Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Trees and such

The Willow tree is looking lovely as ever.
Kind of reminds me of Cousin IT from the Adam's family.

I'm sure when the goats get here they will give it
a trim for me.
Sure is a pain in the ass trying to mow under and
around it.

Sad, horrible and terrible is our Elm tree.
Looks like we have the dreaded DED!

That would be Dutch Elm Disease.

Our county AG Tree guy said it was
not doing well.

Probably a combination of age, it's over 100 years old,
the drought we've had for the last five or so years
and DED.

He said to wait till next spring to see if it leafed out at all
before cutting it down.
And a sad day that will be.

I can only imagine how bare and naked our place will look
without that tree.

Good thing the former owners planted silver Maples on
either side of it as they get big and grow pretty fast.

This cute little bird house is loaded with babies!
Their chirping is so loud!
I sat for a while yesterday and tried to get some pictures,
but no luck.

Krissy came over the other day and we picked cherries.
She took them all home.
I didn't feel like messing with them this year, but
she'll give us a jar of jam.

Casey went to the vet again on Monday.
We saw a different gal.
She said give it time. There is no reason we
have to rush any decisions right now.

The vet did say about a dozen times that we should
get a doggie wheelchair for her.

Casey does wag her tail occasionally, but still
doesn't have any sensation in her lower legs.
Her back bothers her some though and she'll
whine or cry occasionally if moved wrong.

Poor pup.

Monday, June 28, 2010

That was a fast weekend

We had a nice weekend with great weather and lots of swimming.
Sure flew by though.

Our poison oak problem is beginning to clear up.
I'm amazed how oozy and yucky the sores are.
Caden has one on his knee that still is filling up and popping,
but other than that one we are on the mend.

Went out for a horse ride yesterday and looked all over for
any plants that matched the description of poison
oak/ivy/sumak so I knew what areas to avoid,
but never saw anything that matched the internet pictures.
No idea where we picked it up the first time.

Still no Lily baby.
Someone has suggested to us that maybe she has twins
and that's why she looks so huge. Maybe.
Guess we'll see if she ever goes into labor.

Little Eight-ball is a Houdini.
Escaping the back pen at will to wander in my
garden and the backyard.
Yes, it was him and not any deer in my garden.
How do I know this? I saw him laying among the taters!
As soon as he sees us, he boogies back under the fence.

Here he is in the feeder, just hanging out.
Probably pooping in there.

Chyann says Casey is now able to move her tail, sphincter
muscle and a foot now and then.

That is encouraging.
We're going to go to the vet today to get another cortisone
shot and an evaluation done.
Hopefully the vet also sees some improvement.

Chyann doesn't leave Casey much, but when she
does you can find her out with the horses.

Saturday night's project was Scotch.
He is still an Ass unfortunately.

Got the lawn all mowed on Saturday.
Sure looks nice.

The garden got all cleaned up also.
I need about 20 bales of straw to put down, but
can't find any cheap stuff so I'll go without.
More weeds to pull.

Happy Monday :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Birthday rash

Yesterday was my 39th Birthday.
Yes, 39.

Next year will be the big 4-0!
That sounds scary!

I had plans to have a few friends over and make
homemade pizza, then eat cake.

But this guy while we were in town hitting some garage
sales (walmart too) began breaking out with blisters
on his arm, legs, face and trunk.
That is calamine lotion on him.

Course all I can think of is Chicken pox
because he has them spread a little here and there.
Only this one on his arm is abnormally looking.

So, I did what you are supposed to do and
called my friends to say it looked like Caden had
chicken pox and yes, he'd had the vaccine
it's only 75% effective and unless you want
your kid(s) exposed don't come over.

Needless to say, no one came over.

Then as I was undressing for bed I notice this on my foot.

I was freaked for a bit - me and chicken pox have a history.

Chyann looked up poison oak on line and the pictures of it
look very much like Caden's arm and my foot.

Apparently I jumped the gun and canceled my own
Birthday party for poison oak or rather nothing contagious.

