Saturday, December 29, 2012

Post Christmas and other such

Christmas is done.
We had a wonderful day. 

Caden didn't wake us up until about 730a, which must be some kind of record for sleeping late on Christmas day in our family.

I've been having problems with that new photo storage place today. 
I'll crop a pic, which is all I do now cuz the damn thing freezes up if I try to do more, then copy it over to the blog and the crop changes wont be saved. 
I've wasted enough time futzing with that so no cropped pictures for today.

Caden showing off a new shirt, course you can't read it - it says all I do is win!




And the lovely Chyann.


Later in the day Caden had a lego build fest, while 


Chyann napped and Colton played his DS.


The boys hit the hot tub after the outside chores were done.


It's been really nice having Colton home again. 
We've seen quite a bit of him, but that is about to change I think - he's got two jobs going now.
As a helper for our electrician friend a few days a week and he got his old job back at Taco Johns working about four days a week. 
YAY Colton! Make some money.
(course I am snarky and say if you had worked during school you probably could have taken off the christmas break)

Can't figure out why this picture has a border around it when I didn't put one on it?
**note - one of the kids did the editing - didn't even know they knew what program I was using. 

The Hubby got me a Kindle Fire for Christmas.

Seems like I don't have a lot of time to sit and try to figure it out.
Although I do have Pandora going all day during work, I haven't figured out how to do audio books from the library yet - which is the main reason I kinda wanted one.
Good thing our local Library has been putting on how to classes for using them, because I'm going to have to sign up for one. 

With the Kindle Fire comes one month free of Amazon prime.
Which entails free movies, some books/audio books and 2 day shipping for purchasing items. 

And apparently there is this cloud thing, where you can store you photos?
Might have to check that out too.

Work for me this week has been incredibly busy.
We are flooded with work and LOTS of folks have taken time off this holiday week, which has left those of us that are working totally scrambling to stay ahead of the deadlines. 
In fact they are offering double time and a half for working New Years day.
Yeah, I think I'll be working.

That's all for now. 
Have a great Saturday!

Monday, December 24, 2012

I'm ready

well, except for wrapping some presents and cracking the whip on the kids to help clean.

Caden's infectious excitement for Christmas has sure helped me get in the mood.

All the kids helped make cookies yesterday.
We teased and laughed talking about Christmases past.

Like when Caden was two, he grabbed a present from under the tree to open - it was a few days before Christmas.
 Colton was going to get the present from him and chased him into the bathroom, where Caden threw it into the toilet!


We went snow machining yesterday too. 
It was cold and fun. 

How about those Packers, eh?

I'm working today so I suppose I'd better get with it. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday with your family!


(this year's xmas photo)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Tis the season....

For Christmas concerts.

The High School concert was fantastic!
Chyann even had a solo!

You'll hear her playing throughout the piece.
It's a tinging sound.
Originally it was to be a solo for the cow bell.
Then it was a spoon solo.
In the end it was her hitting a hunk of steel with some kind of music mallet. 

Yes, that is the Hubby at the end saying "more cow bell"

You ever see that SNL skit with Christopher Walken?
Well, that is what the cowbell comment was all about. 

And I'd share a video of Caden's concert, but it would make you sea sick beyond belief. 
As you can see in this picture,  he is taking after his older brother in being a major ham when the camera is pointed in his direction.

He has all his buddies talked into being in band and choir next year.
His group of buddies will be a fun bunch to watch grow up.



Colton made it home from school yesterday.
He scared himself shitless by running into the ditch and quickly out again when a car swerved in his direction and almost hit him.

We got about three inches of snow, but the wind was freaking howling all day. 
Made for some drifts here and there.
Heard on the news that the Madison area got something like 20 inches of snow.

No, I am still not ready for Christmas.

There are presents to be bought, wrapped and cookies to be made yet.
Planning on heading out tomorrow after I get off work to hopefully finish it up and get the weekly grocery shopping done.

Time it flies
I'm running out of time this Christmas.
Although I am finding some spark of  Christmas spirit within myself.
Better late than never right?

Have a good weekend :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Basketball and other stories

It rained most of the day Saturday.
Not a lot of snow left - bummer.

We went to Turtle Lake for the last basketball tournament.
Yes, the last. 
Short season for 4th grade boys.
Next year I'm told, will find me wishing the season was shorter (oct thru feb)

The boys played three rocking games!
Short video of Caden.
 He missed the basket, but it was oh so close... drat.

