Monday, June 29, 2015

Going cuckoo

It's true.
I am going cuckoo.
From this clock that my Hubby recently purchased. 

It is beautiful. 
It is an antique.
It is almost just like one that his grandparents had back in the day.
It brings back lots of happy memories for him.
It cuckoo's
and it cuckoo's
and it cuckoo's
and it freaking cuckoo's.


I can no longer nap in the living room.
tick tock tick tock tick tock
tick tock tick tock tick tock
tick tock tick tock 


I can hear it in our bedroom at night when I'm trying to sleep.

No one else is apparently bothered by this constant racket, just me.

I will get used to it.
I hope. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Family visit and other such fun

We had a wonderful visit with my sister in law and her husband this weekend.
I suppose it's been since May of 2010 since we've seen them.
Everyone gets busy doing their thing, living life and before you know it five years have past.
I'm very glad they decided to visit.
We had a lot of fun staying up late visiting.
 Talking about old times and hearing about new family adventures 

The kids and their Aunt.

Course there just happened to be an air/car/motorcycle show in a nearby town that we went to.
Colton listening to his Uncle and Dad talk about old muscle cars.

It took the guys forever to get through the cars.
It was an absolutely beautiful day. About 80* and manageable humidity.

Caden had to try out this crazy bouncy thing.

He had a blast doing front and back flips!
I confess I had a hankering to try it out myself, but didn't do it.

I had a birthday last week as well. 
The big 44.
Chyann and I rode horses and had a fantastic time. 
The ol nags were very well behaved and didn't give us a speck of trouble, they did attempt to snag a bite of corn when the opportunity presented itself. The corn around here is doing quite well; it will indeed be knee high by the 4th of July this year.

My Mother and Gerry were talking the other day and decided they really wanted to see Caden play baseball. So the countdown is on and they will be here in a mere 11 days for a three day tournament!
Caden is stoked! The big kids too of course, but they are hiding it better than he is lol

Stay cool :)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday AM coffee

June 21st. 
The summer solstice. 
The days start getting shorter again.

My flowers are in bloom and looking lovely.
The cherry tree is loaded and a few cherries are starting to ripen. My big plan is to make cherry wine.With any luck it'll turn out better than my last attempt at wine.

The kids found two mama cats and twelve kittens in the old pig hut and moved them into the barn last week. I attempted to get some pictures of them yesterday, but ol Dodger had to come around being nosy and scared them into hiding in the bales of hay. 

It's been baseball-arama around here. 

Scheduled for five games this week, but one of them was cancelled yesterday morning due to rain.

A few highlights of the games:

Caden sliding into second!

The Hubby does the "book" at games now for both teams so he hangs out in the dugout with the kids.
1 win and 1 loss for the school team.

1 win and 1 loss for the tournament team.

I still can't quite get my camera figured out for shooting through the damn fence.
In this case I was right up on the fence at a bit of an angle and zoomed in to see Caden.
From my perspective through the lens this picture was crystal clear - like the above ones, but after downloading them I can see where the fence is. Drat! 
Anyhow, Caden up to bat and hits a double!

Coming into home!
Not a great picture obviously with the damn fence in evidence, but still pretty cool with both feet off the ground giving the impression of him just flying!

The boys rotate through the field during the game and play multiple positions.
Caden in center field where he got a lot of action.

Not a lot else going on here. 
The big kids work everyday so we don't see a lot of them.

Sounds like we'll be having some of the Hubby's family coming for a visit next weekend. Which should be fun. Not sure what all, if anything we'll do while they are here. 
Course that means I've got a to-do list as long as my arm for the Hubby to get cracking on.


It's Father's Day!
Happy Father's day to my Dad! xoxo

Have a good one :)

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday AM coffee

Middle of June already.
We've sure been putting the miles on the van since school got out.

Last Saturday we went to Green Bay for a day at Lambeau Field.
It's a program offered to kids 14 and under to have the opportunity to go to the stadium get a tour, see the hall of fame and practice with a few Packer players.
We took one of Caden's buddies with us and met up with another of his classmates there.
Three and a half hour drive one way, four hours touring/walking/standing around then three and a half hours home made for a long day. 

The boys in the stadium.

In the practice area.

This picture was taken from alllll the way across the practice field - a solid 100 yards.
The zoom on my new camera works pretty well lol
He sure looks happy doesn't he.
A great day had by all.

The little flower gardens are all in bloom with their lovely colors. 
My flower pots on the porch are struggling because that rotten Dozer eats/destroys/lays in the pots! My current plan is to put mouse traps in the pots that will snap the crap out of him when he tries to thrash the flowers. I'll let you know how that goes.

At least two ball games a week. 
The most notable from last week was playing another team that has two boys on it from the Wheeler team.
Unfortunately Colfax lost 7 to 4. Sure was a good game.

This week we took Chyann on a few college tours.
She has the college she want to go to picked out and it's only 2.5 hours from here.
So she'll be close, but not too close.
We had fun taking campus tours and exploring the cities.

We stayed the night in St Cloud and while she hung out with her friends the Hubby and I hit the local thrift sales. I found some great deals on pictures and picture frames, but we hit the mother load with cool baseball stuff!
 From big barrel bats to batting nets and a bucket of balls. 
Caden was thrilled with our treasures!

Last week both the big kids started their jobs.
They had a few tired days at first since they weren't used to getting up at the ass crack of dawn.

Chyann even got herself up and out the door for work by 615a today.
I heard the door slam because yes I was sleeping in.

We've had a lot of rain this last week which once again makes keeping up with the mowing nearly impossible since it seems we are never home when it's not raining.
Mowing is my plan for the day.

Have a good one :)

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Best deal...

Drat, I started writing this Monday night and never got back around to it.


I hit my first thrift sale of the season on Saturday afternoon.
These folks really wanted to move their junk treasures and as we walked up told us everything just had to go!
Would we like a free blue recliner? No, thanks.
How about a gently used kitchen table and four chairs for ten bucks? No, thank you.
What about washer/dryer set for 100? Naah
Quilts/blankets/sheet sets for queen and king beds for just 20 bucks? No, thanks.
A five year old bow-flex for 5 bucks? Say that again? Well lets have a look.

Yes, we ended up stuffing that contraption into the van and bringing it home. So far it's the deal of the summer. Everyone has been down to the basement taking their turn on that bad boy. Fingers crossed it doesn't turn into a clothes hanger like I've seen so many before or end up sold at the sale I'm hoping to have in August.

Caden's school team suffered their first lost of the season on Tuesday to the team they beat the first game they played - the game Caden got his first homerun in. That team brought in some new players and one of our boys got hurt during a collision at home plate. Final score 2 to 1 so it was a super close game. Next week three games.

School is officially out here. Chyann's senior graduation count down is on. 341 days. Mark your calendar folks.

Both Chyann and Colton got jobs this week. YAY kids!

I've got to run. We are off to Green Bay today!

Have a great day!