On the up side I did hit some good garage sales and got
myself some good deals.
My favorite thing is this 2dollar leather coat!

This morning I came downstairs and to find a tent up in
the living room and Caden snoozing in it.
The tent was last weekends 2dollar garage sale deal.

Now we know what poison oak looks like.
I just have to find the source and get rid of it
because these sores really burn!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Casey update and the new saddle

So, there is not much change in Casey.

The vet says he hoped we'd be seeing some improvement
by now. At least more than a foot or tail twitch.

Casey seems to be feeling some pain in her back now though.
Previously nothing seemed to hurt and now
if moved wrong when we change her diaper she will
cry/yelp then try to drag herself away.
Really breaks your heart.

The Hubby says a gal at his work had a Dachshund
with back problems and she took the dog to an
animal chiropractor and had good results.
He is going to check that avenue out.

Jenny has reopened her wound!
And no I haven't called the trainer yet, but
have worked with her some and she seemed better,
more willing to get back into riding mode.

Chyann got her new English saddle set in on Tuesday and
has only just tried it out on Gypsy.

It fits well on Gypsy, but will need a few more
holes punched for the stirrups to come up a bit.
Chyann says the saddle fits her ok, she'll be
able to grow into it I hope.

Gypsy was indifferent to the new saddle, but
the new headstall was a bit bothersome for her.

Colton's new job at Hardee's is going well.
He is cooking burgers and chicken.
The stories his friend told him about the crazy gal are
apparently true. Not good.
I guess the head manager told him not to get too
bent out of shape about her, but
to try and stay out of her way.
That is nuts!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Chyann's dog Casey has
spinal trauma causing paralysis.

Not sure what happened to her, but
on Saturday she began whining and crying
when she had to walk or was picked up
by Chyann who was trying to figure out what
was wrong with her.

Sunday Casey acted very stiff and
rarely moved off the couch except to
eat or go outside.

Monday she was paralyzed from the mid-back down.
Took her to the vet and he said
she had had some kind of back trauma and
swelling on her spinal cord was causing the paralysis.

He gave her two shots of cortisone and sent us home.

Hopefully she will make a full recovery.

At this time she is still unable to walk or control her bowels
and is wearing a diaper.

Chyann is devastated.

She has had this dog since she was three years old.
Her Daddy got Casey for her when she started wearing glasses.

Casey has been her best sleeping buddy, pup to dress up
in doll clothes, and everything else you can imagine.

The vet says we should start seeing some signs of
healing within this next week.

Let's hope so!
Otherwise there will not be enough kleenex in this state
to dry her tears.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice

It's June 21st

Summer Solstice

We now start loosing daylight.

My Dad would say it's now winter or at least
going to be soon.

Really though I can remember July 4th in AK and
feeling a nip in the air and wishing summer would last longer.

I'm glad here in WI we still have months of
nice weather yet.

Riding horses has gone well for Chyann.
She and Gypsy make a great pair.

She has managed to save up enough money
for a new English saddle that should be arriving tomorrow.

Chyann thinks Gypsy will look "fab" with the new saddle.
I'm sure she'll look fab, but what will it do for the
whole riding experience?
Guess we'll see.

Me riding Jenny has not gone well.
It's like we have to start all over again.
I'm going to call her last trainer and see if he has
any advice.

I am very flustered with that horse right now!

Also, no Lily baby yet.
Really, any time now....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day and other stuff

Happy Fathers Day!

Lots of love to Gerry, Dad and Jeff!

In other news we finally got the lawn mowed
and it took forever!
Sure looks nice now though.

Colton got his first paying job!!
He is going to work at Hardee's in a small town
10 miles from our house.
Orientation is on Tuesday!!
I'm soooo excited for him!!

One of his buddies works there also.
The buddy says it's ok, but one of the managers
is always ordering the kids around saying
things like "If you don't take out the garbage
I'll fire you on the spot!"
What kind of crap is that?
Is it true or is Colton's friend trying to freak him out?
I guess we'll see.

