Saturday, April 14, 2018

Saturday AM coffee

My favorite time of the day, even if all I hear is the howling of the wind outside as yet another spring snow storm barrels down on us. 
Supposed to get up to 10" of snow today and into tomorrow.
Once again all the snow had almost all melted and now more is on its way.

Haven't had a single baseball game yet. Not sure if they will attempt to make up the missed games or if they'll just skip them all together.  

I got a new phone. 
I didn't need one, but Caden did because his that had been handed down through the other kids finally died.
I figured if anyone is getting a new one it will be me, so I gave him mine and got one of the newer iphones.
It has the capability of "live" pictures. 
It will be cool I heard and it kinda is except when you download them to your computer and the computer thinks they are actually videos and blogger wont let me post them. 
So I have a lot of great "live" pictures that you'll never get to see.
With that being said here are a few pictures from last weekends school talent show.

Picture of us waiting for the show to begin.

Caden had several jazz band numbers that he participated in. 

The music is so good!

He sang two songs with the guys choir.
They are incredibly expressive while singing, everyone gets a chuckle out of them.

Singing with the show choir.

Chyann tells me that when the picture gets all white and washes out the subject all I need to do is tap the screen to fix it. That bit of information would have been helpful prior to the talent show so yes a lot of the pictures I did get were washed out like this. Drat.

Singing Hey Jude.

Singing with the whole choir.
It was a fantastic evening!
Loved every minute of it!

The finalists for the fan favorite were a couple that performed an amazing swing dance - so talented and fun, a gal who isn't in choir singing a wonderful solo and our boy who sang Hey Jude.

He didn't expect to win two years in a row but he did!
So proud of this kid! 
He is a wonder!

 Have a great day :)

Sunday, April 1, 2018

April fools?

It got down to 4* last night. 
Not an April fools joke, unfortunately.

Winter isn't letting go easily this year.

The first high school baseball game is on Tuesday in a town about an hour South of here. Yesterdays snow storm missed that town and they currently do not have any snow, but the high temperature that day is forecast to be 36* and windy.
I am hoping someone has the good sense to cancel that game and the two home games on Thursday and Friday. 
Too damn cold and snowy for baseball just yet. 
Not to mention Friday at 7p is spotlight night!
Caden will be preforming in six different choir, band and solo songs. 

Speaking of music.
This year has been filled with music events. 

From playing pep band at basketball games and singing the national anthem.

Traveling to a nearby town and participating in mega choirs.

Solo ensemble, where he is actually going to STATE in May to sing his solo!

He will be singing with the HS show choir and the HS guys choir at state too!
Very exciting!

In 10 days he'll be 15 and a half, which around here means its drivers permit time. 


Saturday, March 31, 2018

Saturday AM coffee

Today didn't start out quite like I'd planned. 

I came downstairs to find the rotten cats had had a party in my plants.
Yesterday I repotted three of them and the fresh dirt must have been too tempting to resist.

As I was pondering how to clean all this fresh damp black dirt I noticed the forecasted snow actually arrived, much to my chagrin.
Unfortunately not an early April fools joke.

After shoveling a path out to feed the horses - yes Scotch and Gypsy have made it through another winter. Although Scotch had a close call with a serious bout of colic back in January, they are both looking good for their advanced age of 35ish.

After cleaning up the all the dirt I am finally settling down to drink my coffee and do a little blog post as requested by and promised to my brother.

Honestly I've thought often of writing.
Even started a few that auto saved when I didn't go back to finish them. 

Life continues grinding and moving us forward. 

Basketball ended for Caden. Best C team record in school history with only one loss.

The school play Music Man was a wonderful master piece put together by the very talented students and staff of our school, not to mention the so generous efforts of volunteers.

Our boy was a traveling salesman, Jeacey Squires school board member turned barbershop quartet.

The new elementary music teacher did a wonderful job working with the quartet.

Caden and his buddy Drew.

A few after first show pictures.

The big kids came home for the show too.

If nothing else this will be our Christmas picture lol

This is the first weekend we have absolutely nothing going on, which is perfect since the driveway is so drifted in no one is going anywhere until its cleared. 

Anywho, enjoy the day. 
I'm off to assist with snow moving.


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Phantom and more

Happy holidays!
December is about done and danged if we aren't starting to gain daylight again!
Spring is on the way! Which is good since winter finally arrived here and its damn cold. 

Chyann came home for Christmas and will be staying through the New Year.
It's been really nice having all the kids here. 

Last week Caden and I had the opportunity with a group of folks - parents and students from the school, to attend the Phantom of the Opera at the Orpheum Theatre in the cities.  
WOW! What a performance!

