Sunday, February 28, 2010

Good to be me


And it's all for me!!

I made three homemade pizzas tonight for dinner.

A plain jane pepperoni for the kids,
a Canadian bacon with pineapple and jalapenos for the hubby
and this very delicious veggie pizza for me.

I used a ranch and garlic mixture for the sauce,
layered on all my favorite veggies and
sprinkled on some mozzarella and feta cheese.
The feta got a little extra brown, but that was alright
I wanted to make sure the crust was done.

It was fantastic!!
Even better is the fact that I get to eat it all myself!
I'll be having it for lunch most of this next week.

Yes, I've changed my background and
I'll be changing it every few days or so until
I find something I really like or figure out how
to use one of my own pictures for the background.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Muffins and random stuff

Saturday morning muffins.

Those guys smelled soo good and tasted even better!
Nothing like homemade muffins, don't you agree?

All is well here.

Caden and I have recovered from strep
and no one else has came down with it.

Major earthquake in Chile.
I heard on the news that it was 1000 times stronger
than the recent one Haiti had.
Now that is scary!

Growing up in AK earthquakes and volcano rumblings
happened on a fairly regular basis.

I have a distinct memory of sleeping on the couch and
being awakened by the plant that was hanging in a corner
of the living room swinging wildly and smacking the walls
from a good shaker.

Pavlof volcano
was just across the bay from our house in Cold Bay
(cool pic of Cold Bay is the 5th one down)
and had frequent eruptions when I lived there.
One eruption during the winter turned
the falling snow black with ash and you couldn't use the windshield
wipers on your vehicle because the ash would scratch it up.
Maybe we shouldn't have been outside
playing in the black snow, right?

Enjoy your weekend :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day off

Over the weekend we noticed that Caden had some
seriously swelled lymph glands in his neck.
I wasn't really worried or anything because he
said he felt fine and was acting normal.

Yesterday morning he wakes up with a horribly sore neck.
No other symptoms, just the sore neck and those
glands are still huge.

Of course we can never get in with the pediatrician,
so we took him to urgent care.

He had strep throat the end of January and apparently
the antibiotics didn't completely do the trick for him
because he's got it again.


The doctor asked if anyone else at home had a sore throat.
I slowly raise my hand.

Yep, I've got it too.
No wonder I've been feeling like crap for the last week or so.
Not to mention, horribly cranky.

Today Caden and I are watching movies
enjoying our unexpected day off.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Odd's and ends abound

Lots of things going on here,
as usual no time to post.

This last weekend the guys did wood
and by that I mean they went and cut it, loaded it in the
truck, brought it home and unloaded it.
Only one minor catastrophe when Colton
threw a log and broke the back window on the truck.
Which you wouldn't think could happen when
we have wooden sides on the truck to really heap
the wood in there, but it did.
Good thing the Hubby had a spare and was
able to replace it as soon as they go home.

Report cards came out and I'm proud to say
ALL my kids are doing wonderfully!!
Honor roll for Chyann!!

My Dad won some HUGE bucks on the Superbowl!!

My Brother's family and my Mom and Gerry
are taking a Mexican cruise in May and I'm terribly jealous!!

Colton has Pre-hypertension.
More sleep, exercise and less sodium for that guy.

No more OT at my job until further notice!

Fence fix is holding (keep fingers crossed)!

All three cows appear to be pregnant, due in June.

Caden went to a sledding party and learned to snowboard.

10 hours and 36 minutes of daylight today, that's a whopping
2 minutes and 44 seconds longer than yesterday.
SPRING is coming!!

I am shopping for house/auto insurance due to ours is
going up and up and we've never had a claim...

Only 58 days till April 15th, are you ready??

Colton has the third biggest part in the school play.
It's called Curtains and is some kind of a murder
mystery musical. It opens the first weekend in April.

Chyann has horse fever very badly.

I need a stinking hair cut!
I may just get it highlighted too.

My cheap-o MP3 player broke again.
Good thing I've still got the receipt cuz I'm taking
it back again!!

Ok, I think that's all for the moment...

Oh and Krissy told me about this crazy blog she found
it's about a wife whose husband talks in his sleep and
she records every thing he says because it's crazy stuff.
I love it!

And are you watching the Olympics at all?
I only catch a little here and there and it's GREAT!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Boots

A fine pair of Bunnies

Bunny Boots is the nickname for Army's extreme cold
vapor barrier boots.
Somehow these boots have become a cultural phenomenon
in my home state of Alaska. Most everyone has a pair
and if they don't, they want a pair.
I can say from personal experience that no other boot is as
warm or funny looking!
Speaking of the home state, I must say that the former
Governor sounds like a moron every time I
hear her talking on a news program.
My former boss is now running for Governor.
How cool is that!!?!

Furry friends

Trip and Willow

Snuggling up on some Carharts.

Money making opportunities abound

One of Chyann's friends at school is making duct tape wallets
and selling them for $10!

She figures this is an opportunity for her to make some $$ too.

Her first wallet turned out pretty well.

While surfing the net for wallet directions she came
upon instructions for duct tape flip-flops.

Now this could be her thing.

Turned out pretty good, eh?
Side note:
I did not get many posts done Sunday before the game,
Sure was a good game wasn't it?
I didn't think the commercials were fantastic this year tho.
I did really like the Betty White one and the Budweiser bridge.

Monday, February 8, 2010

A change is coming

Some of the Blogs I follow
have recently updated their look.

That has got me thinking that I'd like to do it too.

Only problem is

What do I update it to,
How do I do it if no templates are to my liking,
I only want FREE templates, cuz I'm cheap
and Where do I find info on all this?

(remember this is Sunday pre-recorded and I'm
cooking and getting ready for the big game so I
don't have time to do it now it'll have to wait till
next weekend)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Today is the day

Finally, it's today.



I love football!!

I think the Colts are going to take the Saints,
but really I don't care who wins just as long as it's
a close game all the way to the end.

We don't do a whole Superbowl production, usually
just nachos or some other sort of Mexican food.

Today I'm making homemade re-fried pinto beans
and beef chimichanga's.

For the chimichanga I'm using left over shredded roast
that is simmering in beef broth, hot salsa, a little red
wine and some spices. When that's done I'll roll it
in homemade tortillas (first time making those today),
deep fry, then plate them topped with any fixing you
wish and a side of beans.

Yummy, I tell ya.

And wasn't it fun two weeks ago when I had a post

Well, those posts were Sunday pre-recorded.
It was too hard to get a post done after a 10hr day,
dinner, dishes, homework and all that so I
sat down that Sunday and wrote out a whole week
worth of posts.

I liked that and tried to do it last Sunday, but time
conspired against me and it didn't get done.

So, here I am again on Sunday trying to cook and post
before the big Game.

We'll see how far I get for this week, eh?