Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Arrival

Marble had her baby today!

This morning when I fed the animals I knew she
was going to have that baby soon.

And sure enough while I was shampooing the upstairs
carpets I looked out the window and saw the new baby.

When the kids and I got outside we could see that the baby
had recently been born.

He, yes it's a bull!! yeah!!,
was still wet and already nursing.

Later after the Hubby came home from work we all
went out to see the baby again.

Marble is very protective of him.

It was like the other cows hadn't realized Marble had given
birth because they got all curious while we were out there.

The baby saying Hi to Lily,
who is due any time now also.

Molly (the brown/white cow), Lily's calf from last June
kept running away from the baby.

Peanut Butter is our only cow with horns is on the left.
Unfortunately it appears she is not pregnant.

The little guy was jumping around and already running
and stumbling.

Was very cute, until...

Peanut Butter put her head down,
ran to the calf and threw him in the air with her horns!
It happened right after this picture was taken.

Thankfully the little guy is fine.

We moved Peanut Butter and Molly out of that pen.
Hopefully they don't decide to get out!

I've also had a visitor to my garden!

The deer have found my garden.


Anonymous said...

Daddy decided to name the baby Eight-ball.

Them deer must be our dogs are barkin about,I thought it was invisible people to tell you the truth!

-Chyann ()()
( '' )

Dar said...

How I miss calving and lambing season at the farm. Marbles little boy is a Tuffy if he can already fend for himself against those horns of Peanut Butter...cute names. We used to name everything until my Dad raised mink...way too many to name but there were favorites, like Little Joe and Hoss...yup, you got it, after some of those cute Bonanza boys.
Thanks for stopping by today. Sorry you have deer in the garden, we finally fenced 2 of the 3 gardens with the invisible deer fencing, 7 ft. tall....works great.
You asked about my camera....it's just a small Cannon PowerShot A590 with a 4X optical zoom and 8.0 Mega Pixels...it is nice and compact. I love it. It's actually the 2nd one I got because I carelessly dropped the first one, sliding across the floor so hard that it lodged between the fridg and the wall so hard with the lens out, that I had to move the fridg to get it out....didn't have a working lens after that. LOL I dropped this one too...numb hands but I got lucky this time.
How bout yours? There's nothing wrong with your pictures.

Aunt Krissy said...

But you have such tasty things in your garden! The baby is cute, but not as cute as my baby goats! That must have been scary when she tossed the baby with the horns. Momma didn't protect the baby?