Thursday, June 24, 2010

Casey update and the new saddle

So, there is not much change in Casey.

The vet says he hoped we'd be seeing some improvement
by now. At least more than a foot or tail twitch.

Casey seems to be feeling some pain in her back now though.
Previously nothing seemed to hurt and now
if moved wrong when we change her diaper she will
cry/yelp then try to drag herself away.
Really breaks your heart.

The Hubby says a gal at his work had a Dachshund
with back problems and she took the dog to an
animal chiropractor and had good results.
He is going to check that avenue out.

Jenny has reopened her wound!
And no I haven't called the trainer yet, but
have worked with her some and she seemed better,
more willing to get back into riding mode.

Chyann got her new English saddle set in on Tuesday and
has only just tried it out on Gypsy.

It fits well on Gypsy, but will need a few more
holes punched for the stirrups to come up a bit.
Chyann says the saddle fits her ok, she'll be
able to grow into it I hope.

Gypsy was indifferent to the new saddle, but
the new headstall was a bit bothersome for her.

Colton's new job at Hardee's is going well.
He is cooking burgers and chicken.
The stories his friend told him about the crazy gal are
apparently true. Not good.
I guess the head manager told him not to get too
bent out of shape about her, but
to try and stay out of her way.
That is nuts!


PAK ART said...

That is crazy! They should be dealing with the crazy gal and not just telling everyone to stay out of her way. I hate how management handles problems sometimes. They are getting paid more money to "manage" not just let stuff fly.

Aunt Krissy said...

I agrees with Patty, that's not the way for a manager to handle a problem lower manager. I hope that today is a better day for Casy.

Anonymous said...

OHHH.. Casey looks so sad. Its tough when they can't tell you whats going on huh?? A doggie chiropractor?? thats kind of funny.

Tell Colton to keep his chin up! if he ever complains about his job, tell him some stories from PenAir...dont think you can top some of them :-)


crochet lady said...

Aww...poor puppy.

Too bad there are folks in jobs where they don't belong. Hope Colton doesn't have to deal with crazy lady.

Lisa said...

That's terrible about Casey. She looks so sad there with her diaper.