Friday, October 25, 2013

TGIF! - yadda yadda

YAY for Friday!

I can't quite get blogging done during the week yet.
Too tired, too everything at this point.
So, what follows are a few highlights:

Teacher conference for Caden on Monday night. That kid is smart! Lowest grade is a B+ in Reading.
Got him all signed up for Basketball. Thankfully no fund raiser to sell 60 bucks in chocolate bars this year.
(cuz I just ate the shit out of all that chocolate last year and basically should have just written a check for 60 bucks when we picked up the chocolate)
Chyann no longer has teacher conferences due to being in high school, but we did look up her grades and her lowest grade is an A- in Spanish. WHOOP WHOOP!!

We had some light flurries on Tuesday, Wednesday and some sleety slush on Thursday. YUCK.
No accumulation at this point, but I'm sure it's coming. Damn it sure feels cold out. Today got up to 40*. Isn't it funny how in the spring 40* feels warm, but now in the fall it's freaking freezing? That whole climitization thing I guess.

We are going to Fargo/Moorehead tomorrow AM. One of the Hubby's cousins' kid is getting married.
Surprised the shit out of me that he actually wanted to go. Chyann of course is thrilled with the prospect of seeing "family" not to mention the new outfit that was required since she claims not to have any nice clothes. The poor kid thinks she is family deprived and jumps at all chances to rub elbows with blood relatives (and shop). My Dad is in the process of moving to AZ and we almost were able to make it work that he met up with us in Fargo at the wedding, but unfortunately that didn't quite work. I am appointing Chyann the official photographer so lets hope she remembers to take the camera out and get some pictures. Colton is staying home to man the house and throw an early Birthday party for himself I'm sure. 21 Next week.

Have a good weekend :)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Wood time

We had a good hard frost last night. 
Good thing the Hubby is always on top of the wood situation.
It's a pain in the ass for sure due to the hard labor required, but definitely worth it in terms of warmth and our pocketbook.

The boys were a big help.
Good thing too, because after I took all the sleepover boys home I crashed on the couch for hours while they worked. 
Only went out long enough to say HI and take a few pictures. 

We watched that old movie The Outsiders last night.
It's one of my all time favorite movies.
Caden has in mind to be a greaser for Halloween.
Easy enough costume. 

I had an unexpected email this morning from my step-brother Matthew. 
He is driving across the country this fall and wants to stop by for a few days to see us.
We haven't seen him in years, literally.

Last time I saw him was when Chyann had emergency surgery for an abdominal adhesion when she was two years old. 
She had just came out of the recovery room and was still mostly out of it when he comes in the hospital room.
Lot's of hugs and hey how are you going on.
She must have been curious who was there and sits up and said in the sweetest little voice "hello there".
Then lays back down and goes to sleep.
We were all freaked out that she sat up!
She just had major abdominal surgery!!
So we visited with Matt in the hospital for a few hours and he left.

I'm excited to see him. 
Crazy to think he is now about 37 years old.
In my minds eye he is still a lanky teenager with a lot of piercings.
Guess we'll see soon enough if he still has all that hardware on his face.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday morning coffee

It was a long week.

After work Monday I took a nap that lasted till about bedtime.
Had a little snack and went back to bed.
Must have been those 412 emails that took me five hours to sort/delete that tuckered me out so bad lol

Tuesday was better. 
Only had a 2 hour nap, then got up and went to Caden's last football game played under the lights. 
It was 5th against 5th and those boy had a blast! 
Course it was raining and chilly, but they didn't care. 
The wetter the better chance to slip and slide and get incredibly muddy. 

Wednesday and Thursday were equally good days with only short cat naps and a trip to the grocery store. 

Yesterday however was the true test of wellness as it was Caden's friend birthday party. 
Six jacked up 11 year olds piled off the bus.
They played ball tag and ghosts in the grave yard till after dark.
Then came in and had chili dogs and pizza.
Followed by some cake.

One of Caden's friends Mother called me yesterday.
She says do you guys have an air hockey table?
No, we don't why?
Well she found a smoking deal at a sports store.
Brand new air hockey table originally priced at 130 bucks on sale for a whopping 19.95.
Would Caden want it?
Well of course.
Only took the Hubby and Colton about 40 minutes to set up and those boys played it until the wee hours.

Unfortunately those boys were up at the ass crack of 7a this morning. 
I'm guessing they'll all need a nap later. 

Chyann has been doing a little riding everyday.
These pictures were taken Sunday before we had the wind and rain.
Not a lot of color/leaves left on the trees now. 

I'm looking forward riding with her soon, at least I hope it'll be soon.
Since I'm feeling better its hard NOT to do the things I want to do.
Because really I may be feeling better, but am probably not healed up enough for riding.
Biggest clue to that is: I've still got those dissolve-able stitch ends hanging from my incisions, however the incisions look very good.  

So, I am continuing to lay low.
Doing a little cooking/baking and reading.
Finally got Stephen King's new book yesterday!
Doctor Sleep
Oh MY, it's good.
It's pretty much part 2 to Mr King's classic The Shining.
Which has been a horror staple since the 1970's, made even more popular by the 1980's movie.
Gotta love a good King novel!

