Friday, June 18, 2010

The Fair

The fair was a lot of fun last night.

It was very windy and hot.

We thought the wristband rides started at 4p, but
they didn't start till 5p.
We ended up checking out all the animals for an hour.

We have two 4H groups in our community that are very active
at the fair.

Somehow I managed not to get any pictures of the pigs or cows.
Guess I've seen enough of those and subconsciously didn't take any.

This gal looked so regal and above all the circus like atmosphere.

These two guys looked like their hair had been shaved
for them to have mohawks down their backs.
They were very aggressive towards one another
and kept mounting any chance they got.

Calm and cute Nubian goats.

Don't know what breed these guys were.
I liked the one on the lefts horns though.

Sweet miniature horse in the petting zoo area.

Caden wanting a free kitten.
No more cats for us.

Hamming it up on the new stage.

We ran into Chyann and her buddy.

Chyann, her buddy and Caden on the Octopus.
Actually that is what it was called when I was a kid,
now days they call it the Spider.

Caden loves all the rides and would even go on them alone
if his buddy wouldn't go.
His friend was afraid of heights and the Ferris wheel was a bad
ride for him.

When we left a big storm was moving in.
The sky looked like it was on fire.
My camera can't do justice to how amazing the sky really looked.

We had a great time and of course the kids want to go back,
but I'm done. My feet were killing me by the time we
got home :)


crochet lady said...

Aw.. looks like you guys had fun. Love that last pic at!

Aunt Krissy said...

The goats with the hair do, they look goofy. Did you have good fair food?