Friday, July 19, 2019

TGIF and Animal Friday

 Man its hot already this morning. 
Dew points are in the low 70's.
We have heat advisories too with real feel temps to be about 110*.
So I am up early to get out and pull a few weeds, trim tomato plants and brush horses. 

My animal Friday guy is Dewey.
He is sitting in the bathroom window bird watching.

The last legion baseball game was on Tuesday night.
We saw quite a few kids and parents that we've known for years from previous teams Caden has played on. 

So do you remember years ago we got a piano at a local garage sale because Colton wanted to learn to play about 10 years ago?
Well course he moved to college and the piano was never played. 
It gathered dust and ultimately started sinking the floor.
I verified NO ONE was interested in learning to play the piano before I gave it away to a friends nephew. 
Fast forward five years and YES now Caden wants to learn to play the piano. 
I've been casually looking for one that is nearby, affordable and smaller than the behemoth we previously had.
Finally saw one last night that fits that criteria and we are going to look at it tonight. 
I'm excited.

Stay cool out there!

Thursday, July 18, 2019

The heat is on...

Good Morning and welcome to another hot and sticky day in WI.

Much of the last week we've had high humidity and temperatures in the mid to high 80's. Gotta enjoy the warmth while we can, since winter is right around the corner as evidenced by the amount of daylight we are loosing every day. 

It's sure been wet too, so much so that I have mushrooms growing in the yard and gardens; which by the way have never looked so good! Since I'm not working yet I am able to stay on top of those areas like never before! I'm sure the Hubby and boys are enjoying my being able to take care of all that so they aren't required to help.

The job front has been dismal. 
There just isn't anything I want to do that is nearby and pays decent.
I am contemplating applying at the school, but I doint think Caden is too wild about that idea.
Will see. 

In other news, a local theater group had a talent show during the State Fair and Caden along with three friends decided to compete in it singing Country Roads by John Denver as a quartet, which they sang at our school spotlight night back in the spring. 

There were four categories you could enter - Dance, Vocal, Instrumental and Variety as a solo or group act.
Judging was based on skill & technical ability, stage presence, audience appeal, originality, and overall performance.

These guys totally rocked their performance!
The audience LOVED them!
They harmonized beautifully!

However they didn't win, which was a total bummer. I didn't even contemplate them not winning!
We thought each of the categories and acts would be judged separately, but NOPE. 
No idea how they can compare a group a amazing guys singing acapella to ballet dancers since to me those talents are completely different, but whatever. 
It was a good experience for them and they totally rocked it!

later :)

Monday, June 17, 2019

Day 28, how time moves on

Good Morning

This last week has been busy for me. 
I cleaned out my old office. 
Packed up and returned my computer and other miscellaneous work supplies that needed to be sent back.
It was a surreal. 
Apparently we are going to turn it back into a sewing room/guest room.
Not that I sew much anymore or that we ever have guests.
Applying for jobs is something else I tell you.
Sure there are lots of jobs out there, but nothing I'm qualified for. Close enough to consider commuting to for a decent wage or something I would even like to do or think I could do physically (which is another story entirely).
Filling out a job application entails listing your skills for the job. 
I can type and know Microsoft products. 
I don't really have any skills per se that would translate to a freaking job.
Or degrees, licenses, certificates and that makes for a lack luster job application. 
Nothing that stands out and shouts HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THIS GAL!
So maybe I need to consider going back to school?
The only thing I really ever wanted to do was be a nurse, but I don't think I'm cut out for that at this point. Plus I must be set in my ways or just spoiled as I am not interested in even contemplating working nights/evenings/weekends/holidays. 
So you get my picture right? My job options have shrank considerably and then add in limited skills.
GAH! I will figure something out of that I am confident, but it may take some time.

We had a really nice Father's Day weekend here. 
All the kids were home and we went out to the Hubby's favorite pizza restaurant for dinner.

Our boys.

Me and Chyann.
She is a chameleon. Sometimes she looks like me, other times she doesn't. I'd say in this picture she looks like me lol

A year ago today we were in Marshfield watching Caden play baseball in 95* weather.
His team ultimately wont the tournament. 
Good memories. 

And wouldn't you know it two years ago today he broke his arm pitching.

Not very busy in the baseball department right now with the legion team he is on. One game a week and maybe one practice, but that will change next month. 

Have a good Monday :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2019


I've been making to-do lists every day and staying busy with random household chores that I've been putting off forever. 
At the end of the day its nice to see the check marks for DONE on my list. 

The weather has been pretty nice here. No extreme heat or storms, although we did have some rain come through yesterday evening that gave my gardens a nice drink so I wont have to water them today. 