Jenny's wound is healed up pretty well.
While she hasn't been ridden in almost 2 weeks
she has been handled daily for meds and cleaning.

Chyann and I decided to ride last night in our
front pasture. She rode Gypsy bareback and I rode Jenny.

I knew from the get go something was off with Jenny,
she kept stopping and cocking one ear down,
which I was told by her fist trainer meant that
she was gonna do something stupid,
and sure enough the brat reared up and I jumped off.
(gave the Hubby a heartattack)
She then acted fine, like nothing happened.

My understanding is that rearing happens for two reasons:
1- a physical problem
2 - rebellion, evasion, fear or one of a number of mental problems

I feel certain it is rebellion.
We'll do more ground work before riding again today.

Hopefully with a better outcome than yesterday.

The sour cherry tree is loaded and the cherries
are just about ready.
I can't wait!

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Fair

The fair was a lot of fun last night.

It was very windy and hot.

We thought the wristband rides started at 4p, but
they didn't start till 5p.
We ended up checking out all the animals for an hour.

We have two 4H groups in our community that are very active
at the fair.

Somehow I managed not to get any pictures of the pigs or cows.
Guess I've seen enough of those and subconsciously didn't take any.

This gal looked so regal and above all the circus like atmosphere.

These two guys looked like their hair had been shaved
for them to have mohawks down their backs.
They were very aggressive towards one another
and kept mounting any chance they got.

Calm and cute Nubian goats.

Don't know what breed these guys were.
I liked the one on the lefts horns though.

Sweet miniature horse in the petting zoo area.

Caden wanting a free kitten.
No more cats for us.

Hamming it up on the new stage.

We ran into Chyann and her buddy.

Chyann, her buddy and Caden on the Octopus.
Actually that is what it was called when I was a kid,
now days they call it the Spider.

Caden loves all the rides and would even go on them alone
if his buddy wouldn't go.
His friend was afraid of heights and the Ferris wheel was a bad
ride for him.

When we left a big storm was moving in.
The sky looked like it was on fire.
My camera can't do justice to how amazing the sky really looked.

We had a great time and of course the kids want to go back,
but I'm done. My feet were killing me by the time we
got home :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Good deals

I worked with my friend again yesterday and
she asked me if I was interested in more annuals
because there is a green house on our way home that
is having a customer appreciation sale.
Buy one get one free!

So after work we went to Season's Harvest and got
some beautiful flowers.

Normally a planter this large would be 29.95.
She paid for half and
got her own beautiful flowers similar to mine.

So those gorgeous flowers only cost me 15bucks!

Can you believe that?!

They had such a beautiful selection of flowers.
I'll be checking back for more good deals too!

Baby eight-ball is doing great.
He is nursing well and has already grown a lot.

Sure is cute isn't he.

Lily should have her calf in the next day or so I think.

We are taking the kids to our local fair tonight.
Should be fun!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Garden update

The apples are looking real good.
This particular one is bigger than a golf ball.
The kids run around eating them already
and let me tell you they are incredibly sour!
Don't know how they do it.

Some tomato's too.

This banana pepper is giant compared to the plant it
is growing on.

All my pepper plants are looking pretty puny.
I think they are trying to say:
"enough of the rain, give us some sun!"
Hopefully tomorrow we will be turning the corner
and the heat will begin again.

Pontiac red flowers.

Yukon gold flowers.

This one is a volunteer from last year.
I need to thin out my plantings from this year.

A nice row of green beans.
You can tell the Hubby had a hand in the planning of this row
because it is so straight.
My rows look like a drunk did them :)

Butternut squash I planted for Krissy
since she isn't going to do a garden this year.

I've had a hard time staying on top of the weeds with all
the rain we've had and still the lawn hasn't been mowed.
Hopefully soon though.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Arrival

Marble had her baby today!

This morning when I fed the animals I knew she
was going to have that baby soon.

