Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Back to the grind

I am working in the office this week for training on a process that wont entirely be going overseas. So for a short week it is going to be a long one I fear.


My big weekend plans didn't quite all work out as it rained all day on Saturday. Which was probably not a terrible thing since I only did laundry and held the couch down while watching movies - resting up.

Sunday was hotter than hell! Loved it!
We got the pool up and running and the hot tub cleaned out and ready for another round. You've got to drain it and clean the filters about every three to four months. It appears the breaker was struck by lightening during the storm last week and blown.

Monday Chyann marched in the Memorial Day Parade in town.

A fantastic turn out compared to last year.
And doesn't she look great in her uniform?!?!?!

Chyann w/her buddy Vanessa

Chyann happy to see Colton showed up for the Parade and telling her she did great!

Tara (the girlfriend), Colton, Chyann, Caden, Vanessa and one of Caden's friends.


Got the gardens planted and we are ready to roll there. Still need to put down mulch to prevent the weeds some though.

Caden had his first baseball game last night and they lost 4 to 0. The boys were pretty bummed, but for their first game did great. The other team had played two last week and were not in the least bit nervous like our boys were.

Caden hit twice and made it to first base twice! Even got two boys out too!
Exciting stuff I tell ya, it did my sore throat absolutely no good shouting and cheering at the game, but I loved it.

Got to run, work is calling. Have a good one :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Made it to the weekend once again!
And it's a three day one!

We rarely go anywhere over Memorial Day weekend, much to Chyann's dismay. Although she did have two separate offers to go camping with friends, she turned them both down. Camping in WI is not exactly my idea of camping anyhow. That is not to say I wouldn't like to go once or twice a year here in WI with some friends. In fact I'm trying to plan a trip or two for later in the summer.
Bottom line is we are home for the weekend with lots to do.

Had a surprise visit from our nephew Michael from ND on Thursday. He called up and said he'd be here in an hour! I'm like WHAT?! Good thing the Hubby was getting off early. They met up in Eau Claire and came home. Michael and his girlfriend were down in La Cross for a friends wedding and he was tired of wedding crap so popped up here to say hi. Hadn't seen him since his graduation two years ago. Visited for a few hours and he was back on the road to make the rehearsal dinner.

When I got off work I took Colton to the doctor. He was one sick puppy. Fever and unable to swallow his throat was so swollen. They tested him for strep and mono. Negative for both. Didn't really know what he had, but loaded him up with antibiotics, pain killers and steroids. As for me, feeling better somewhat, but not 100% yet. Had that sore throat on the left that has now moved to the right? WTH, will go with it and hope it resolves soon.

All the while we are at the doc's - 30 min drive SE from home, it is storming out like crazy. The sky turned BLACK like I've never seen before! The wind howled and shook the building! Lights flickered and blinked, but never went out. The thunder and lightening was constant. About the second scariest storm I've been in.

Afterwards they said straight line winds in excess of 80 mph. A shit load of trees down and damaged homes/buildings. No injuries though.

At home we must have just got the edge of the storm as the winds were not as strong and no damage. Thankfully. Caden's second game was cancelled too.

Earlier in the day I had turned off my office and home computers. Home computer must have gotten zapped or something as the monitor no longer worked. The Hubby, who is technology challenged declared "oh well" well get a new one, one of these days. Whatever. Fine. Until yesterday afternoon and he wanted something looked up on the computer and the info he was wanting couldn't be accessed. We went right out and got a new one. Not even 12 hours after he declared we didn't really need it. LOL dork-ola, see technology is a good thing even if YOU don't know how to use the shit.

Pictures taken throughout the week.

Casper was laying down, but popped up as I got near to take his picture.

Caden had to jump in and ham it up.

Not the best pictures of Jenny, but you can see how dark she is getting and see Shasta out harassing the calves in the background.

Love this color.

This lilac bush smells Divine!

Peonies are blooming too.

Went and got a my plants and seeds for planting yesterday too. I probably got too many tomato plants again, but hey can you really ever have too many? The varieties are awesome - a granny smith green variety that never turns red, one called Mr Ugly? can't wait to see what these look like, Whitey? really a white tomato? a bunch of standard canning and eating varieties too, along with my favorite Lemon Boy! Can't wait for that first ripe garden fresh tomato!!!!!

Have a safe weekend!

I'll be here toiling away in the garden :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another NOT so Wordless Wednesday

Monday was Caden's first Baseball game and the other team didn't show, they had their schedules mixed up or something.