He made this shot.


I love basketball.
Already looking forward to next year.
We are thinking maybe a basketball camp this summer too.


Afterwards the kids had a bowling party to celebrate their short but successful season.


I even bowled and managed to break most of my nails back to the quick - ouchy!
Damn balls are heavy and my rotten arthritic hand does not like trying to throw the ball.
Was a lot of fun, but definitely don't think I'll be bowling much in the future.

I think we'll be going back up to Turtle Lake one of these days.
They've got a casino there - not that I'd do any gambling, but would like to see some shows they have.
And it's not too far from a ski/snowboard/tube hill that I really want to go to this winter.
I have skiing on the brain this winter. 

Still not quite ready for Christmas, but closer.
Got the cards mailed out today.
The xmas picture is not the best, even considered not doing one this year, but the kids/hubby outnumbered me in the vote.
Glasses glare for me, dour looks from Caden and the Hubby. Colton looks happy tho and Chyann's arms look "normal" whatever that means.

Next year I'm going to ask pretty please for my friend Sherri to take our picture because she is a wonderful photographer.

No company planned for dinner - trying to talk Krissy and TJ into coming over though. 
For those of you that are Krissy fans, she is doing well. 
New job and moving is keeping her busy - and lack of internet.

Colton has finals this week, then he'll be home for 33 days. 
We are really looking forward to him being around more - or at least I hope he plans on hanging around some. He did get his old job at Taco Johns back so I know he'll be working some.

A place where you hope and believe your children will be safe. 
Friday's news made me want to get in my van and go get them all. 
Bring them home and hold them close. 

Take care.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

It looks like...

we'll be having a white Christmas after all!

After it was all said and done we got about 14" of snow and a snow day for the kids on Monday.
Not Colton though, he had to traverse the snowy/icy roads back to River Falls.
YAY for the hay guy who came and plowed the driveway so he could make it for his first class!
The Hubby had broke a trail at 4a with the truck, but his trail had all drifted in when Colton was ready to leave.

After work I/we spent about four hours moving snow.


The Hubby who hates heights of any kind, had to clean off the huge drift which developed between the two sections of the roof.  


Caden made a very cool snow fort.


 Chyann had to get Jenny out for the first deep snow ride. 
No pictures of that as I was working at the time. 

Gorgeous sunset. 


Somehow from last winter to this I've managed to loose my bunny boots. 
 I put them away somewhere and just can't remember what I did with them.
So, now I need some new boots. 


Funny story for the day.
Yesterday after work I was taking a nap on the couch.
I zonked right out and immediately (or so it seemed) began to dream about being at Caden's basketball practice. We were doing drills with the ball, passing it back and forth - chest passes and bounce passes. When all the sudden someone yells WATCH OUT! but I turned too late and the ball hit me right in the face!
At which point I am jerked from sleep by what felt like the concussion from that hit!
How weird is that?! 
Needless to say I couldn't go back to sleep - I had just gotten smashed in the face lol

I'm working in the office tomorrow and will start, yeah you heard that right, start my Christmas shopping when I get off. 
I don't know why I have such a hard time getting motivated for Christmas shopping. 
Also need to get the Christmas cards sent off and mail some junk.
Tomorrow will be long - I foresee that a Papa Murphy's pizza or Taco Johns take out will be dinner - not to mention a couple glasses of chillable red.

Speaking of eating out.
We don't do it often. 
Living a half hour from fast food is good and bad. 
Good in that you don't eat a lot of shit food, but also bad on those nights you just don't feel like cooking.

Anyhow, a week or so ago I had decided we were gonna get that BIG BOX deal you see advertised from PizzaHut and if you ordered on line you could get a free thing of soda pop.

I ordered it all on line and specified the time I wanted to pick it up, which was two hours in the future. That would give me enough time to do my running around and kid picking up and be just in time to get the pizza.
Wouldn't you know it right after I hit submit my order, the Hubby says what kind of pizza did you order for me? I said your usual and he says well I think I want 4 meat instead. 
hmmmm.. alright.. how to fix this..... 
So I called up the Pizzahut location that I'd online ordered with and said:

Me: I just placed an order online and made a mistake with my order, can I change one of the pizzas?
Pizza lady: let me check with my manager. 
After being on hold forever she comes back
Pizza lady: Sorry no, your pizzas are already in the oven and the order can't be changed now. 
Me:  let me get this straight, I stated that I wanted my pizzas ready at 7pm and you have just put them in the oven to be cooked at 515pm?
Pizza lady: yes.
Me:  whatever happened to fresh pizzas? I don't want pizza that has been sitting on your counter for almost two hours. Cancel that order.
Pizza lady: but you can't! They are already in the oven!
Me: well I'm not paying for cold pizza.
Pizza lady:  ok, I'll tell my manager.

