Saturday, May 31, 2014

The week in review...

Another week fairly flew past and now the month of May is about done.
The kids have four days of school next week then they are done for the summer.
Summer like temperatures have arrived. 
Feels good - hot, but not a lot of humidity yet. 
We never had time to get the pool going last week, maybe this weekend.

A few pictures of the Memorial Day parade.
Next year Caden will march with the middle school band and it'll be Chyann's last year in the high school band.

You can just see her playing the symbols.
Course it was about 85* and these poor kids were super HOT in their long sleeved wool band jackets. 

Afterwards they were able to cool off a little. 
The girls went kayaking down the local river afterwards and got a weeee bit sunburned.  

Caden played in his second game of the season this last week as well. 
We got trounced, but it was a good learning experience. 

Caden played short stop mostly, but did get to pitch the last inning unexpectedly. 
He was pretty nervy about it since he hadn't pitched in about a month. 

No big plans for the weekend here. 
I've got a good book to read, lawn to mow, rhubarb to freeze, barns to clean, mulch to spread in the garden - which I will add is doing very well, horse's to brush and hopefully to ride.

later :)

Monday, May 26, 2014

As requested:

Pictures of the bathroom.

It's still not 100% finished, but good enough for now since all that's really left is some detail stuff and a door for the laundry and all that can wait until winter as far as I'm concerned. 

The bathroom is 10x17 and as a friend of ours said it's"big enough for ballroom dancing" and that's fairly accurate.
One day after I win the lottery I'd like to have this section of the house - upstairs/downstairs bathrooms, stairway and living room remodeled to utilize the space better, but until then this it is.

As you walk in from the living room.
The taller than average vanity, which everyone who has used it has loved and think it is a great idea.

Looking to the West wall.
I'm going to put a different plant that sits on the floor at some point over there.

And looking to the East wall.
What you cant see is the washer/dryer directly to the right.
Still need some sort of door there.
My favorite - the tall toilet!
And really the tile floor is awesome too. 
Sure was a chore to lay it down since nothing is square or level - gotta love these old houses - but definitely worth it.


It's been a fantastic weekend and damn it's in the 70's already at 830am.
Poor Chyann is gonna melt during the Memorial Day parade that she is marching in today.

Have a good one :)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday morning coffee

I found a new favorite coffee. 
Spring by Starbucks.
It's wonderful. 

I've had a hard time getting motivated to blog recently - It's too nice out to be inside anymore than I have to be. 

Good news for Caden!
His knee has healed and the doctor released him back to baseball and LIFE (as he says).
First practice is this afternoon and he is stoked!

Monday we had some serious rain.
Probably a little more than 2 inches.
We literally had standing water in the front pasture until Wednesday.

All that wet combined with the warmer temperatures gave the trees and grass that boost they needed to get growing like they should be this time of year. 

Colton tilling the little garden, which I'm going to plant today.
Love that apple tree and it smells divine, but damned if I don't need to really trim it back to keep it from shading the garden so much. 

Caden mowing the front yard with the pusher, while Daddyo works on the riding mower.
He calls it a Junk-Deer, as has to work on it before every mow.

I love days where you don't come in the house except to get more water. 
These pictures were taken while talking to my Mother on the phone last night. 

Caden had some friends over and the Hubby hit balls out for them to catch. 
The horses, nosy as they are were interested in everything they did. 

Wish you could smell these blossoms Mom. 

It's about time to get the cover off the pool. 
Sure would have felt good to take a dip and cool off yesterday.

Here's to another wonderful and productive day :)

later alligator 

Friday, May 16, 2014


Two years ago I had gorgeous Iris' blooming by now, not this year though. 
The stalks are about five inches high and not even close to flowering.
Everything seems to be stunted.
From the leaves on the trees to the flowers; however the weeds in the yard do not appear to have any problem growing - dandelions have sprung up everywhere.

I'm sure this cool weather is the culprit.
I went to the store yesterday and totally forgot to get some mulch for the flower beds - drat.

The new fencer is working and I haven't had to chase the cow since Wednesday - knock on wood.

Colton moved back home yesterday!
Two years of college officially done and he starts his internship/job on June 2nd. 
Exciting times for him.

Caden's knee is a lot better. 
Which of course makes him cranky since he doesn't see the doc for another week and I wont let him play baseball until after that appointment.

Here's to a great weekend :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I saw the sunrise this morning

and it was beautiful.

Wouldn't you just know it - I'm off today and up at the reDICKulous hour of 3am.
There may be a nap in my future.

The cow, lil white face, has decided the grass is greener on the other side and you know what means - so I've been spending my time either chasing the damn cow or worrying that she is out. The fencer and fence were fixed late yesterday. Fingers crossed that rotten cow wont be out meandering anymore.

Work. Work for me is going just fine. There are always rumbles of impending change throughout the departments, but yesterdays announcement shocked everyone. Telecommuting, it's what I do - work from home. The company sets you up with internet and a fancy computer. You work your hours just like you would from the office. I've no idea how many employees are telecommuters, but all the departments I've worked with or for have at least half their team working from home. There is a new big boss and for whatever reason she has decided telecommuting is no longer an option for a GIANT portion of employees.
They have to go back in-office or basically be fired by the first of June. Lot's of gals that I previously worked with have been given that edict and are panicking. Which I can't say as I blame them one bit. If I'd been given the same edict I'm not sure what I'd do, as I know that I do not want to work back in the office. Makes me nervous.

