Saturday, June 30, 2012

June wrap up

First and formost, Chyann is continuing to heal and fight the infection. For most of the week she did very little, not even going out to see the horses - which really tells you how poorly she was feeling. The docs say to continue with the antibiotics, cleaning and watching.

It's unbelievable to me how a gouge/slice from a cat can screw you up so bad. Every doctor we saw all said "did you get rid of the cats", "cats are the worst" and one even went so far as to say "kill all the cats". Apparently cats cause a lot of injuries and ER visits. And no we didn't get rid of any cats, Harvey is just not allowed in the house now.

With any luck Chyann will continue to mend and be right as rain before too long.

Caden is about done with baseball. His 3rd grade team played our school's 4th grade team twice last week, they won the first 11 to 3 and lost the second 10 to 5. Caden pitched the fourth inning during the second game and did very well.

No games this coming week due to the Holiday, and only two games the following week to end the season.

It's been hot and muggy here and we've been seeing some pretty cool clouds because of it. The below pictures were taken off the back porch.

I mentioned previously that I put an ad on craigs list to sell Cowboy and had some interest; looks like I've got him sold. He wont be leaving until July 15th though and wont be going far, about eight miles to the west, to a cowgirl who wants him for her grandkids. Cowboy will be pampered and loved there.

Preparations have begun for Colton's freshman year at UW River Falls. The gathering of stuff he will need to live in the dorms.

About the girlfriend... Apparently she has told him to do your thing and I'll do mine, if we happen to meet again that would be great and if not, it was fun while it lasted. Smart of her, but jeez he is crushed.
I'm sure that is a big reason he is anxious to start school, like a new chapter. Meet new people and all that.

We had been planning a week long vacation to OK to see my Mother and Gerry in July, but Gerry got a fantastic paying job in my hometown of Cold Bay when he went up to work on the house they own there and will not be back to OK until mid October. Not sure when we will venture South to see them now, maybe Thanksgiving or something like that.

Thank you all for you well wishes for Chyann, they were much appreciated.

Time to pull some weeds - have a good weekend :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Not out of the woods yet

but the doctors are encouraged by what they've seen in the last 24 hours.

We are to continue with all the antibiotics, hot wet copress' and go back on Friday.

Good news, but they are still quite guarded in their optimism that she is "over" this infection.

It's a watch, wait and see time.

also, thanks for all the Birthday wishes :)

Wounds and pitching

Yesterday when I picked Chyann up from drivers ed her wound was really, really red and inflamed. I called the doc and they said bring her right in.

The doc says masive infection.

We are going to admit her to the hospital, start IV antibiotics and do a surgery to debride the wound.

Totally unexpeted.

Chyann is just pissed. She says 12 surgeries now! why me. broke my heart let me tell you.

We go down to meet with the surgeon.

The surgeon says, yes masive infection and my don't you have an extensive orthopedic history,


Let's take the staples out, do the new antibiotic and take the two additional antibiotics by mouth, hot and wet compresses and see what it looks like in 24 hours. Of course bring her right in if she spikes a fever, has MORE red streaking or a host of other symptoms. He is on call and can do the surgery during the night if needed.

Hot and wet compresses for hours and hours. The redness is fading and inflamation appears to be subsiding. The wound doesn't look too bad this morning. We will see what the surgeon says in two hours. Fingers crossed no surgery.

I stayed home with Chyann while the Hubby took Caden to his baseball game.
Caden out of the blue asked the coach if he could pitch and without even seeing him do it, put him in for the fourth inning. He struck the first two batters out! The coaches were thrilled at how well he can throw! Said he had all kinds of hidden talent. YAY Caden! He even hit three times making it home all three times! I told him I wished I was there rooting him on, he said no worries Mom I heard you screaming RUN RUN RUN in my head every time I ran! lol

To be continued...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Obstacle course, ER visit and 41

I really had big plans for the weekend. Three days off to enjoy and get shit done.

Saturday was good. Did some cleaning, ran an errand, came home to mow and it was raining lightly so I decided a nap might be in order - three hours later I got up feeling quite refreshed, like I actually had some energy to do something.

Apparently it only rained for a bit so Chyann got busy while I was napping and set up an obstacle course for the horses. Easy choice to ride instead of mowing when I got up.

Switched horses, but not saddles. First time I'd ridden Jenny since last summer. She sure has come along nicely since Chyann has begun focusing all her time one her.