 I think the issue is over and I'll be finding something else for dinner.
About 15 minutes later the Hubby calls on my cell and says Pizza hut called and made a mistake with my order and they thought I was talking about another order and yes they could change the order so did I now want it?
Yeah, so we had PizzaHut that night. 

Have a good one!
 I'm off to basketball practice and will be on the look out for any balls coming in my direction!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Basketball and other stories

Sunday oh Sunday.

It's snowing out.
Winter storm warning.
Predicted to get anywhere from 5 to 8 inches.
It's a little breezy too.

Yesterday Caden was in his first basketball tournament.
The boys played three games.
(I had a sore throat last night from shouting and cheering so much)

Since we have a big team they rotated into the game in groups of five every five minutes.

As I figured Caden played great defense, getting a lot of rebounds and stealing the ball on numerous occasions then passing it to his teammates to take down.

When he had the ball for offense he seemed a little timid, until the last game when I think he found his confidence and made a great shot!
Oh man was that a wonderful moment - had to whistle and jump up and down since I just couldn't yell loud enough at that point.

Team picture after the game.
If you can't tell which is me, I'm the one with the damn glare on her glasses.
 That sure is irritating.
The gal next to me has glasses on and she has no glare - what is up with that?!
Caden is front and center looking all cool.


Next Saturday we've got another game up in Turtle Lake.
Can't wait.

In  other news....

We've got the hot tub up and running again - YAY!

The Hubby and I were relaxing in it the other night when out of the corner of my eye I see this blur and splash into the water. 
Jets are on high with bubbles on.

I look at him and say what was that, then I feel something on my foot. 

OMG it's a CAT!

I scramble to the area where I felt the fur with my foot and start scooping in the water to grab her.

When I finally get a hold of Jinxie she is sputtering and totally freaking out.
SO I'm standing in the hot tub holding her high screaming at Caden to open the door and get this cat!
(remember the hot tub is right off the living room on the porch)
He finally comes unglued from the TV to hear me screaming and gets her inside.

It was like she was just going to hop up on the side and slid right into the water.
Happened so fast I hardly knew what I'd seen.
She is no worse for the near drowning experience and got to stay the night in the house, which she loved.

The scratches on my left arm and hand are superficial, but sure were sore for a day or two.
Quite a funny/embarrassing/strange story to have to explain to my Hand doctor that I just happened to have an appointment with with next day.

Diagnosis on that?
Tendinitis in the left hand and maybe more than the basil thumb arthritis in my right.
Blood tests come back next week some time. 
I'm sure all I have is rotten loose joints, but the Doc is not so sure.
Guess we'll see.

Are you ready for Christmas?
I'm not. 
Many, many things on my to do list.

Better get started on some of them now before the football games start.

Have a nice Sunday :) 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hump day once again

Another week gone.
Basketball, OT and life.
Can you believe it's December?
We got the tree up on Sunday.
Poor tree doesn't look too bad either, for being about 20 some years old.

The weather has been pretty wacky.
Monday we had a high temp of 57* and HUMID.
Was windy too, but that didn't stop Chyann and I from taking a ride.

We started out across the field next door.


The sun was already starting to set and the cloud formations were pretty cool.


You can see the back of the house in this picture. 


The pinks and blues were beautiful - vivid.


Isn't that just amazingl?!?!


We only went out a few miles then turned around and headed back.


These rides with Chyann are the best.
She talks about the most interesting things, she is so smart.
Did I tell you she made a declaration the other day that she is going to be an astrophysics and study black holes?
Imagine that!
She is determined enough to make anything happen if it is what she wants.

I can't believe how fast she is growing up.

Do you see the round bales lined up against the fence?


It was plumb dark when we arrived back home.
Was twilight and then dark in the blink of an eye it seemed like.
Jenny did not appreciate being out after dark, she got a little jumpy when we were crossing the field towards home. 
Not Scotch tho, he knew we were in the direction of home and always has a bounce to him when headed homeward.


Caden's first basketball tournament is on Saturday at the school.

