Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snow Day!

The weather folks had been forecasting a whopper of a storm for Tuesday night for the last week and since all the previous storms have been non-events, I assumed this one would be the same.


We got at least 10" of the heavy wet, hard to shovel snow!

The kids got a snow day, their first this winter and I had a hell of a time working as the power kept going out. In total we had five brief outages that took my work computer forever to recover from.

After work the real work began - moving all that white stuff, that is probably not even going to stick around long as we are forecast to get up to the 50's by next week. Melt-O-rama is coming.

The sweetest filthy Casper.

Funny, Chyann told me several times today that she was bored. I named off a slew of things she could do, but she declined them all as they were work related. The kid is definitely growing up when snow days are no longer fun.

Toodles :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Keywhat? and Meatloaf

That's Key-freaking-nomics baby.

 Otherwise known as learn to type.
The company I work for employs probably thousands of people all over the world and some genius decided the employees would be more productive if they all knew how to type properly and learn basic keyboarding skills, like toggling between windows and other little tricks to enable you to get more done at a faster rate with better quality.

I am a traditional typer. I took a correspondence course at the High School I went to in order to learn since we had no actual typing class available (sounds crazy, but it's true - that's bush AK for ya).

Anyhow, I digress. For this keynomics class we assembled in a training room and began by taking a test on what our individual skill currently were to get a base line score of what we already knew. Then on a daily basis we would each spend one hour a day at our desk doing these keynomic exercises, drills, tests and such. It was self paced - say you had more than x amount of errors on an exercise, you would do that exercise over and over until you finally passed it and then moved on to the next phase doing the same thing until the course was completed. A lot of the exercises you'd practice were all about telling you how to sit, hold your wrists, how far your monitor should be away, info on your chair and all that. Basically best practices to be ergonomically correct and comfortable to enable you work for long periods with out getting kinked up.

Now we really don't do a lot of typing in the job. More like you have a note you'd leave for a specific task you are doing and have it saved in your personal macro notes (love macros) and just use a few keystrokes to put out your saved note and maybe actually type some extra crap if needed.  Before my old team was disbanded, I did quite a bit more typing, but not in my new position.

All that repetitive typing killed my hands.

I already knew that I've got the early stages of carpel tunnel syndrome and am treating it accordingly.
Ergonomic split keyboard, mouse and wear a wrist brace all day when on the computer.
 Holy SHIT has this whole keynomics thing has been just brutal on my poor hands. I think I've got arthritis in a couple of finger joints and something funky going on at the base of my right thumb. Damn. Sure makes a person miserable to do the keynomics first thing in the AM and wear your hands out, but still have to use them all day.

At the end of your course you'd be shown how fast and accurate you are now compared to the initial test you took. I improved in my accuracy and 10 key some, but not much. So for me to have taken the course it was pretty much a waste of time and made me miserable. For other folks I know of who were hunt and peck typers they actually learned how to be a traditional typer - now if they can maintain that and not go back to their old ways.

Moral of this story? None really, just sharing my misery.

Found a new meatloaf recipe and it is pretty fantastic!
It is your basic meatloaf recipe draped in bacon and basted with a delicious sauce. I think it will give my Mother a run for the money as she thinks that she is the Meatloaf Queen.

Mom and Gerry are coming back up in the next few weeks and I'm gonna knock her socks off with this recipe, then we'll see who the new Meatloaf Queen is.

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In the News

Colton and his buddy Tom caught on tape panhandling in town.

Tom goes to school in the cities and doesn't have a job, so when he needs extra cash that his folks don't provide (they want him to get a job) he goes out and plays for money.

Colton went with him a few times last summer and they've made anywhere from 20-50 bucks each time.

A guy the Hubby knows, that owns a restaurant/bar saw them on the news and has said they can come in on Sundays and play at his place for tips - he will even provide lunch. 

Also, FYI Tom and Colton were both in Orchard Warden together. The band broke up when the singer/screamer guy got a gal pregnant and had to get a job. Big reality for the boys when that happened.

Anyhow, happy hump day :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our own Christmas Story moment

 So we've all (probably) seen the Christmas classic A Christmas Story. It's about Ralphie's quest to get a red rider BB gun for Christmas and the lengths he will go to attempting to change every one's fear that he will "shoot your eye out".

Anyhow, during the movie there is a scene when the family is in the car heading home and they get a flat tire. Ralphie is out helping Dad and drops the hubcap filled with the lug nuts and says the unthinkable!
 uhm, well they censored it out with Fudge, but you get the idea.

