Sunday, December 14, 2014

Putting on the miles

Almost 500 miles in the van this weekend and all of them in this pea soup type fog. 
The weather has been phenomenally warm for mid-December. 

Damn near 50* today. 
I'll take it. 
We'll have winter again at some point, but for as long as it holds off I'm good with that.  

Yesterday was Cadent basketball teams first mini-tournament. 
Mini as they only played two games instead of the usual four. 

Caden's team whooped up on the other boys quite soundly both games.
With Caden making 25 total points between the games. 

Hitting numerous free throws too. 
Excellent start to the season!
These boys have improved enormously since last season. 
I think they'll give any team a run for their money this year.

My boy was incredibly stiff and sore after the games. 
He now has the osgood-Schlatter in both knees and it is causing him more grief than his severs is.

So, we'll see how the season progresses. 
Hopefully the stretches and other exercises he does will benefit him through this basketball and wrestling season and he'll be less sore.
Fingers crossed anyhow. 

A few pictures from around here today.

Dodger likes playing fetch without the snow, sure is sloppy out there and he was totally covered with mud. 

The horses seem to be enjoying this warm spell too.
Today would have been a good day for a ride since it was so warm.
Maybe tomorrow.

I haven't sent out my Christmas cards yet, in fact I just ordered the damn things last night.
They'll be here on Thursday though and I'll get them in the mail by Monday at the latest (i hope).

Do you send out Christmas cards?

Everyone must be behind this year because to date, we've only received one card. 
Typically we get about 50ish and I send out about 60ish.

I suppose a lot of folks could have decided not to send them. 
They are probably deemed an old fashioned tradition by a lot, but in this day and age where the world moves so fast - smart phones and texts instead of picking up the phone. Getting a Christmas card is pretty nice. 
Someone took the time to think of you and hopefully write a little something and not just have a pre-printed name in the card or whatever.
I especially like the ones with a Christmas letter that tells all about the family/persons adventures over the last year. 
I haven't done that in a while, maybe I will this year.

11 more shopping days.
Are you ready?



Nikker said...

Caden's a trooper! Hope he gets some (pain) relief for the remainder of the season!
I used to send out cards, then I realized what kind of money I was spending and how little I was getting back. So I stopped. Now I am the asshole in the family that doesn't send out anything. I'm good with that! (0:
I am NOT ready for Christmas...nothing new though. I will get it pulled together here shortly! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

I have only a handful. I think u might be right At 0.49 to mail a Card and the cost of the card its almost a dollar a card if u were smart and bought your cards after Christmas last year and know u don't .I like the family pictures. and I like to see the pictures u put on your blog ,am doing my cards Saturday I hope. must go lots and lots of love

Nicole said...

Um.... you guys don't have snow... isn't that weird for this time of year? Almost creepy weird? And poor Caden!