He is hell on wheels - plays great offense and even better defense. 
Can't wait!!

Oh, and yes our wacky weather is just that. 
Today only a high temp of 30*, quite a change from only two days ago.

Have a good one :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

That smell...

This morning when I went out to feed the animals, I steped out onto the porch as was about bowled over by that crazy feeling of deja vu.
Something about the smell of my somewhat musty cold weather gear and the crisp cold air is what triggered it.
The deja vu/memory was of skiing in AK when I was a kid.
For a second there I could almost feel the icy wind on my chapped cheeks as I raced down the mountain.
Was an incredible feeling!
Probably the last time I went skiing was the year before Colton was born, so about 22 years ago.
I remember going to Arctic Valley most when I was a kid.
 In elementary school we took classes there and learned to ski.
Ride the bus to school, they'd do a head count and we'd get on another bus and ride to the mountain to spend all day skiing. 
It was great!
The most fun was going to Alyeska to ski!
Last time I went to Alyeska was with six friends for night skiing - incredible.
Course I've been thinking about skiing all day.
There is a place not too far from here that we could go skiing at.
Course we currently have no snow.
Looks like this place Christie Mountain makes their own though and is planning on a December 7th opening.
Have to think on this for a bit.
Also wouldn't mind getting some crosscountry skis too.
Would be fun to cruise the snowmachine trails, not to mention great exercise.
In other news...
 I'm back to work and the work is piled up high.
No OT for me this week though since I had monday off and would have to do 8 straight time extra hours befor they'd pay OT wages.
Nope, not for me.
I might on Sunday since that is the beginning of the new pay period.
Yes, I've got this figured out lol
Picture of Casper.
Poor guy had some diareaah last weekend.
I think he was eating junk he shouldn't have been.
Like trees, fences and nibbling on the side of the barn.
It was hard to get his back side cleaned up and dry with it being so cold out.
Glad he is over whatever it was that gave him the runs.


Happy Humpday :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Last day

I can't believe how fast these last six days have flown.
I sincerely hate to have to go back to work tomorrow.

It's cold here this morning. 
About 18*.
We could sure use some moisture.
Snow, rain, sleet - whatever as long as it's wet.

Caden hanging out while I was brushing the fuzzy horses last week.


 Have you put your Christmas tree up yet?
We haven't.
Probably wont for another week or two either.
I've got no holiday spirit - yet.

Although I did mess around with our Christmas picture some yesterday.
Thought I had it just right, when Chyann declares that I can't use that picture because her arms look strange.
I'm like what? are you kidding me!?!
I told her to find one that she liked then and of course she can't. 
Christmas picture saga to be continued...

I'm off.
Going to go enjoy the rest of my day.
Think I'll take Gypsy out for a ride. 

Have a good one :)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

4 of 6


I must say how good it is not to have to sit on my ass for 8+ hours a day.
Back, hips, knees and hands are feeling like new!

Potato's to be pealed? Pass'em my way - these hands are ready.
Sit and watch a movie with the kids and not be in agony? Yep, hit play.
Browse the internet and goof with the new photo thing? Yep, kinda fun again when you aren't chained to the machine.

I'm liking this sleeping in too. 

Didn't do much that I didn't want to do today.

Cooked, did laundry and read my book - Buried Prey by John Sandford.

Went out and took pictures of they guys doing wood. 
Yes, for the first time in a long while I did not participate in that exciting activity.

This photo editing thing is pretty neat.
 I've not bothered with it previously (you are probably saying no kidding - it's about time). 

Fiddled a bit with this picture I took of Colton.
Not much really. 
Just cropped, a border and auto correct for the color. 
Sure was a gray and gloomy day.

Colton edited

And this one of Chyann, Scotch and Jenny - I just cropped and hit auto correct for color.

Chyann just can't go a day without riding.
I didn't feel like riding cuz damn it was cold, only about 24* and a bit breezy. 
Read my book instead.
So her big idea was to pony Jenny with Scotch to work them both.

chyna edited

Pretty cool all the facets of a picture you can manipulate with the touch of a button.

Caden has a friend over and they have discovered Batman for the WII. 
Suppose they'll be occupied all night with that. 

Back to my book.
Have a nice evening.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 3 - Check that out!


I did it!

Figured out how to move photos from the new place to here FOR FREE!

