Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Trees and such

The Willow tree is looking lovely as ever.
Kind of reminds me of Cousin IT from the Adam's family.

I'm sure when the goats get here they will give it
a trim for me.
Sure is a pain in the ass trying to mow under and
around it.

Sad, horrible and terrible is our Elm tree.
Looks like we have the dreaded DED!

That would be Dutch Elm Disease.

Our county AG Tree guy said it was
not doing well.

Probably a combination of age, it's over 100 years old,
the drought we've had for the last five or so years
and DED.

He said to wait till next spring to see if it leafed out at all
before cutting it down.
And a sad day that will be.

I can only imagine how bare and naked our place will look
without that tree.

Good thing the former owners planted silver Maples on
either side of it as they get big and grow pretty fast.

This cute little bird house is loaded with babies!
Their chirping is so loud!
I sat for a while yesterday and tried to get some pictures,
but no luck.

Krissy came over the other day and we picked cherries.
She took them all home.
I didn't feel like messing with them this year, but
she'll give us a jar of jam.

Casey went to the vet again on Monday.
We saw a different gal.
She said give it time. There is no reason we
have to rush any decisions right now.

The vet did say about a dozen times that we should
get a doggie wheelchair for her.

Casey does wag her tail occasionally, but still
doesn't have any sensation in her lower legs.
Her back bothers her some though and she'll
whine or cry occasionally if moved wrong.

Poor pup.


Anonymous said...

Oh Kellie, The trees are gorgeous, even the one with DED. Weeping Willows are one of my favorites, I have only seen them in pictures but I can only imagine what fun it would be to sit under one or use one as a hide out for the kids, they sure are fun to look at!
I am SO sad to hear about Casey, but glad that she is at least wagging her tail now.
Please give the kids my love

Aunt Krissy said...

You will get more then one jar of jam! Bummer about the tree and DED.

PAK ART said...

Happy late birthday! I'm exactly 10 years older than you, on my next one I turn 50 so feel good about turning 40! Sorry about Casey - it's hard to see the little guys suffer. So, you are taking Kris little goat monsters? Who talked you into that?

crochet lady said...

That willow is a beautiful tree. I love trees. We have one large arching Elm in the yard yet, if it every gets the dreaded DED...I'll cry.