll be home this weekend to celebrate with us and he's bringing his girlfriend. 
Should be fun. 

Caden and his buds did some trick or treating for Halloween.

Chyann has been recovering from the crud. Hope we are done with it for the time being. 

The neighbor stopped over to complain about Dodger.
He says Dodger goes to their house and intimidates him.
No kidding?
Didn't know he was going over there.
He says yeah they don't mind when the little dogs visit because their girls like to play with them, but the big dog visits have to stop.
Never knew the little dogs were ever visiting, let along the big dog coming over. 

Would have been nice to know the little ones were going over.
We could have put a stop to that and then the big dog wouldn't have followed them.
Now what?
Tie them all up?
Pen them up?

Stay tuned..

Have a good one :)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday AM coffee

Another beautiful weekend here. 
Hard to believe October is almost over. 
Then we are into the holiday daze.
Stores around here already have xmas stuff out which really annoys me.
Seems the holiday season starts earlier and earlier every year. 
Speaking of holidays, I still haven't managed to get the family picture taken.
Maybe today since we'll all be together for a good chunk of the day.

Colton is still planning on next semester in Europe. 
I'm excited that he is going on this adventure, but it's hard to fathom he'll be gone for so long. 
Months and months.


Our friends who own the tavern down the road hosted a Halloween party last night. 
I wasn't going to dress up, but Sherri showed up with this amazing pink square dance dress!
How could I say no to that?
Unfortunately I don't have any full length pictures to show how full the skirts are, but boy let me tell you they were fun to wear lol

We won second place in the contest!

Happy Sunday :)

Friday, October 24, 2014

The smell

is atrocious!

Put seven 12 year old sweaty boys in one room and close the door. 

Caden is having a slumber party tonight to belatedly celebrate his birthday with his friends.

With the weather so nice they were outside playing until after dark - some game called ball tag and another called ghosts in the grave yard.

They came in mowed down some spaghetti and cake and are now stinking up the place lol

The Hubby and Chyann missed this fun as they had to drive to UWRF and rescue Colton.
The car had some kind of antifreeze leak and when he added more it just ran out. 
Fingers crossed it's an easy fix, because I'm not sure we have a plan C in the car department right now. 

In other news - check it out!
Caden is probably just humoring me with an interest in riding, but whatever I love that he wanted to come out with me the other day. 

This weather has been way too nice to not ride. 

So I've been making the rounds through the horses. 

I haven't taken Jenny out yet, but I may get to her tomorrow. 
I don't think I've ridden her in at least two years and Chyann hasn't worked with her in about a month. I'm sure she'll be full of piss and vinegar. 
Not to mention absolutely sure lions and tigers are out to get her at every turn, but I've got to ride even if Chyann is busy elsewhere. 

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Is never very wordless....

That rascal Dodger took about a dozen logs from the conveyor that shuttled the wood into the basement and had his own fun with them. 
The video is a short taste of his silliness and the pictures show the rest.

Yes we have the first ginormous load of wood in the basement - all neatly stacked too.

The weather this week has been absolutely incredible!
Beautiful and quite warm for this time of year - about 55* - 60*. 

Happy Humpday :)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The view

from my hot tub last night was phenomenal. 

After a long day of cutting and splitting wood, a good hot soak was required.

The colors were incredibly vivid and bright.
The leaves being mostly gone and seeing the sunset through this tree was pretty amazing.

I wish I could paint something like that, but unfortunately I am no Bob Ross.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday AM coffee

My brother Jeff assures me that my presence on the interweb is essential and has repeatedly urged me to get my arse back to blogging.
So here I am and I must say it was a nice break.

A lot has been going on around here. 

We've had Caden turn the big 12!
Imagine that. 
He is sure growing up fast. 

 Colton has been home several weekends in a row - of course not this weekend though, he's been helping in our winter preparations all that.

My big idea all fall has been to take a picture for the Christmas cards I send out by my favorite maple tree when it was in full color, but damned if I didn't totally miss that window of opportunity.
There was one evening for about an hour when everyone was home at the same time and I didn't insist on getting it done. 

Lot's of football happening too. 
Caden's last season with the school league is now over, last night was the last game. 
Next year it'll be tackle as a 7th grader. 
I'm anxious about it already - we watched part of the varsity game yesterday and saw one of their star players break his ankle on a play.