Incredible how foggy it was the other morning.
Reminds me of when I lived in AK and worked for PenAir. 
St. George Island (think Deadliest Catch) was one of our destinations and the agent there always said the fog was like "soup".
I think this is the kind of fog she was talking about - thick and heavy.
For more pictures of St George Island , go here.

We had a very nice Thanksgiving.
Second year in a row that I've hung laundry out, if you can believe that.
Tons of food, drink and games - football too.

Left the house at 630a this today for a little black Friday shopping.
We'd never went before and to be honest, probably wont go again.
Sure there were some good deals, but nothing I/we really needed.
We hit Kohls, Target, the mall - Sears, Yonkers, JCPennys, Old Navy, Macy's and all the little shops in between. Then KMart, Farm Fleet, Aldi and Walmart. 
The crowds weren't too bad.
The longest lines were for the bathrooms.

One of Chyann's friends started shopping last night at 8p and stated heading for home 9a.
What in the world they were doing for all that time I have no idea.
Because I'm sure we went to the same stores they did and it sure didn't take us that long. 

If you can possibly imagine yesterday's high temp was 64*.
Today's high temp was 25*!!
HOLY COW what a change!
Windy and snowy too!
Winter has definitely announced I'M HERE!

Alright, I'm off to heat up some leftovers.

Until tomorrow :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 2 - Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful day together and some good food of course!

It's a beautiful day here today.
It was a little foggy earlier though.
I took some pictures of the the front trees looking eerie, but alas I have not fixed my picture problem yet.
Thank you Ladies who commented and gave advice on how to maneuver around the google issue. 
That is my plan this afternoon, after the meal and all is quiet, I will investigate the solutions and hopefully get it taken care of.

If I am understanding correctly - instead of uploading my pictures directly from my to computer to blogger, I will have to create an account in a different photo storage area (snapfish/photobucket) and upload my pictures/copy the url from there to my blog.
Or suck it up and pay about $3 bucks a month - which seems like such a rip off to me. 
So, I will figure the new way out!

Yesterday Chyann and I rode in the field next door for about an hour.
 It was a lot of fun until we started hearing gun shots close by.

It's incredible how many hunting accidents there are around here. 
The latest wacky one I heard on the news,  was a man shot at a deer, missed and the bullet traveled (I don't remember how far, but it was a bit of a distance) to another man in his hunting party and shot him in the hand, blowing off two fingers!

The horses aren't bothered by the gun shots any more, but Shasta and Tater got freaked out and tried to hide under Jenny's legs - which as you can imagine freaked her out some lol

Do you make any new recipes for your Thanksgiving feast? 
Or do you stick with the tried and true recipes that your family has made for eons?

I usually make at least one new recipe and it was going to be for prime rib, but since Mom and Gerry aren't coming we are going to do a ham.
No other new recipes to try out, but I may put a spin on my Boston Market Squash casserole.

Have a good one, eat lots :)

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 1 of 6 - MY Thanksgiving vacation

 Y'all almost got a real treat last night. 

I'd had on of those days and decided to do a little drunk blogging.
 (ok I wasn't really drunk, maybe tipsy, but it sounds ever so much more dramatic to say drunk)

Below is an excerpt of what, in the cold light of day I decided was alright to say:

I've had rotten shitty ass day and decided to do a little drunk blogging and like
 drunk texting I normally frown upon this, cuz you always seem to regret the shit you might say (not that i've ever done that, cuz im a lousy texter), but I'm going to make a special exception for tonight.

My shitty ass day is mostly a result of hormones, but there are other factors as well.

Between the terrible headache, being overly emotional (which I don't think I ever am) and teary as hell - I've had a few glasses of wine and that miserable headache finally went away!
This must mean another glass of wine is in order, to celebrate of course!

As for the hormones - Peri-menopause or menopause whatever the hell you want to call it - rip job of the century.

I used to be the "normal" one.
Now I'm the "hormonal" one.

What kind of a cosmic joke is this?!!!

Enough of that.
 I'm ever so glad at the last moment some common sense prevailed and I hit save instead of publish.

 My Mother and Gerry are not coming for Thanksgiving.
I can deal with that - mostly.
They would really like to come, but are unable to due to circumstances out of their control. 
 (a story I will not tell as it is not mine to tell, but irritating just the same)

So, I've got six days off.
With not a lot planned.

I've decided to blog everyday, even if I've got nothing to say. 

I was going to upload photos from this last week


guess what?

Google says I am over my damn limit of photos!