And sure enough while I was shampooing the upstairs
carpets I looked out the window and saw the new baby.

When the kids and I got outside we could see that the baby
had recently been born.

He, yes it's a bull!! yeah!!,
was still wet and already nursing.

Later after the Hubby came home from work we all
went out to see the baby again.

Marble is very protective of him.

It was like the other cows hadn't realized Marble had given
birth because they got all curious while we were out there.

The baby saying Hi to Lily,
who is due any time now also.

Molly (the brown/white cow), Lily's calf from last June
kept running away from the baby.

Peanut Butter is our only cow with horns is on the left.
Unfortunately it appears she is not pregnant.

The little guy was jumping around and already running
and stumbling.

Was very cute, until...

Peanut Butter put her head down,
ran to the calf and threw him in the air with her horns!
It happened right after this picture was taken.

Thankfully the little guy is fine.

We moved Peanut Butter and Molly out of that pen.
Hopefully they don't decide to get out!

I've also had a visitor to my garden!

The deer have found my garden.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Finally Saturday

Sure seems like this has been an extra long week!

Yes, school has been out and I've not had to make
any lunches, holler at kids to hit the hay at night
or even set my alarm clock to get up in the morning.

Even so this week was long.
Maybe it was the weather.
It's been cool, cloudy and rainy.

The other night I saw on the news how our area
is still classified as being in moderate drought.

I wonder how they classify that?
The news said we had over an
inch of rain already than we normally have in June.

I really need to mow the lawn if it doesn't rain today.
The jungle has grown so much it'll probably be
over the mower bumper in some places.

I did get all the big garden weeded and hoed yesterday.
Small garden got it on Thursday.

I've got a few tomato's and peppers already set.
The spuds are about ready to put their flowers out.

Jenny's foot is drying up and looking somewhat better.
We are getting real sneaky about putting her iodine on.
Sure wish we'd have gotten that hunk of skin cut off
I can see it is going to cause more problems than we

My Mother and Gerry are gonna come see us.
Sounds like sometime the end of June'ish.
We can't wait!! :)

Hauled the pig off to the butcher last week too.
The hubby is going to get two more soon.

Ok, I've got to get moving.
Time to feed the animals.

Happy weekend to you!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Riding lessons for the kid

Chyann has decided that Caden WILL learn to ride horses
better this summer.

Yesterdays lesson is as follows:

Get Cowboy.
Tie him up.

Groom him.
No, don't brush Scotch.

Do his hooves.

Saddle him like this.
Poor Casper want's to go too.

Get on.

No hanging onto the horn.
It wrecks your balance.
He has none.

All these pictures were taken from my dining room window.
They moved behind the willow tree and I couldn't see them
anymore, but I could hear Chyann "directing" Caden.

It's finally sunk into Caden that I want to sell Cowboy
because he rarely gets ridden. Chyann told him that
if he showed more interest in riding maybe I wouldn't.

Chyann has elected to not do swim lessons or summer school,
which is really more of play time with your friends, and
I think is already getting stir crazy so her teaching
Caden to ride may be just something to do.

Cowboy is outrageously overweight. We keep a grazing muzzle
on him most of the time and Chyann exercises him daily.
As soon as he is down some pounds he will be sold.
That is me, the mean mama talking because really
we don't need five horses.

Jenny update.
Twice a day she gets her powdered antibiotics with sweet feed
and her wound gets cleaned out.

The wound was looking better until last night when she decided
to be an ass. She was not wanting me to pick up her foot
to clean out her wound. Which was looking nice and dry.
So I picked up her left front foot and leaned down to
put the iodine on the right foot. That sounded
like a good plan, but it wasn't.

She reared up and came down with the left
hoof on her right hoof - that hunk of skin that
was drying up specifically and tore it a bit.
More blood and more her not wanting me to
mess with that foot!

Damn, should have insisted the vet cut that hunk of skin off
when he was here on Monday.

Let's hope this mornings application of iodine goes better
than last nights did.