Remember about a year ago I started my downstairs bathroom remodel? Well after many many starts and stops it has finally come together. I'll get some pictures taken one of these days. Currently my favorite change has been the tall toilet. Yes I know that sounds strange, but there you have it. I'm not a tall person, about average I'd guess and a 16 1/2" tall toilet is the way to go. Easy to get up and down from. Trust me your knees will thank you for investing in this small change for your bathroom if you ever need a new shitter. Another improvement that thrills me is the bathroom vanity. It's actually my old vanity that I painted white and had the Hubby put a 6" lift on the bottom. It now sits about as high as my hips. Perfect for washing your face or brushing your teeth. No more hunching over at my sink! It may have taken forever to get this far, but well worth it and of course we're not completely done yet, but damn close and it's USABLE! Which is awesome considering I'm having a house load of folks over on Saturday. Yes it's finally rolled around, my jewelry party! And I'll receive the $100 bracelet (that I paid 18 bucks for) that enticed me to have the party in the first place.

Last day of finals for our eldest. He'll be home tomorrow, just in time to rake and maybe even mow the yard before my party lol

Happy Humpday :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hello again

Lots of shit going on around this place, I don't even know where to start. 

First baseball game last Tuesday.
It was a close game, but they lost. 
Caden got two runs in and pitched two innings until he had a collision with the catcher and runner and smacked his head on their helmets then the ground. 
Shook him up pretty good, but no concussion thankfully.
After the game however he says his right knee is killing him. 
So I took him to the doc the next day.
LCL strain is the diagnosis.
 Minimum of two weeks out of baseball and gym at school.
He is totally bummed, but quite glad it is not worse and depending on how he heals -HE  MUST TAKE IT EASY to facilitate healing - will still be able to have a good baseball season.
No idea when or how he was injured. 
Could have been when he was practically tackled while manning second base, the collision while pitching or even when he was stealing bases and sliding.

Looking cute in his new glasses, sporting the required brace - looking longingly at a friends pond.

Finally talked his siblings into boating with him.
Course he couldn't paddle so got a free ride. 

They paddled him up and down the pond. 
Then up and down again.

Somehow my youngest two children had never flown kites before.
How does that happen?
Chyann running to get Caden's kite up for him since he isn't allowed to run.
Check out how lovely her thick hair looks flying behind her.


 Chyann had to try it our for herself. They both had a blast flying kites for the first time.

And I got talked into paddling the pond for Caden too. 
Which I must admit, was a hell of a lot of fun. 

Much more that I could add, but will save for another day.

Have a good one. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Talk derby to me....

Derby Day.
It was amazing.

I shook the dust off the shoulder pads of this 25+ year old dress that has been hiding in the back of my closet, ran a hot iron over it a few times and put it on.
Chyann helped me with my hair, hid my dark circles and advised me on the proper eye makeup.
She then became our official photographer and chauffeur.

Before leaving the house  - a proper Southern lady, eh? 

A few pictures when we first arrived, after commandeering a few tables and pushing them together to make room for our group.  
We all received roses from our hosts.

We all gathered to watch the race when the we heard bugles begin to blare, announcing the start of the race.
However the race didn't start right at that moment and we all got to mingling and visiting - next thing we knew the race was over. 
Course we caught the highlights and WOW those are some phenomenal horses. 

Best derby day outfit went to the lovely Lori!
She won that red and black hat!
Which retails for $150 bucks! 
YAY for Lori!

My favorite wine of the day was Rhubarb by O'Neil Creek Winery.
They are actually located not too far from us and we've decided some Saturday we are going to make a day of it and tour all the wineries in our area. 

Favorite picture - shows what a great time we were really having.
You can practically hear the laughter can't you?

Might just have to get this one framed though.

Or this one. 

We really had the best day and already talking about next years outfits lol

Loved wearing the hat, but by the end of the evening I was ready to take it off or at the very least pin it up so I could see better. 


Happy Birthday to my favorite Alaskan gal Charity! 
Wish you could have been here for Derby day, you'd have loved it too!


Have a great day :)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Simply Saturday

It's gorgeous outside this morning.
We are seeing the sun for the first time in a about a week.
I'm not sure how many inches of rain we've received, but I'm guessing around four or five inches - if the amount of new water in the pool is an accurate indicator. 

The buds on most of the trees are ready to burst and I can tell. 
My eyes are getting gunky and my throat feels itchy.
Time to break out the allergy meds once again. 

Picture taken this morning after I fed the animals. 

I've got these bushes just off the back porch by the pool. 
I can't remember the name of them for the life of me. Starts with an S tho. 
I really liked them - NO MAINTENANCE and they were super pretty, bushy/big and colorful.
The weight of the snow broke over half of each plant down to almost nothing, so I got out my snippers and trimmed down the rest of them. 
Sure hope they grow back.
However they Hubby says, good he never liked them anyhow we should just rip them out. 
I'm like what?!?!
He says yeah, they looked too messy.
I call that "easy".
But whatever, if they grow back they are staying. If they don't well I guess we'll try something less "messy".

Colton out playing ball with Caden last weekend. 
He was CATching kitties lol

Congrats to my son on his internship for the summer!
We are SUPER proud and excited for him. 
Only eight more school days for him till he's out for the year. 
Looking forward to having him home again.

I've big plans for today myself. 
It's the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby!
Our wine tasting place is having a derby party and my friends and I are going. 
There will be prizes for best dressed and coolest hat, so YES we are dressing up in our finest derby gear. 
Can't wait!

later :)