Chyann and Jenny just flying along

while Gypsy and I bring up the rear.

Hell of a good time.

Even got in a little mowing around the house with the push mower before calling it a day.

Harvey, one of the cats we got from Krissy, reappeared up at the house while the Hubby was BBQing dinner. We let him in and gave him lots of love. He is the most affectionate cat I've ever seen. He wants LOVE NOW and will harass you until you give it.

We all went to bed about 11p only to be woken up at midnight by Chyann screaming!

I raced to her room to find her trying to break up a cat fight between Harvey and her cat Gracie.

She doesn't know exactly what happened or who got her, but when it was all said and done Chyann's right forearm was sliced and punctured terribly.

We were out of the house and at the ER by 12:30a.

3.5 hours and three staples later we were back home.

The gash was very deep and appears to have severed a nerve as she has lost some feeling in parts of her hand and has some tingling in other parts. Her arm is swollen and bruised. They gave her antibiotics to prevent infection, but it is still very red and angry looking - hot to the touch too. We are watching it closely.

Poor kid.

Sunday found us all sleeping in trying to make up for lost sleep.

Cleaned out the barns and banded our soon to be steer Socks.

You would be amazed at how strong these calves are! Nothing but brute strength!

And today is my Birthday.
 41. eesh.
I've taken the day off , but have no big plans. Need to finish mowing, do a little house cleaning/laundry and go to Caden's baseball game. There might be some cake involved as well.

Toodles ;)

Friday, June 22, 2012


Last night Caden had a game in a neighboring town. They played this team their second game and lost. The boy's were understandably anxious to play and win this time.

The first inning was exciting, but no runs were brought in by either team.

The second inning started and one of our best pitchers was up (they rotate most of the kids in and out of different positions throughout the game). He was throwing strikes and we had two outs when the boy up to bat jumped out of the way, kinda stumbled and got hit on the foot by the ball. He got walked to first.

Next boy up to bat, 1 strike, 2 balls and ducked from the ball and got hit in the helmet! He got walked to first.

Next boy up to bat, 1 ball and leaned away from it - the coach yells at him go get back in the batters box and let that ball hit him! I'm like WHAT? are you freaking kidding me? Another ball thrown and I swear the kid moved right in front of it and got hit on the hip! He got walked to first.

Bases loaded with kids that got walked! What in the hell is going on here?!

Next boy up to bat, 2 strikes and 3 balls before and I'm not even kidding you, it looked like he moved in front of the ball too and got hit on the arm! He got walked to first. One run in!

Through all this our pitcher is feeling like crap. You can see it in his posture. Like he is really screwing up. We all encouraged him that he was doing fine - shake it off, but it had to seriously mess with his head.

The boys finally got that third out and the inning was done. damn.

These are young boys. Most are nine and ten years old. They are learning the sport, working on technique and what I think is most important SPORTSMANSHIP.

Was it right for that coach to tell his boys to let the ball hit them? Does winning mean that much you would put the kids in harms way?  Our pitcher had NEVER had any kind of an issue with hitting batters with the ball previously, so what was going on here?

The next inning that we were in the outfield I think our coaches had to put the same pitcher out to build his confidence back. He did very well and didn't hit any boys. Their team got a few hits but no one made it home.

Last inning of the game we were up and loosing 1 to 0. Our second batter jumps out of the way of a throw, gets hit on the elbow and falls to the ground. The other team starts laughing. Another ARE YOU KIDDING ME moment! When it was clear that he took a nasty hit they finally stopped laughing.  He got walked to first in a hail of clapping from all the parents.

We lost the game 1-0. Our boys played wonderfully and held the other team to just the one run. I think they ended the game much better than the other team and held their heads high.

Caden struck out both time's he was up to bat, but was instrumental in getting all the outs to hold the other team to just the one run.

Who knew elementary school baseball would be so competitive or crazy?

and YAY it's Friday! Hope you have a good weekend. I've got the next three days off!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Storm Damage and getting lucky

It's been HOT and stormy this week.

Yesterday about 530a we had a whopper of a storm roll through. High winds and lots of rain. When it was all said and done we had two trees down.

Course one is my all time favorite tree.
I actually think it may have been struck by lightning as where the branch broke off on the trunk, it looked like there was black scorch marks.

The cows enjoying an unexpected treat of leaves and shade.

Cookie checking it out too.

What a bummer, eh?