 And they want me to pay $$ on a monthly basis to upload more.
WTH kind of a scam is this?
How can I avoid this?
Because I'm cheap!
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Below are the pictures I managed to get uploaded before google put the kabosh on uploading more.

Proof that Pumpkin Pie is really ok.
She is a pretty laid back kitty cat.
Can you see where I cut her hair?

An interesting picture of my girl and her horse.
Something about it that I really like. 

Our weather is wonderfully mild!
High 60's for the next few days.
Too bad it's still gun deer season, today would be a great day for a long ride.
I think we'll probably do a little riding around our place though.

Colton is home for the week too.
It's very nice to have him here.
Hope he plans on spending a little time with his siblings, they miss him very very much - especially Caden.

Basketball with Caden has really been a blast!
I've enjoyed every practice! 
You wouldn't believe how much the boys have improved, it's amazing!
Getting to know the other two assistant coaches better has been a bonus I sure didn't expect either.
We are actually thinking about trying to get a few more ladies interested and playing our own games.

Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law Elizabeth!
Hope you have a great day!

Until tomorrow :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Crazy story for the day

I'm in my office on a conference call when the dogs start barking their fool heads off.

Figure they are barking at those imaginary bunnies or big-foot is at the back door.

After a bit they settle down.

I got off my call and continued working.

Few minutes later I hear the strangest sound. I can't even describe it.
 Just a weird urgeling/wheezing kind of thing.

So I look around


find to my surprise


Pumpkin Pie.

She has two fly sticky tape strips wrapped around her body!
From the tips of her ears to the tip of her tail.


She was actually pretty calm as I try to peel this incredibly sticky shit off of her.

Course her fur is caked with this gunk.

Time for a kitty cat bath break.

Off to the tub for her first bath, which was another first that I do not wish to ever repeat.

Soaping up a freaking out cat is no easy feat, but in the end she went docile and hung cupped in my hand like she was boneless. 

Apparently this sticky shit is water proof so the traumatic bath was all for naught.

Wrapped in a towel she sat in my lap and dozed while I worked.

Every so often I'd use my scissors to cut a chunk of that gunk out of her hair.  

Going to take a few days to cut it all out.

 Are you wondering where those sticky fly tape things came from?
The Hubby had two of them hanging down in the wood room.
Since we moved all that wood in and it warmed all up, sometimes you'll get bugs coming out of the wood so he hung them up in hopes of catching any that might be around.

I am assuming Pumpkin came up from the basement thrashing like a manic which is what got the dogs barking. 
How she managed to make it up two different flights of stairs, traverse four dogs who probably thought she was wanting to play and up to my office is beyond me. 
Definitely a tough little thing.

No pictures available of this crazy event as I was home alone and needed both hands lol


We had a great time at my friend Sherri's party on Saturday nite.
She is the BEST party planner.
We played Friendly Feud - think Family Feud and all the questions were about her.
What a riot!
Mr Freeze had a us all laughing so hard!
A great time for sure!
Stayed up waaaay too late though, by the time we got home and had a snack it was 3am before I got to bed and was up waaaay too early at 8a.
Which meant I took my Sunday football nap from 1230 till almost 6p!
Damn, what a waste of the day. Hate it when that happens.

It's been a busy week with basketball practice and working as much OT as I can squeeze in.
For whatever reason my ass doesn't hurt quite so bad this week, must be developing some good ol' trucker ass - able to sit for amazing long periods of time.

Working in the office tomorrow, which I am dreading. 
Not just the drive in, but hey I've also got to find something to wear that is not a holey sweatshirt and worn out jeans. 

Have a good one and beware of fly sticky tape and cats :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday at last

I said to hell with working today.
Planned on sleeping in, but was up at my usual time.

Need to clean the house, but here I sit (on my mega sore ass).
No motivation to do anything.

Went through my picture archives to find a few random pictures to post for today since I haven't taken any new ones in a while and ended up spending about an hour enjoying a walk down memory lane. 

It's amazing how fast life changes and we don't even realize it.

Caden took over the three wheeler.

Chyann with Lucky and Shasta, after she got the fixator off. 
We still miss ol' Lucky.

Colton and Sparky watering the cows one cold winter day.

This was too funny!

I suppose I should get moving.
Do a little cleaning, hit the store and take a nap because
today is my good friend Sherri's birthday and we are going to help her celebrate tonight!
Happy Birthday Sherri xoxo

Toodles :)