Caden is the fifth one from the left. 

The kids practiced for two hours though. Caden up to bat.

The next game is tomorrow and it's supposed to rain all day.

The weather has been nice, if a bit blustery.

Got the lawn mowed and it needs it again already.

Got all the supplies to get the pool going this weekend.

The little garden and almost half of the big garden are ready for planting this weekend.

Really looking forward to this three day weekend - sleeping in and riding horses I hope. 

Krissy brought over Wilbur and Harvey yesterday. They are still hiding out in the bathroom.

Colton and the girlfriend found a baby bunny and brought it home. After it escaped twice I convinced them we do not need a bunny in the house or caged outside. What do you do with a pet bunny anyhow? They let it go. YAY!

Work has been interesting. Management has assured my new team that we will all still have jobs in six months, but we will be split and moved around sometime between now and then. They are planning on moving the work I currently do to India - nice, eh? So do I apply for other jobs within the company now or wait for them to shuffle the deck?

Still sick too.
Whatever this is that I have, has been kicking my ass. Even went to the doc and got antibiotics, they didn't seem to have much effect since I still feel like crap. Sore throat is only on one side of my throat now so maybe thyroid? and no energy? Might be going back soon.

Happy Humpday :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sweaty and sick

Happy Saturday!

It's been a long week.

Still sick, but had to muster the energy to work in the office Wed - Fri.

Yesterday I went from meeting to meeting and didn't set foot outside all day. When I finally left for the day I walked into a wall of heat! It was 90*!

I didn't even realize it was going to get so hot - Immediately soaked in sweat.

I am trying out a new deodorant that is aluminum free because I read that the aluminum in deodorant can mess with your hormones and who needs MORE hormonal influences on their body if they can avoid it?!?!?

The new deodorant keeps me from stinking, but I sweat like a star athlete! I literally have sweat rings on my shirts. Which is gross and I'm having hard time getting use to that wet feeling in my pits, but on the plus side I think my hormone issues have improved somewhat. Placebo effect? maybe, but who cares if I am feeling an improvement.

Went to the High School Graduation last night. Colton's girlfriend graduated.

Yes, this is a new girlfriend. He and the other one broke up back in Feb. She was a nice enough gal, but definitely wasn't right for him. Not that you could have told hm that. He had to figure that out on his own, which he finally did (thankfully).

Anyhow, the new gal who we all think is a wonder, is a a foreign exchange student from Serbia. She is 18 and speaks FIVE languages, a piano prodigy and just a neat person all around.
She leaves to go back to Serbia in one month, then going to a college in Rome this fall. Colton is already planning a European vacation end of the summer to go see her.

The Graduation was great. Amazing that just a year a go I was stressing/bawling over Colton graduating. And last night Chyann reminded me over and over that she will be graduating in just four short years - class of 2016. eesh.

No big plans for the weekend.
I've got a baby shower to go to and a snot load of house work/laundry to catch up on.
It's going to be 90* again today and the garden is calling as well - got to get it ready for planting next week.

Have a good one :)

ps - no other weird incidents or visitors - whew

Sunday, May 13, 2012

For my Mother on Mother's Day

My Mother is one of a kind.

She is funny and sweet.

I have learned many, many things from my Mother that I'll always be grateful for.
(always wipe behind your kitchen appliances when wiping down your counters)

 She is always there when I need her.
Whether just on the other end of the phone line or in person.

We have the best time together, no matter what we are doing.
From hitting the thrift sales, to cooking, to just zoning out watching our favorite show The Golden Girls or playing scrabble.

We always laugh.
 Sometimes so much that I pee my pants and have tears streaming from my eyes.

A few interesting things about her are:

Biggest threat from her when I was a kid was "you'd better straighten up or I'll throw my shoe at you" as she slid off her shoe and held it in her hand like a baseball player ready to launch it.
 Believe me she had amazing aim and still has one hell of an arm on her.

Mom 2010

She believes in karma.
Never say any thing bad or derogatory about someone because it will come back right to you.
For instance: don't think that your son in law is a pansy when he complains your perfume is too strong and irritating his sinus/allergies because before too long you will be allergic to that same perfume and have a very sensitive nose, same as your son in law. lol

Mom 2011

She is wants to "make memories" for my kids so they remember her after she is gone. She does this  by doing things with and for them that will leave an impression on them.
She tells old family stories to my kids just about every time she sees them, so they know where they come from. 