This one was behind the shed and caused no damage, thankfully.

Flowers sure look pretty though.

and in other news

Colton took the girlfriend to the airport on Sunday. She made it back home to Serbia with no problems. He, as expected is pretty bummed, but on the plus side is getting over the crud he had. Guess she is already looking into transferring from the college in Rome to Minneapolis after Christmas.

Yesterday Colton was at work and whole pallet of microwaves fell on him. Talk about scary!

 He was on a lift truck about 40 feet in the air, moving a pallet of microwaves onto the lift truck. Some how lost his footing traversing two 2x4's that he walks across dragging the pallet onto the lift truck and fell between the lift truck and the shelf the pallet was on, sending the microwaves crashing down on and around him. Thankfully no injuries, except a cut on his hand and some bruises.

 He said when the microwaves hit the ground they pretty much exploded. Quite the mess apparently. Spent the rest of the day filling out accident reports. It was agreed he was not at fault, that the current procedures needed to be changed to lessen the chance this kind of freak accident happening again.
Talk about getting lucky!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Week in review and a PRO game

This last week was incredibly hectic it seems.

Chyann started drivers ed. She has to be hauled there at 8a and picked up at 10a Monday thru Friday. I take her on my first break and pick her up on my lunch. It is usually about a 7 minute drive to town, but our road is being completely re-done, all the way to town and is a huge pain in MY ASS!!! not to mention freaking loud when you are trying to work.

I've got another two weeks of hauling her back and forth. Hope they work weekends to hurry up and get it done. And really why is the course only two stinking hours a day? Why not get it all done in say 4 eight hour days instead of dragging it out for three weeks. What if I wasn't working from home and wasn't able to take her in for it? No idea what we'd do as it is required in WI to have this class time before you can get your permit, which she wont be able to get until next spring anyhow.. GRRRR this whole thing makes me cranky.

Caden has done swim lessons for these last two weeks as well, from 10a till 1p - the bus picked him up and that was GREAT!. Heard he passed and is now a master swimmer.

Yes, I said heard he passed, cuz I haven't seen him since Thursday night.
 Due to having to work in the office on Friday for a "team building day" (what a joke that was) the kids spent the night at one of our friends' house so they could both still do their driving and swim lessons. Same place that Colton's girlfriends stays too.

To complicate Friday further, a friend of Caden's invited him to go to the Minnesota Twins and Milwaukee Brewers game in the cities last night. How could he say no to that! The kid was so excited! He told everyone he was going to the game!

Only problem was the kid's mom would have to pick him up at the other friends house, right about the same time the Hubby was picking up Chyann. Kinda awkward. Yeah thanks for watching my kid this other gal is now taking him to a pro game and yet another sleepover away from home, oh and your kid is not invited. eesh

Got a text from the mom last night asking if we were watching the game because the two boys were up on the big screen! HOLY COW!! How exciting is that!
And no we were not watching the game. To be honest I didn't even think about watching it. We've never watched a pro game before and it didn't even occur to me that they could be on tv. drat.

Can't wait to hear all about it when he gets home today.

We put an ad out to sell Cowboy. Had some interest. Sounds like someone might come and have a look at him today. Hate to see him go. He is such a sweet boy, but I'd rather see him go to a nice home and get the attention he deserves than hang around here getting ornery from not being handled enough.

Chyann has been thinking this about Casper too, but she is not ready for that step yet. She loves him.   But..

has definitely moved on the big horses.

Had some amazing storms and rain all day Thursday. Time to mow again.

My eldest, if you will remember was sicker that hell about three weeks ago. Even with my harassing and reminding it took him almost three weeks to finish 10 days of antibiotics. Can we all say dip shit here?! So guess what.... He had to go back to the docs on Thursday because he appeared to have the same illness he previously had and the docs don't really know what it is going on. Not strep, not mono or any other thing they tested for, but they gave him more antibiotics - souped up ones that he WILL TAKE AS PRESCRIBED! and is feeling better already. Must be a bacterial infection of some kind to respond to the antibiotics that fast.

 And what a lousy time to be sick again - the girlfriend goes back to Serbia tomorrow. Hell of a lesson to be learned, but if you don't take care of your health as you should you can't depend on being healthy when you most need to.

Alright, enough ass time. I'm off to pluck some weeds. Have a nice day :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Another WIN! and a bear

Chyann and Casey waiting for the game to begin tonight.

In the first inning Caden caught the first ball and got the batter out!

