Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day and other stuff

Happy Fathers Day!

Lots of love to Gerry, Dad and Jeff!

In other news we finally got the lawn mowed
and it took forever!
Sure looks nice now though.

Colton got his first paying job!!
He is going to work at Hardee's in a small town
10 miles from our house.
Orientation is on Tuesday!!
I'm soooo excited for him!!

One of his buddies works there also.
The buddy says it's ok, but one of the managers
is always ordering the kids around saying
things like "If you don't take out the garbage
I'll fire you on the spot!"
What kind of crap is that?
Is it true or is Colton's friend trying to freak him out?
I guess we'll see.

Jenny's wound is healed up pretty well.
While she hasn't been ridden in almost 2 weeks
she has been handled daily for meds and cleaning.

Chyann and I decided to ride last night in our
front pasture. She rode Gypsy bareback and I rode Jenny.

I knew from the get go something was off with Jenny,
she kept stopping and cocking one ear down,
which I was told by her fist trainer meant that
she was gonna do something stupid,
and sure enough the brat reared up and I jumped off.
(gave the Hubby a heartattack)
She then acted fine, like nothing happened.

My understanding is that rearing happens for two reasons:
1- a physical problem
2 - rebellion, evasion, fear or one of a number of mental problems

I feel certain it is rebellion.
We'll do more ground work before riding again today.

Hopefully with a better outcome than yesterday.

The sour cherry tree is loaded and the cherries
are just about ready.
I can't wait!

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PAK ART said...

She reared and you "just jumped off". I'm impressed! I would be "flying off" or "tumbling off" or "dragged while the crazy horse tore around the field." Congratulations to Coltan - there are supervisors who like to rule by using fear. Just tell him to ignore it but do his job to the best of his ability.