It was awesome!
We rode the school bus to the cities, which was perfect since that meant I didn't have to deal with the traffic or navigating in the city. Plus the bus was nice and warm. 

We stopped at a local mall before the play and finished up a bit of shopping. 
Had lunch too.

Oh and our boy got his braces off!
Look at that smile!
He is a beauty.

A couple of my gal friends also attended. 
I sure enjoyed visiting and hanging out with them.
We need to make time to get together more often.

Outside the theater.

A great day!

Stay warm :)

Thursday, November 23, 2017


Happy Thanksgiving!

Drinking coffee, listening to the boy in the basement playing a Neil Diamond classic tune on the ukulele makes for a fine start to this day.
I've got to get moving soon though, there are more pies to create. 

At work last week we were asked to provide a picture of ourselves age 12 or 22 for a group team building exercise. I spent yesterday digging through an old box of pictures and came across a clutch from years past Thanksgiving and Christmases. 
Made me nostalgic for those days of spending holidays with my family. I'd love to be puttering in the kitchen with them today. Playing cards or dominos after the meal and grazing on leftovers into the evening with them. Making memories for my kids to remember of "family" holidays. 

The first basketball game was this week. 
The boys won their game and played well together. 
Since he didn't play for the last two seasons he wasn't a starter and did some bench warming, but when he did play he was great!

It was like deja vu seeing all the boys together again (plus a new face or two), they aren't the little boys I remember from sixth grade. Odd man-boys have taken their place. 

With any luck next game Caden will be johnny on the spot and grab a better fitting pair of shorts.
I found it weird that they wont let the kids take the game clothes home to wash, I'd be sewing them to fit better if they did. 

Hope your turkey day is wonderful!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sunday AM coffee

Good Morning. 
Can you believe November is almost over?
All the kids will be home for Thanksgiving next week.
I am really looking forward to that. 

So what's been going on here....
Lots and a whole lot of nothing. 

Baseball season ended mid-October. 
It was an eventful rollercoaster season for our boy, but he has came through it with a positive attitude and healthy. 

The kids are growing up.

Caden has decided to give basketball a shot this year. I was kind of hoping for a quiet few months until baseball started up again in January, but I guess not. 
First game is next week. 

We've had some lovely sunsets recently. 

A bit of snow here and there.
So far nothing has stuck. I'm hoping it stays that way until December. 

We went on a wine tour with friends recently and had the best time!
If you ever get a chance, check it out.

Some parts of the drive along the Mississippi river reminded me of Turnagain Arm in AK, minus the mountains of course. 

All else is well. 
Hope you are too.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

The beat goes on and more

 Drinking my coffee this morning it is already 77* out.
Sure its "fall" now, but you'd never know it. 
Hotter temperatures last week than we had in the month of August.
I'll take it. Although it makes finishing up my canning a hot sweaty job.

Lots going on around here. 

The annual Fireman's parade in town - our 15th year attending finds our youngest in the high school marching band. 

The band unfortunately continues to shrink and he is the only alto sax player this year.

Their main song was from Star Wars. 
Caden even had a sax solo!

They did a fun little dance.

He gets his braces off in 10 WEEKS!
Better be seeing those pearly whites after that in pictures lol

The big kids came out to see their brother in the band. 

Fall travel ball has began. 
Course every game is in MN and a 100+ miles from home on Sunday's.
Which makes for a looooong Sunday. Fortunately his team is scheduled for the noon and 2p time slots so there are no split schedules or hanging around for hours waiting to play again. 

He can only play 2nd base and short stop this season, which is fine. 
No pitching until next spring.

The games they've played so far have been really well matched. 
Lots of action, which makes the games a lot of fun to watch.

Their coach is a college student who plays college ball at a nearby University.
Looking forward to tomorrows games already.
Chyann will be driving from St Cloud to watch with us. The game is less than an hours drive from where she is.
Will be nice to see her. School and work have kept her really busy so far this semester, but she is doing well keeping up with all that she has to do.

It's that time of year again when the pastures have pretty much yielded all the edible grass for the season so the horses are back to mowing the yard.
Bird brain Jennifer eating seeds from one of my feeders.
She is a little porky, but not quite as porky as this picture suggests.

Last spring I planted a bag of mixed bulbs and this beautiful flower showed up just last week!
Anyone know what it is?

Leaves are turning and falling.
Coming home from my daily walk.

The apples are huge and heavy this year. This is the second tree to loose a branch from the weight.
I am making apple sauce and possibly apple butter today.

While the days grow shorter and we are busier than ever trying to do everything that we feel we need to do, it's important to remember to BREATHE. 

Just breathe and enjoy those small moments in life as they are gone in the blink of an eye.

Life is short.