When he got up to bat he made it to first. Next hitter moved him to second - where this picture was taken. Then he ran for third and stole home!!!!!!!!

It was so exciting!
I screamed and hollered! I was sooo proud!!

His first run home playing baseball!

Course I didn't get a good video because the camera was being pumped up and down in my hand as I shouted and cheered.

The Hubby said he should video me cheering instead of the game. Apparently I make quite an ass of myself.

The boys won 4 - 0 against a team that had previously beat them.

The local newspaper gal came down and took the team picture for the paper.

Talking to the newspaper gal. I love that look on his face.

Have a good week :)

Also, when we were coming down the driveway after the game we saw the dogs were in the field next door and on the edge of the field was a black bear!

 Soon as it saw us it lumbered off into the woods.
 We've not seen a bear this close to the house before.
Chyann is all worried now because it ran off in the direction of where we ride horses.
We'll just have to be on the look out and bring Shasta.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The news is good

I worried and fretted for a few hours yesterday until Colton called and said no he wasn't married.

I asked why in the world would you put shit like that out there?
He said it was a joke.
 A JOKE?!!?
That was the stupidest thing I've ever heard. A joke.

Apparently the only way the girlfriend can stay in America without being accepted to a college is to marry an American (see that is what I was worried about) and a lot of her friends think they should just get married so she can stay.

As a joke on their friends they decided to say they got married and she was staying.
Now that is just dumb, but pretty typical of two dorky ass kids in love I think. They had no idea I would decide yesterday was the day I would actually go on facebook and start the freak out ball rolling.

Colton was very contrite and sorry that he got me all jacked up.

He told me quite sincerely that they had talked about actually getting married now, but he said neither of them were ready to take that step.

For one thing he said what do I have to offer a wife? He said nothing. I live with my parents and want to go to college and a wife would not fit into that scenario. For another, she doesn't want to get married at all - maybe never. She wants to go to college and for her to go here in America the cost would be at least double the tuition than what a citizen would pay and she couldn't afford that. She is happy to be going to college in Rome where it is much cheaper.

So, they will wait and see what happens. 
Time, you know is a mysterious thing. It can change your feelings and perceptions. 

Still pisses me off though - jeezus Married. Not funny at all.


We ended the day on a more calm and relaxed note.

Sure was hot! About 93* I think.

Watching the kids play in the pool, having a beer and the Hubby BBQ'ing. 

Was nice to hear all the laughing and giggling.
 Although Chyann did bonk her chin on Caden's head at one point and bloodied her lip. Ouch!

Shasta and Tater got to cool off too.

Saw this scary dude attempting to make a hive on the porch railing. Got rid of that in a hurry I tell ya.

Another day in the high 90's is forecast. Hope they cancel Caden's baseball practice.

Have a good one :) 

Saturday, June 9, 2012


That I would be browsing facebook, or buttbook as we call it, this am drinking my coffee and minding my own business when I come across a post from 5 hours ago saying MY SON IS NOW MARRIED TO THE GAL FROM SERBIA??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don't know if I should shit my pants, have a heart attack, hope it's a hoax or what.

The possibility that they would get married has been in the back of my mind for the last few months kind of like one of those late night WHAT IF games you play when you can't sleep. I've talked to the Hubby about it and he is of the opinion that we can't stop him. And we did what we wanted when we were young and he can do what he wants. Don't know if I'm on board with that hippy ass philosophy.

Hell, last I talked to Colton, which was about 8p last night, he and the band were setting up for a show at the House of Rock in Eau Claire and he was bitching about playing last, not starting till midnight and then having to pack up, come home and STILL get up for work this morning.

He was here. I went to the bathroom at 440a and he was home sleeping in his bed like a baby.

When I got up at 630a, he was gone to work like the supposed man he is..

So, when did this marriage take place? Between band sets last night? or Last weekend when they went to the cities and stayed in a hotel? I tell ya I was nervy then, worried they'd get married.


Where she is I don't currently know. He is at work - or should be at work, and not answering my calls - Menards doesn't let their employees have their phones with them while working.

So we wait.

I am searching for some zen here folks.

Stay tuned, more drama ahead...........................

Thursday, June 7, 2012

This and that

Another week almost done.

Caden's baseball team won their first Tuesday night 7-1!! YAY! Those boys were super stoked up!
He caught a ball and got a kid out, but struck out both times he was up to bat - bummed him out, but he really did great.

