Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday AM coffee

Coffee is good today.
I actually slept in till the unheard of hour of 9a. 
Didn't even hear Colton leave for work. 
He has a temporary job at a local farm helping out with crops and such. 
In his free time he is the cat walker.
Silver loves to go out and lay in the grass. 

We've had some beautiful sunsets recently.
We were on the edge of a big storm just North of us that produced this interesting cloud.

Our boy got his cast off and has started PT.
He was surprised by the decreased range of motion and muscle loss.
In the two weeks of PT though he has regained almost all his range of motion so that is good.
He is diligent in doing his stretches and exercises. 
First part of August he will see the doctor again and we'll see what happens next. 
Fall baseball and fall travel league are both coming up. 
He wants to play so badly. I don't think his Daddy wants him to play at all again this season. I say lets keep an open mind. See what the doctor says. It's not like he'll be released and go back to playing right away anyhow. He will still need PT - have to learn how to throw all over again correctly and that will take time. I don't want to completely rule it out right now.

Anyhow his team participated in the state tournament last weekend.

Caden kept the book and learned a lot.
Baseball is a game of numbers and averages. 

The boys mugging it up before their last game.
Unfortunately they didn't make it past the second round of eliminations.

They had some close exciting games though!

The kids hanging out on the back porch enjoying the nice weather last weekend. 
Chyann is back from her vacation and enjoying a few days at home before heading back to St Cloud.

Made my first batch of sweet and spicy pickles last night.
Still haven't had a ripe tomato yet. Think they are behind due to all the wet cool weather we had earlier in the season and I didn't plant any early girls or 4th of July varieties.
Soon though. Very soon.
Can't wait for that first tomato sandwich. 

Later :)

Monday, July 3, 2017

Welcome to July

June was a total blur. 

I thought a lot about blogging over the past month.
We had a shit ton of things going that kept us on the run.

Warning: Lots of pictures...

Baseball has been amazing!
We found ourselves in a different city every weekend from Friday to Sunday.

The A's first tournament weekend was in Rochester, MN.
When they took the field at 5p the temperature was 95*!

Our boy had some great hits and RBI's!

Stolen bases too.

Even hotter temps and thunderstorms causing game delays the rest of the weekend.

He has developed into a strong pitcher for the team. 
The Hubby keeps a pitch count and he is very efficient.

During the week he plays with his league team, the Orioles. 

This team is a mix of 14 and 15 year old's.

When the weekend rolls around again we are traveling, this time to Austin, MN.
Another smoking hot weekend with temps in the mid 90's and freaking windy!
He pitched into 20mph winds and did great!
At the beginning of the season I'd be nervous as hell when he'd take the mound, worried about how he'd do, but at this point I didn't get nervous anymore he is confident and gets the job done nicely.

On base.

These kids really found their rhythm and played excellent baseball.
In the evening the kids would all swim at the hotel and the parents would sit in the lobby visiting and getting to know each other. I really enjoyed it. Was like a mini-vacation.

Father's day weekend they had a home tournament and even the big kids came to watch Saturday and Sunday.

The last video/picture I have of Caden playing this season.

As the next inning he broke his elbow while pitching.
We watched it happen.
He threw the ball and immediately let his arm drop and starts walking to the catcher.
Coach comes out and leads him into the dugout.
Fortunately one of the other player's Dad who helps out keeping the book was there. He is an orthopedic surgeon and took a look at Caden. He asked about any old injures to his elbow, we said none. He said better get an x-ray ASAP.
We did and sure enough, broken.
Official name is fracture of the medial epicondyle.
Unfortunately a common injury for kids who are pitchers and growing.
The growth plate is weak due to new growth and the ligament is so strong it literally ripped a hunk of bone off.
Thankfully it wasn't bad enough to warrant surgery, but he is in a cast until the 7th. Then he will start physical therapy.

Hard way to end the season.
He still attends all games for both teams to cheer them on.

We got some camping in my birthday weekend with a great crew of friends. 

The weather was a bit cool and wet at times, but we sure had fun.
Caden found he was quite adept with his left hand playing hammerschlagen!

Live music on Saturday night featured Colton's old band mate Christopher!
These boys sure have grown up from their Orchard Warden days.

Our girl was home briefly on Friday with her boyfriend. 
They are off on a summer time road trip. 

Picture of all the kids. 
Chyann trying to get on her tippy toes to be taller than Caden. Nope didn't work lol

Anywho. That was our month of June in a nut shell.

Cooler than average temps these last two weeks and we only just got the pool uncovered on Saturday. Now the process of filling it and getting it ready begins. The Hubby wanted to scrap the whole thing for the summer since it would likely only be in use for a month or so, but I said naaah. We are opening it. 

Depending on how PT goes and when the doc releases him, Caden could potentially play on the fall travel team. I'm not sure I even want him to play at all again this season, but I think that little bit of hope that he MIGHT get to play again this season is keeping his spirits up.
He is not used to this inactivity.
He is going a bit stir crazy.
Course all my ideas to alleviate the boredom aren't what he wants to do.
What do ya do though. Sigh.

That's it for now. 
later :)