Toodles :)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday morning coffee

Burr it's chilly this morning.
It's just barely above freezing, but gorgeous out with clear blue sky's and not even a hint of a breeze - which is so nice since the wind has been just wild recently, ripping beautiful leaves off the trees. 

Caden turned the BIG 11 on Friday.
His golden Birthday.
It was spirit day on Friday, hence the red mow-hawk.
We had a nice little party for him with our friends that came to visit and then Colton took him to the homecoming game.

Yesterday was his last Saturday football game.
They played the 6th graders again and lost, but had fun anyhow. 

Caden is going for a touchdown in this picture. 
He is on the far right in the yellow penny, black pants with the white stripe down the  leg.
No idea how to draw an arrow pointing to him lol

After the game the boys thought it was pretty cool to get to carry the couch used for homecoming off the field. 


I'm going back to work on Monday.
I think I'm ready.
Feeling pretty good.
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous.
I can only imagine how many emails are awaiting me, but I'm guessing approximately 350.
Might be more though since it's now the busy time of year for the company.

With the exception of feeling like crap for a good chunk of the time I was off, I sure enjoyed spending time with the kids, zoning out watching movies and getting back into sewing. 

A few more milestones to reach in recovery, but everyday I'm a step closer to being back to "normal", whatever that is.


I feel like doing some baking today.
Think I'm going to make apple praline bread and some potato soup because what says it's a cool October day better than a hearty bowl of soup with a hunk of crusty bread.  

Later :)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

This and that

Did you ever notice all the good documentaries/movies come on at 10p?
The other night just as I was getting ready for bed the Hubby hollers and says the Eagles have a 3 hr documentary coming on. 
Of course I had to stay up and watch it. One of the benefits of being off work apparently is staying up on a week night till after 1a and not feeling bad about it.
Love the Eagles.

I drove the kids to school this morning because I needed to go to the store and get cup cake liners for Caden's class Birthday snack tomorrow and imagine my surprise to see thrift sale signs out and about. 
Spent a whopping 5.50 and got an arm load of goodies!
Nothing like a few unexpected thrift sales to brighten my day lol
Way back when I started going to thrift sales the big day was Saturday. Now the big sale day is Thursday. Why is that I wonder? Most folks work Thursdays and Fridays so you'd think there wouldn't be many folks out and about right? Yet somehow that is the case.

My lovely daughter emailed me some pictures taken with her ipod.
She takes some pretty nice pictures and I thought I'd share a few. 

Pretty cool picture of Jennifer, eh?

This one is taken from her seat on the school bus through the window.
That cloud line is incredible and if you are wondering if we have pyramids here in WI the answer is no.
Those pyramid objects are HUGE piles of silica sand the sand mine to the North of us has piled up ready for transport.
The bus actually drives through two different sand mines.

I unearthed the quilt I started making for Caden back in 2006 yesterday.
Can't believe I was so close to getting the top finished when I stopped working on it. 
Funny I had it spread out on the floor to pin down some stuff when Caden walks in and says "Hey where'd you get this cool twister game?" Not exactly a twister game, but I suppose the moon and stars on it could be mistaken for twister spots. No pictures because I totally spaced it out. Going to attempt to get sewing on it today.

Do you think stress has anything to do with your dreams?
Back when I was working I don't remember dreaming much, maybe a random dream here or there.
Since I've been off work I've been having the best vivid fun dreams and no I haven't been taking any funky RX to enable these dreams. 
I woke up and actually giggled this morning I was having such a strange/fun dream. 
Krissy and I were driving in her old brown dodge truck laughing like lunatics and hitting pot holes.  
And these dreams stick with me all day. 

Ok, I'm off.
Time to do a little sewing. 
Have a nice day.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A fine line

Since I'm planning on going back to work on Monday I figured I'd attempt to get back into the work routine:
Up at 515a. 
That big idea didn't work.
I hit snooze for over an hour then turned the alarm off and got up late. 
Talk about back firing, jeez.

My big accomplishment from yesterday was cleaning out two cabinets in the kitchen and making chocolate chip cookies. Caden was thrilled to come home and have freshly baked cookies. He told me that he was sure glad I was feeling better because he missed my making treats. 

The Hubby took Caden to a JV football game at the school.
He said that a boy we know played in the game and couldn't believe how badly the boy got clobbered by the other teams bigger players. He is worried about Caden playing JV and Varsity ball and getting hurt. 
Coincidentally while flipping through the channels last night he came across two programs about football that we watched -the first one and the second one.
Now he is sure that he doesn't want him playing tackle football.


The two hour nap I took resulted in a bizarre dream, in which we were going camping to catch a cheese thief. I woke up with Wallace's voice (from Wallace and Gromit) running through my head "more cheese Gromit?"


I'm finally able to enjoy a good soak in the hot tub. 
There's nothing better than that for easing all my aches and pains. 
Not to mention a beautiful view.