Mom with flat Stanley last fall.

She is the kind of gal that is there when you need her. Like last year when she came up and helped take care of Chyann for almost a month when I had to go back to work. Playing numerous games, massaging sore achy muscles, helping with homework and about a million other things to help pass the time for Chyann while she grew 40mm of new femur bone.

This picture was taken right after Chyann's doctors confirmed she had achieved the 40mm of new growth and turned off the computers that were moving the fixator. She was so happy! We had to hold her up for this picture, but she was determined to be standing for it.

I could never say enough about how much my Mother means to me.

Mom you are wonderful and are everything to me. Thank you for all you are and everything you do!
I love you Mom!!

She also hates to have her picture taken. Which is why most pictures of her she has her mouth open telling you to put the camera down.

As for me this Mother's day - I have laryngitis. I can whisper, but not talk. A croak or peep is all I can manage.

Felt like I was coming down with a cold on Thursday. Some sneezes and a little sore throat Friday. Saturday very froggy throat that hardly hurt but I sounded terrible. Today I literally have no voice. Very interesting since I don't feel bad really.

I am planning on finishing the mow job on the lawn and taking a horse ride with Chyann to that ridge in the distance.

As for the creepy dude that showed up on Friday, the Hubby thinks it might be related to the weird incident we had about 10 days ago where this guy come roaring down the driveway right up to the garage jumps out and goes right into the open garage. The Hubby races from the barn to see who the hell just showed up and invaded his garage. The guy is all sorry about that - didn't mean to intrude, but do you want to sell that truck you  have sitting outside?
The Hubby gave him the bums rush off the property.
So, two strange incidents in less than two weeks.
He has taken care of talking to the county law enforcement.
Guess we'll see what, if anything happens next.

Hope all you Mother's have a FANTASTIC and enjoyable Mother's Day!

Friday, May 11, 2012

The weirdest scary thing

just happened this morning

The horses are out in the yard doing a little mowing for me so I've got a rope across the driveway that has pink flags on it. This would not keep the horses in, but is a suggestion not to pass and they don't. Casper is the only one savvy enough to get under the rope and into the field. Which he rarely does anymore.


The farmer next door is spreading liquid manure on the field and I had my office window closed even though it is a nice day out ~ el'stinkO. I'm up in my office working away and am occasionally glancing out to see if the horses are around, in the front or back yard.

The dogs start barking - like crazy.

I look out and see this guy going under the rope at the driveway. The dogs are all around him barking. Shasta appears to be nipping at his heals. He is striding purposefully up the driveway. I can see a glint of red between the maple tree branches on the driveway.

I opened the window and yelled out, asking what he wanted.

He stops and looks up to see me up in the upstairs window and proceeds to tell me that he has literally ran out of gas on my driveway and did I have a gas can with any gas in it that he could have. I said no, I've got no gas available.

He then asks if he can get any from one of my vehicles - white van is in front of the garage. I said no.

He again states that his truck is out of gas on my driveway. I asked if he had someone he could call. He said no, he was on his way to the cities and how far was the next town? I told him five miles, but he could try the farm on the next corner.

He puts his hands on his hips and again states that he is out of gas on my driveway and is looking towards the Hubby's "stuff". He then abruptly turns and huffs off without another word.

All this time those four little lap dogs of ours are yipping and barking at him. Dancing around him. Annoying him I think.

I watch him go thinking that was just weird.

Then I hear a vehicle door slam and an engine roar to life as he backs his truck back up the driveway and out onto the road!

Then I get scared.

He lied about being out of gas. What did he want? Was he scoping out the Hubby's "stuff" or was it something else entirely?

So, if I turn up murdered or abducted or something equally wild like that, he was a little less than 6' tall, stocky build, dark brown short hair, blue jean shorts and a white t-shirt with white socks and dirty sneakers. About 25ish years old. The vehicle was a reddish-orange extended cab smaller pick up truck.

I've been nervy all day now. Wondering when I look out the window if his face will pop up in it.
Waaaay too many scary books and movies apparently.

And the horses were all in the back yard. Would have been kinda cool if they came thundering in and scared him off!