Last night we were in the living room watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Caden was tinkering with the newest Lego town which he has set up on the coffee table. He was attempting to scoop a ton of little Lego's into his shirt to put back in the box when he dropped them all on the floor and said the unthinkable! and no it wasn't Fudge!

I about died.

 First I was totally shocked such a word would pour so effortlessly from my youngest child's sweet lips. Then I was trying not to laugh because he was miserable with the knowledge that he'd said that out loud.

Now folks, I'm no saint. Fact is I cuss like a sailor most days, although I endeavor to keep the worst words from the kids' tender ears. He is apparently well versed with cussing since his favorite thing to do is hang with his idol Colton and Colton is known for his salty tongue when the folks aren't around.

No punishment for this slip of the tongue, but a pledge was delivered to speak with more class in the future (me as well).

Taken about a week ago and yes those are undies on his head, he was postponing his shower as long as possible.

Took an evening ride with Chyann yesterday. The horses were jumpy as hell. Lots of noise and distractions so we had our hands full keeping them focused on us. Going to head out again today. Can't wait :)

Sure miss Football on Sunday's.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

An optimist?

Last night I helped Chyann with a report on what an optimist is and discovered a few interesting things I thought I'd pass on.

Did you know that people who are positive - glass is half full type - live longer, have fewer health problems, less stress and are more well liked than negative people - glass is half empty type?

And did you know if you are a pessimist that you can actually change your way of looking at the world one thought at a time?

And that people naturally gravitate towards people who are optimists rather than pessimists?


My name is Kellie and I am an optimist.

I continually believe the best in people. Hope for the best in all situations. And strive to be a positive person.

If I didn't always look on the bright side I have no idea where I'd be today.

Speaking of positive, Chyann's doctors say they do not believe she will need any more surgeries to equalize her leg lengths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only the removal of plates come 2013. Imagine that! Wonderful news!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The story of three items and burrrrr!

It was sure cold out yesterday, maybe 12 with a wicked wind blowing. Good day for staying inside in my opinion.

 Course since Colton's good review from the doctor last week, he had plans to do anything, but stay home. The doc said that he could begin full weight bearing, but to be careful and get off his foot if his ankle got sore or even go back to the boot if needed. I'm very pleased and proud that he took such good care during these last long weeks to have such a good outcome.

 Anyhow, since he was going out, I asked him to stop at this store I go to called Aldi's to pick me up three items. I tried to give him some cash, but he said no he'd handle it - three cheap items, no big deal Mom.

About 45 minutes later I get this call:
Colton: Mom you didn't say they wouldn't take credit cards!?!?!?!?
Me: Ah, Colton you know they only take cash or debit cards.
Colton: What! They take debit cards?!?!? They told me no credit cards! My card was declined!!
oh of all the embarrassing things to happen, on a Saturday when the store is packed
Me: So where are you now?
Colton: At the gas station ATM getting cash.
Me: You're going back then?
Colton: Yes, I'll wait through that long line  AGAIN and pay for YOUR THREE ITEMS!!!
Me: Thank you dear.

HAHAHAH what an ordeal for three items that cost a whopping $5.23, but probably a good learning experience to -
  • A. Pay more attention to what methods of payment a store will take
  • B. Relax and listen when the sales person tells you they don't take credit, but do debit
  • C. Anytime your Mother offers you money, TAKE IT!

I made three new recipes with those three items from Aldi's.
They were Orange kisses'

Jalapeno sliders
and a fantastically thick broccoli cheese soup - no picture's of that as it was just green soup.

Played many numerous games of LIFE and watched Grand Torino, which was a great movie! Chyann said that the old guy - Clint Eastwood reminded her of Grandpa Dave! lol Well sure, with his fowl mouth and occasional surly attitude,  they could have been twins!  

The kids are on their winter break, a four day weekend, instead of actually having a spring break. Also, did I mention that they both had straight A's on their report cards!?! YAY!!

Warmer weather is on the way for this next week. I can't believe it's already the middle of Feburary. Come on Spring! 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The watchers

Lily and Marble are always watching.
No matter what is going on they are interested. Especially in the winter when our outdoor activities are reduced.
Curious gals they are and hopefully will be dropping some calves come spring.

While compiling tax crap I found a disc of vintage pictures from AK taken almost exactly 10 years ago at my going away party/potluck the company I/we worked for had when I left.