One kid was laying down out in right field and his mother starts screaming at him to GET UP! He pops up a bit and looks around like is she talking to me? decides she must not be talking to him and proceeds to try doing the splits. Finally realizing she IS shrieking at him and gets up. lol goofy kid.

what else is new?

My favorite gal Kris is coming over for lunch today.

Work is interesting. I work for a big company. You are measured on your quality of work and production - how much you "should do" in an hr. Recently there has been a huge run of folks (not just in my department either) getting quality errors - otherwise knows as QA's. If you get x amount of errors you get a warning, then a corrective action thing in your file. After the first corrective action, if you keep screwing up you can get another, but if you get ONE more you get fired. oh, and don't forget to keep your production UP!

Everyone thinks that since most of the work is going to India, the company is really nit picking shit to get you on. Make it easier to get rid of folks that way. In fact we've lost three people from my team in less than a month. Makes one a bit nervy to hit that save button and track your work.

I totally understand the need to be accurate in your work, but come on everything and anything you do can totally be fixed. It's not like if you make an error you've killed someone or caused un-repairable damage. What a crock. Some days I think I'd be happier stocking shelves at wal-mart.

I've been casually checking out other options, we'll see what happens.

In other news...

 Colton's girlfriend goes back to Serbia on the 17th and I fear he will be devastated. Young love and all that.

She plays the piano wonderfully. Been playing since she was six I guess. She is teaching the kids some basic stuff.

Picture of a hot evening a few weeks ago, before the garden was planted, with her playing some amazing music.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Vacation starts TODAY and a horse story

The kids are officially out of school as of yesterday.
Chyann a Freshman, Caden a fourth grader and Colton a transfer student to UW River Falls ~ officially!

The kids all ended the school year with fantastically wonderful grades!

Caden had his second baseball game on Thursday. They lost 3-2, but boy was it a good game!

 Video of Caden hitting and I was so excited that I forgot to pan the camera to follow him till he was already at first base.

Looking forward to the games next week!

Somehow these Houdini horses managed to drag that wheel barrel out of the barn and eat hay from it until it fell onto Gypsy - which was right after I took this picture.

Horse story from yesterday that could have turned out a lot differently.

Chyann and her buddy Vanessa asked if they could go riding, we said sure don't ride out - meaning stay in the field next door, which is what I let Chyann do when I don't ride with her.

I was hooking up my computer in my office when I hear Scotch snorting and making the strangest sounds. Look out the window and he is over by the barn with no rider and the reigns were somehow under him and hooked on his left hind hoof.
I rushed down stairs and outside to release him, shouting at the Hubby on my way.

Got to Scotch and manage to get the reigns unhooked from the bit that was literally bent out about 30 degrees. He was huffing something fierce. I looked around and see Jenny, also with no rider over by the trailer.

You know the feeling, DREAD.
What happened to the girls?!?!

I quickly checked them both over for injuries and put them in the barn. Debating if I should grab Gypsy and go look for them or ride the three wheeler
when the Hubby gets the three wheeler started and we head for the field
 where we see them walking. whew. That is a good sign, they are walking and hollering asking if we'd seen the horses.

Apparently they "didn't hear me" say to not ride out and were probably about three miles away when Vanessa lost her balance and took a dive off Scotch and he bolted. What possessed him to decide to run home I do not know. He's never done anything like that before.

Now, Chyann is going to try and get Vanessa up on Jenny with her to find Scotch.

Jenny has never ridden double before and said I don't think so girlies, at which time they decided to give up on this idea of riding double.

Chyann takes off in the direction that Scotch went leaving Vanessa to walk.

Chyann can see Scotch down in the valley heading in the direction of home and is going to go back and walk with Vanessa, but Jenny decided this being alone out in the boonies without Scotch was too much for her. At some point Chyann got off when Jenny was dancing around. When she tried to get back on, Jenny wouldn't stand to let her mount. Course she tried to get on anyhow and she shot over her other side into the dirt! There goes Jenny, another loose horse.

The girls meet up and continue on home.
 During all this, Shasta manages to get lost, which equaled another trip out to find her when we realized she never came back.

Some valuable lessons learned yesterday.

 you are not invincible because shit happens when you least expect it
anything can happen, at any time
listen to your mother closely
consider using saddles
take your damn cell phone on rides! we pay for it - TAKE IT

alas, all's well that ends well... this time