The PPK competition is done as well.
Neither Caden or his buddy moved on to the next round.
Caden was the youngest in his age bracket of 12-13 year old, with him having just turned 12 the day before and let me tell you some of those 13 year old kids were bigger than the Hubby - both in height and weight. So it wasn't that surprising that he didn't take a ribbon. 
Next year though, there is always next year. 

Yes that is Colton behind Caden looking all cool.
He came and stood around for the better part of the day to watch his brother compete and never complained once. 
Now that is a good brother lol

Best part of these last two weeks was seeing my Dad and Jeanne.
They arrived on a cold and blustery day which brought our first snow of the season .

We did a little wine tour and tasting to a few local wineries. 
Hell of a lot of fun.
We all reconnected and it felt great.

My only regrets are not taking more pictures and having one of all of us taken.
This is my favorite of the few I did take tho.
My kids sure loved seeing my Dad and Jeannie and are still talking about them now, wanting to know when we can visit them or when they are coming back. 

That's all for now. 
later alligator 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Making adjustments

We make them all the time.

Some are harder to get used to than others.
For instance, since I work at home I do not drive daily and when I do go someplace I usually have a chauffeur - whether it's a kid or the Hubby.

However when I do drive it irritates the absolute shit out of me to have to find that sweet spot with my seat.
I drove today for over an hour and literally adjusted it up/down/forward/back the whole time. 
Nothing felt right and damn it it's "my van", but it sure felt like I was driving a shitty rental.

Other adjustments to contemplate.
I wasn't home today and didn't even think about putting the dogs in the house or barn.

 We now have this big ass dog named Dodger, if you'll recall.
He really is a sweetie, but if you drive up he is going to act like a GINORMOUS MEAN GUARD DOG. 
Which is why if I see the mailman coming I will run down and get him on a leash - because yes I keep one eye on the window all day watching trees/dogs/horses/(not cows apparently tho)/cars ect....
and this is exactly why the Hubby really likes Dodger and what he was looking for in a dog.

So, if it was you who sent me a package in the mail/ups/(know it wasn't fedex)/dhl whatever and they tossed it from their vehicle when he was acting menacing - I'm super sorry because whatever it was Dodger freaking ate it. 
Nothing left but pieces of cardboard and debris all over the yard.

Random horse picture because I miss Chyann being home to be the horse pusher.
She goes to school and works every day.

And guess what?
My Daddy-O and Jeannie are coming for a visit TOMORROW!
I can't wait!

later alligator :)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday night update

I had plans to blog this weekend and tell all kinds of stories, but the weather has been too damn nice to be inside!
Hot, mildly humid and SUNSHINE!
I LOVE it!

The crickets are even back making a racket in the evenings. 

Did I tell you the cow ran away?
Yep, she did.
We knew was super lonely after her calf died, but figured her becoming Gypsy's shadow had eased the loneliness. 

Apparently not.

The Hubby got a call at work from the guy who owns the neighboring cows saying she had traveled about a mile or so down the highway to hang out with his cows and that he decided to just let her in with his cows.

Yeah, I never knew she was even gone.
She only broke a wire or two on the Northern section of fence. The horses must have decided it wasn't worth the trouble to follow her so they stayed home like good little pony's.


Last night the sunset was spectacular.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Before and after

 This side of the house sure looks naked without all the bushes and plants I had over there.
We pulled them all up in preparation of the chimney coming down. 
It doesn't look too bad from afar,


but the closer you get the worse it is.
The crew that took it down were amazed that it didn't fall onto the roof.
They said it was so unstable a good wind would have pushed it over the edge.
We got lucky it seems.

Sure didn't take them long to tear it down.
Apparently there were obvious defects in the previous workmanship in how it was assembled and that is why is deteriorated as it did.

Now we've got to figure out what do do with the rubble - I was surprised they didn't haul it off, but that is not part of the service.

I don't know if I could go up and down that rigging like they did. 
Up and down, up and down - hell I'd probably fall off. 

The finished product and it should last for generations they say.

The wood arrived yesterday so I guess we are set for winter, but lets not talk about that just yet.

Happy humpday :)