Caden had his first game with the next town overs legion team on Monday.
The coaches are happy to have him, but made it clear that their local kids would play before him.
There are two teams - the juniors with 9th and 10th graders on it, which has 16 players and another team the seniors with 11th and 12th graders and they just barely have enough kids for a team.

First game on Monday for the juniors Caden didn't play till the 4th inning and when he did he made some good plays. They lost that game, but asked him to play up on the seniors team for tomorrows game.
With our town not having a legion team of their own its tough to find somewhere for him to play for summer ball. The main thing now is to continue getting reps in and staying healthy.

Thankfully he will be able to play with the Eau Claire Babe Ruth program for fall league and fall travel. 

School is out for Caden now and he is officially a JUNIOR. 
Hard to believe isn't it?
He is even getting a job, which starts tomorrow at 7am at a tree farm not far from here. 
I'm going to be a bundle of nerves with him working, but I'm glad he wants to work and make a little money of his own. 

My rhubarb is growing like crazy with the cooler spring. 
I've been making pies, jams and cobblers.

Saturday we met up with friends at a local winery and really had fun visiting and catching up. 
Looking forward to going again.

cheers :)

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Memorial weekend

 We enjoyed a great holiday weekend. 

Friday the kids all had a few friends over and we had a BBQ, complete with bonfire and smores. 

Saturday Chyann and I got all the garden plants and flowers purchased while the boys mowed and set up the baseball cage.
Sunday everyone pitched in to help plant both gardens and all the flowers in pots or flower beds. 

The weather was so beautiful both days. Finally some nice weather after the long winter and cool spring. 

The nice weather didn't last long though.
Monday brought thunderstorms and a little over 2" of rain. 
Fortunately instead of canceling the Memorial day parade outright like they did a few years ago it was moved to the high school gym. 

The school band director of 33 years is retiring at the end of this school year. 
Its hard to imagine the band program without him leading it. He has been such an influence on all our kids' lives. 
That's him in the picture below taking a final picture of the high school band.

Chyann is back to St Cloud and her job as an intern working 40 hours a week. 
Not sure when she'll be home again, probably around Fathers day. 

Still seems unreal that I lost my job. 
I am adjusting though. 
Trying to figure out what comes next.
Meanwhile my resume is updated and I am looking for possible positions while I establish a daily routine here at home.

Have a good one :) 

 Caden's school team lost their playoff game last week. So school baseball is done for another year. 

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Day 3

Good Morning,

Well I managed to get a lot done yesterday. 
Cleaning, sorting of crap, laundry. cooking. 
Took a nap and painted my nails, which I don't usually do.
Toes yes, but never liked to do my finger nails because chipped and peeling polish looks like crap to me, unkempt and all that. 
Every time I glance at my fingers and see color I think, whos that?
Something different and since I'm a lady of leisure now, I've got the time.

Today we are going to the local nursing home to see Caden and the choir sing, then off to a town almost two hours away for the first baseball regional game. 
If they win, they will move on and play next week. If they don't high school ball is done for the season. 

We had a brutal winter here and the kids missed something like 11 days of school due to snow, ice storms, and blizzards. They made up a few days around the Easter holiday and added a few minutes to each school day which meant they only had to actually make up one day outside the original school schedule. With that being said our boy has six days until he is officially a Junior. 

Chyann has just completed her Junior year of college and has applied to graduate in May of 2020!
She has been on the deans list five of the six semesters she has completed. This is one determined and smart lady! 
She is coming home today to spend the holiday weekend with us. 
Can't wait to see her. 

Colton works at our local DNR in their forestry and wildlife division.
The state sent him to fire fighting school a few months ago and he is now certified to fight prairie fires. He has done controlled burns several times and could be called out for any wildfires that arise in our area. Pretty awesome the things he does!

The kids both came out to watch baseball on a Saturday a few weeks ago. 

Have a good one!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Day 2

Good Morning and Hello!

Today is day 2 of being laid off from my job of almost 10 years.
Talk about being blindsided.

When you work for a large company they are always reorganizing and restructuring to save money it seems. Two years ago in October they had massive layoffs, which I escaped unscathed. After which I assumed they must really value my knowledge and the specialty work I did to have kept me onboard while so many others lost their jobs.

Come to find out it was likely a numbers game and last time, I just got lucky (probably). They literally sent a sheet listing all the departments that were effected by the layoffs and the employees ages. Yes their ages. One column showed the ages of those let go and anther column showed the ages of the few people they kept on. To "prove" I suppose that the layoffs weren't just targeting the over 40 population of workers. Hundreds and hundreds of workers laid off throughout the US. Sigh.

What to do now? I have no clue, but I will figure it out.

In the mean time, last night laying in bed I decided to resume blogging. I composed a witty blog post in my head that of course makes no sense today.

later :)