Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I do some of the stupidest shit.

For example.....

After a long day of work - we have OT currently, which is quite unusual for the team I'm on - we decide to get the grocery shopping done before the weekend. 
Hit three stores and man it's 6p already. 
Been up since 4a and I don't feel like cooking.
Lets order up some pizza for pick up. 
No problem, I've got that number in my phone, which I dial up just as we are leaving the last store.

It takes ten minutes to drive to Pizza hut.
We pull up in the drive through and say:
Me: I need to pick up the Big box please
Them: name
Me: ME lol
Them: when did your order?
Me: about 10-20 minutes ago
Them: who did you talk to?
Me: no idea, but the price was about 24 bucks
Them: we have no record of an order for you
Me: really?
Them: Yes. Are you sure you called THIS Pizza Hut?
Me: I think so, is this the number xxxxxxxx
Them: NOPE. That's the Pizza Hut in a town 30 miles from here. 
Me: OMG. No way, really?
Them: Yep. Want us to call an cancel that order? and place an order with us?
Me: Yes. Man I can't believe I did that. I'm so sorry.
Them: Yeah, no problem. It happens to a lot of older people.  
Me: lol really?.. nice. 

Boy was I embarrassed. 


It's wood season around here. 
The weather has been super nice so we've been taking advantage of it. 
I'm sure we'll push the wood till the snow fly's and it's impossible to do, until then every free moment will be spent on that endeavor.

Colton has turned 22!
He'll be home this weekend to celebrate with us and he's bringing his girlfriend. 
Should be fun. 

Caden and his buds did some trick or treating for Halloween.

Chyann has been recovering from the crud. Hope we are done with it for the time being. 

The neighbor stopped over to complain about Dodger.
He says Dodger goes to their house and intimidates him.
No kidding?
Didn't know he was going over there.
He says yeah they don't mind when the little dogs visit because their girls like to play with them, but the big dog visits have to stop.
Never knew the little dogs were ever visiting, let along the big dog coming over. 

Would have been nice to know the little ones were going over.
We could have put a stop to that and then the big dog wouldn't have followed them.
Now what?
Tie them all up?
Pen them up?

Stay tuned..

Have a good one :)


Nikker said...

That little smart ass pizza boy!!

Ugh, dogs and neighbors... If only they'd have let you know about the little dogs early on it could have been so much easier to fix! I'm gonna send you "happy thoughts" that you can get it worked out without altering your dogs quality of life and your sanity!
Maybe an invisible fence line? With little shocky collars? I know lots of people who use them and love them.

Anonymous said...
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Nicole said...

Sounds like something I would do... I'm sorry. Did the guy actually say it happens to older people?