Good barking pups will be getting some treats too! Is it no wonder I call them my farm alarm?!!! Sure miss ol' Lucky. He was a lot bigger and more intimidating to strangers than my little girls are.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

As requested

The most fantastic EASY pie recipe:

3 cups finely chopped rhubarb
2 cups rough chopped strawberries
1 cup sugar
3 Tablespoons of flour - after the first pie I have upped this amount to 4 Tablespoons
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon orange rind - as previously stated I had no oranges so I used grapefruit rind

Mix filling together and put into your pie crust, then top with second crust and cut slits in it.

Bake in a 400* oven 20 min, lower heat to 350* and cook an additional 30-40 minutes, until golden brown.

For crust, if you are thinking ahead grab a pre-made one from the store or make your own.

The ones I made over the weekend were all made from scratch - easy google crust recipe.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cooking up a storm

Hey! I got the video to load!!! YAY!

Sure has been a wet weekend. Rained heavily Friday night, was wet and dreary yesterday until the sky's opened up mid-afternoon and some whopper storms early this am that kept me up and wondering if they'd turn severe.

Needless to say no mowing or outside work was done, so I spent the day in the kitchen cooking while it stormed. Thought the power might go off a few times too, but it didn't.
First up was some cinnamon rhubarb muffins that were divine - tender moist and delicious.

Since we LOVE LOVE Mexican food at our house and it was cinco de mayo I made spicy pork chimichangas like burritos - without the deep fry.

 I put the pork roast in the crock pot with a quart jar of homemade hot salsa and let it cook all day, then shredded it up and put in large tortilla shells with homemade Mexican rice and black beans and a smear of refried beans - jalapenos and hot sauce too if you like it even hotter and folded to be put into a 9x13 pan and then poured a mix of Velveeta and retell tomato's over top and cooked until the cheese was just thinking about getting brown.

Remove from pan and put all your favorite fixings on top.

It was AMAZING! Major YUM!! 

And for desert Rhubarb strawberry pie.
 I tried a new recipe that called for a secret ingredient that would really make your pie a wonder - a teaspoon of orange rind, but I didn't have an orange so I improvised and used grapefruit rind. 

HOLY COW is it the best pie I've ever had!
Some thing about that grapefruit rind really makes the rhubarb/strawberry flavor just POP!
So here I sit having the last piece of pie for breakfast with my coffee.
Umm-umm good.

 Might have to make another one today.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Whooo-who! Friday!

Somehow I missed Wordless Wednesday and damn I was getting a good rhythm going with blogging too.

Went to Chyann's middle school spring concert at the school the other night. I sure love seeing my kids play, sing, dance or whatever.

The video is of the middle school band playing a combination of songs from Pirates of the Caribbean. I thought they sounded fantastic, but she says there were quite a few errors. If so I didn't hear them.

Well never mind folks - can't get the damn video to upload.

Chyann is now considered a part of the High School Band and has begun marching with them in preparation for all the parades scheduled from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Can't wait to see her in the band uniform!

Both new calves are doing well and thriving. Looks like the bull is going to be named Socks.

Our riding lawn mower still hasn't made it's way from the shed so it can be worked on - new belts needed and the Hubby too busy with about a thousand other things on his agenda - Colton's car, ect... So I got out the old push mower and got part of the lawn mowed. Damn that is some hard work!

Apparently this looked like a lot of fun because both Caden and Chyann wanted to give it a try. Course they didn't last long and I was back to doing it myself - although I will say I got my hopes up that one of them would want to finish it - must have been dreaming there for a minute. I'm going to try and get some more mowed between storms and rain this weekend. Other than that and the usual weekend crap - laundry and housework no big plans.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May day

Yay! We've made it to MAY!

We had another calf born on Sunday.
A cute little bull whose name will either be Coco or Socks.

And this is Cookie. Isn't she just the cutest?

We had a quiet weekend. Which was nice. I think we all needed some rest.

Of course Chyann and I did ride horses both days with saddles even - imagine that.
 Hadn't used one in a long time. Gerry brought a nice synthetic one up from Oklahoma last fall for Chyann and it got passed to me since it didn't fit Jenny well - fit Gypsy nice. She saved up her money and we paid for the shipping enabling her to get a new synthetic one that fit Jenny. I sure like these light synthetic saddles, easy to clean and the ones I've seen have been very durable.


Scotch seems completely recovered from colic.

We are thinking of selling Cowboy. He just doesn't get enough attention and is a really nice horse.

I am wondering if the willow is going to fill out any more than this. It got froze and frosted several times when all the leaf buds were developing. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Caden loves baseball! He catches the ball great, but needs some practice hitting the ball.

Have a good one!