Me - pregnant w/caden the early days, Chyann and Krissy

Some days I miss that place soo bad- more the people (you know who you are) than the job and I can definately say it was a great job. I frequently came home with my cheeks and stomach hurting from laughing and smiling so much.  I still have amazing dreams about working at that airline, mostly from when we were on Lake Hood during the oil spill and I wake up feeling like I've just had the best visit with old friends.

Speaking of AK, my Mother has gone up to visit my brother and his family for a week. I hope the weather is nice while she is there.
Message to you Mom, go to play it again sports and see if they have any used windsurf board sets for sale. Surely Delta would let you bring one home as checked baggage?

Happy Hump day :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Riding and Sand thoughts

Yesterday was the best day.

After breakfast Chyann and I rode horses. I had not ridden in sooo long. I don't even remember the last time, prob was back in Octoberish though.

Chyann rides just about every day and has been keeping the horses tuned up. The temp was in the low 40's and perfect. We went further to the West than we've ever been before. It was wonderful and beautiful!
Got off at home with a severe case of noodle legs. Hobbled to the house wishing we had a hot tub.

Felt like cooking and spent the rest of the day in the kitchen, which inspired Chyann to make peanut butter fudge too. My end result was a delicious cauliflower cream in a homemade bread bowl. I had never made the bowls before and they were a huge hit with all.

Today looks to be another gorgeous day. It was a little frosty this AM.

Frosty sunflower.

Picture looking to the south from our back property line - neighbors lone horse Copper. Do you see the snowy area on the ridge in the far distance? That whole area was just logged. We were worried when we first heard the machine noise that the owner had sold out to the silica sand miners that are swarming the area, but thankfully he was just selling some timber.

 It's getting crazy around here with folks selling off their land to the miners. Within a 15 mile radius of our house there are 3 friggin mines. None of them are currently impacting our lives, other than having to try and traverse the back roads with numerous sand dump trucks (counted 15 that passed me on an 8 mile stretch of road one day), but I assure you they are making a huge impact on other folks that live nearer to them.

 The mine closest to us just opened last year. What gets me is that it's not going to be in operation for a year or two or even five, but for 40 whole damn years! That is the rest of my life. Kinda hard to fathom, eh?

No one knows the impact of such mining on the water table, air quality or habitat for animals. A lot of locals have fought hard to keep the mine out, but with the kind of money the sand company has to throw around to the county officials, we didn't have much of a chance keeping them out. Crooked bastards.

The Hubby says we are not living any closer to a mine than we already are. We didn't move to a rural area to have our lifestyle invaded by heavy machinery digging and moving sand 24/7 for the next 40 years.

So we will move if this comes to pass. Another thought is what are these sand mines doing to housing prices? Could we actually sell our home/land for much if a mine is parked right next door? Probably not. Maybe we should consider leaving now? Decisions, decisions...


It is Super Bowl Sunday!
I don't really care who wins, but am hoping for one hell of a game!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Suspiciously Silent?

 Life has been kinda crazy and I've been feeling mean so like any bitch, I've been biting some ass like Gypsy is doing. 
A ton of changes at work. My work group was dissolved and dispersed to different teams. New supervisor, new everything. Still have a job and still working at home with my great hours so I'm not going to complain too much, but it has been a mite stressful of late.

Finally get the time/energy to blog and find everything is new. What is up with this?


Chyann got braces last week. She is as lovely as ever with her pink bands.
I had no friggin idea how much braces would be. We've got TWO insurance's paying for the next two years (don't get fired or quit or you'll owe what they haven't paid yet) $500 down and still have a monthly payment! Holy Shit!! Totally worth it though :)

Hell, today is also the 1 year anniversary of her getting the Ilizarov fixator put on. Can't believe it's been a year already. 40mm of new bone growth in six weeks. Modern medicine at it's best and what a difference it's made for her. I asked her last night if the pain and misery had been worth it and she firmly answered yes. That is good, no regrets.

Speaking of bones, the eldest continues to heal and is getting more mobility everyday in his ankle. Still not back to work, but probably soon.

We've got mice in the dog food tub out in the barn. How they got in there I do not know. The little buggers ate a hole in the snow machine seat too. We were going to get it out last weekend since we'd finally gotten enough snow to run it, but found some wires chewed and the holy seat. Course the weather has warmed up and melted most of the snow again so who knows when we'll attempt to run it again. 

Until next time - toodles