Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday AM coffee

Another beautiful weekend here. 
Hard to believe October is almost over. 
Then we are into the holiday daze.
Stores around here already have xmas stuff out which really annoys me.
Seems the holiday season starts earlier and earlier every year. 
Speaking of holidays, I still haven't managed to get the family picture taken.
Maybe today since we'll all be together for a good chunk of the day.

Colton is still planning on next semester in Europe. 
I'm excited that he is going on this adventure, but it's hard to fathom he'll be gone for so long. 
Months and months.


Our friends who own the tavern down the road hosted a Halloween party last night. 
I wasn't going to dress up, but Sherri showed up with this amazing pink square dance dress!
How could I say no to that?
Unfortunately I don't have any full length pictures to show how full the skirts are, but boy let me tell you they were fun to wear lol

We won second place in the contest!

Happy Sunday :)

Friday, October 24, 2014

The smell

is atrocious!

Put seven 12 year old sweaty boys in one room and close the door. 

Caden is having a slumber party tonight to belatedly celebrate his birthday with his friends.

With the weather so nice they were outside playing until after dark - some game called ball tag and another called ghosts in the grave yard.

They came in mowed down some spaghetti and cake and are now stinking up the place lol

The Hubby and Chyann missed this fun as they had to drive to UWRF and rescue Colton.
The car had some kind of antifreeze leak and when he added more it just ran out. 
Fingers crossed it's an easy fix, because I'm not sure we have a plan C in the car department right now. 

In other news - check it out!
Caden is probably just humoring me with an interest in riding, but whatever I love that he wanted to come out with me the other day. 

This weather has been way too nice to not ride. 

So I've been making the rounds through the horses. 

I haven't taken Jenny out yet, but I may get to her tomorrow. 
I don't think I've ridden her in at least two years and Chyann hasn't worked with her in about a month. I'm sure she'll be full of piss and vinegar. 
Not to mention absolutely sure lions and tigers are out to get her at every turn, but I've got to ride even if Chyann is busy elsewhere. 

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Is never very wordless....

That rascal Dodger took about a dozen logs from the conveyor that shuttled the wood into the basement and had his own fun with them. 
The video is a short taste of his silliness and the pictures show the rest.

Yes we have the first ginormous load of wood in the basement - all neatly stacked too.

The weather this week has been absolutely incredible!
Beautiful and quite warm for this time of year - about 55* - 60*. 

Happy Humpday :)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The view

from my hot tub last night was phenomenal. 

After a long day of cutting and splitting wood, a good hot soak was required.

The colors were incredibly vivid and bright.
The leaves being mostly gone and seeing the sunset through this tree was pretty amazing.

I wish I could paint something like that, but unfortunately I am no Bob Ross.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday AM coffee

My brother Jeff assures me that my presence on the interweb is essential and has repeatedly urged me to get my arse back to blogging.
So here I am and I must say it was a nice break.

A lot has been going on around here. 

We've had Caden turn the big 12!
Imagine that. 
He is sure growing up fast. 

 Colton has been home several weekends in a row - of course not this weekend though, he's been helping in our winter preparations all that.

My big idea all fall has been to take a picture for the Christmas cards I send out by my favorite maple tree when it was in full color, but damned if I didn't totally miss that window of opportunity.
There was one evening for about an hour when everyone was home at the same time and I didn't insist on getting it done. 

Lot's of football happening too. 
Caden's last season with the school league is now over, last night was the last game. 
Next year it'll be tackle as a 7th grader. 
I'm anxious about it already - we watched part of the varsity game yesterday and saw one of their star players break his ankle on a play.

The PPK competition is done as well.
Neither Caden or his buddy moved on to the next round.
Caden was the youngest in his age bracket of 12-13 year old, with him having just turned 12 the day before and let me tell you some of those 13 year old kids were bigger than the Hubby - both in height and weight. So it wasn't that surprising that he didn't take a ribbon. 
Next year though, there is always next year. 

Yes that is Colton behind Caden looking all cool.
He came and stood around for the better part of the day to watch his brother compete and never complained once. 
Now that is a good brother lol

Best part of these last two weeks was seeing my Dad and Jeanne.
They arrived on a cold and blustery day which brought our first snow of the season .

We did a little wine tour and tasting to a few local wineries. 
Hell of a lot of fun.
We all reconnected and it felt great.

My only regrets are not taking more pictures and having one of all of us taken.
This is my favorite of the few I did take tho.
My kids sure loved seeing my Dad and Jeannie and are still talking about them now, wanting to know when we can visit them or when they are coming back. 

That's all for now. 
later alligator 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Making adjustments

We make them all the time.

Some are harder to get used to than others.
For instance, since I work at home I do not drive daily and when I do go someplace I usually have a chauffeur - whether it's a kid or the Hubby.

However when I do drive it irritates the absolute shit out of me to have to find that sweet spot with my seat.
I drove today for over an hour and literally adjusted it up/down/forward/back the whole time. 
Nothing felt right and damn it it's "my van", but it sure felt like I was driving a shitty rental.

Other adjustments to contemplate.
I wasn't home today and didn't even think about putting the dogs in the house or barn.

 We now have this big ass dog named Dodger, if you'll recall.
He really is a sweetie, but if you drive up he is going to act like a GINORMOUS MEAN GUARD DOG. 
Which is why if I see the mailman coming I will run down and get him on a leash - because yes I keep one eye on the window all day watching trees/dogs/horses/(not cows apparently tho)/cars ect....
and this is exactly why the Hubby really likes Dodger and what he was looking for in a dog.

So, if it was you who sent me a package in the mail/ups/(know it wasn't fedex)/dhl whatever and they tossed it from their vehicle when he was acting menacing - I'm super sorry because whatever it was Dodger freaking ate it. 
Nothing left but pieces of cardboard and debris all over the yard.

Random horse picture because I miss Chyann being home to be the horse pusher.
She goes to school and works every day.

And guess what?
My Daddy-O and Jeannie are coming for a visit TOMORROW!
I can't wait!

later alligator :)