No big plans for today.
I may just hold the couch down and watch movies.

Happy Humpday :)

Monday, October 7, 2013

The wet and other blither blather

Here at our house we've gotten a little over three inches of rain since Friday.
Making a bit of a dent in our rain deficit. 

However we did have a nice break in the rain for Caden's football game on Saturday.
The field was so wet, those boys slipped and slid everywhere and loved it!
Caden's team tied and they other 5th grade team won. 

Talked the big kids into coming again. 

Some renegade kitties hanging out on the roof of the tack room.  

Another mild stretch of weather is forecast for this week. 
I've sure enjoyed being able to sit on the porch and read or soak up some sun. 
The leaf report says our county is at 80% of the peak color. 

This would be a great time to take a horse ride through the back trails and get some pictures of these beautiful trees. 

The Hubby is busy preparing for winter by cutting, hauling, splitting and stacking wood.

Check out how green the grass has gotten.
It was brown and dead not long ago.
I could probably mow right now if the Hubby hadn't put the lawn mower away.

Sounds like we are going to be having some company this weekend over Caden's Bday. 
Should be fun. 

Except that part about having to clean house that goes along with company coming.
Not that the house is terribly dirty, but it will require some extra attention.
Hope I've got the energy for entertaining and all that goes with it. 
I am feeling better - day by day, but still get tackled by exhaustion and strange pain occasionally that sends me to the couch/bed for a time.

Here's to a good week :)

Friday, October 4, 2013

Random stuff

Not much new going on here. 
I'm feeling better, less advil and soreness.
A little more energy everyday. 

I've been laying low watching TV - We've got a free trial thing for HBO and I've rediscovered BIG LOVE!
And of course I've been doing the usual web surfing.
Was dinking around on Facebook this morning and randomly punched in a gal's name that I went to school with in 4th - 6th grade and waddaya know she popped right up!
I'd know her smile anywhere. We used to hang out in her basement listening to DEVO's Whip it and dance like only young girls can - with utter abandon. 
I remember her dad would eat bowls of cut up green apples smothered in crunchy peanut butter.
No I didn't send a friend request thing. 
Not sure why.

Speaking of friends I talked to the lovely Krissy yesterday.
She is doing well, back in the bosom of kith and kin.
(I always wanted to write that lol)

Autumn like cooler temps have arrived and we've been getting some rain too.
A little over an inch along with some thunder/lighting and a power outage.
We sure need the moisture and it looks like we'll be getting a few more inches before the weekend is over. 
Caden's football practice was even cancelled. 

Check out the creepy spider Caden found the other day.
Now if that isn't just the type of spider that gives me the whillies!

Colton is coming home this afternoon. 
School is challenging for him this semester, but he's getting it done. 
He'll be spending a second Birthday away from home this year. 
21 on the 31st. 
Caden's golden Birthday is a week from today. 
11 on the 11th.
Not to mention my nephew will be 22 on the 23rd and niece will be 19 on the 28th.
Lot's of October birthdays on my side of the family.

Chyann is gearing up for homecoming next week with a different themed outfit for each day and the game next Friday night will feature the band putting on some sort of a show during halftime. 
I'm excited to see what they've put together. 

I miss my Mother.
This would be a good time to play endless games of Scrabble. 

I want a hair cut too.
Think I need some bangs to cover up that forehead lol

Anywho, I suppose I should shower and clean up - I stink, before Colton gets here.
All this laying around is hard work you know.
Have a good one.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


The following may make you laugh so hard that you suspect you may have ripped out a stitch or two from your recently sewn belly!!


I do not know why these tickle the shit out of me! Gotta love that auto correct shit :)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's all Greek to me.

It's beautiful here.

I took a little walk around the place yesterday.
The horses were out mowing. 
The wind was blowing and that scary new tarp on the pool was freaking them out.
It was actually kinda funny, they'd be intent on eating and suddenly bolt for the front yard - only to meander back a minute later carefully skirting the pool. 
Took them about a half hour to realize it was only a tarp and not an animal intent on eating them.
Gypsy relaxed enough to turn her back to the pool and graze contently. 

Jennifer munching apples.
Shasta kept attempting to get Jenny's apple scraps and almost got flattened by her. 

So, the doc said an additional week off for me.
Which puts me back working on the 14th of Oct.
She said it's better to be absolutely sure I'm ready for work rather than might be ready, because there is no going back once I'm working again. Does that make sense?
Sitting here procrastinating about calling the boss to tell him.
Not that I think he'll give me grief, but still I am dreading the conversation.

Have I told you that I had never had a flu shot before?
Well in a RX haze somehow I said ok to the flu shot when they told me I really needed one after having been in the hospital.
Damn that sucker hurt! My arm is finally feeling better a week later. 
Did I really need it since I've never had the "flu" before? I wonder what my chances are now of getting/not getting the flu?
Any thoughts on this?
Do you get the flu shot?
What has been your experience with it?

Favorite thing this week is Greek yoguart.
It's like eating delicious frosting without the cake!
I love it!

later :)