Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday confessions

My friend Kris did a fun Sunday confession back when she was blogging and I thought I'd give it a whirl.
But first, what a change we've got going on here.

It was -5 Friday morning and by night fall was up to 25*.
Yesterday we got up to 40* and today it's almost 50*!

There is not much snow left and its supposed to rain today.
Some areas to the East of us are expecting about 5"- how crazy is that?!
Super glad we are not getting that mess - fingers crossed that the forecast doesn't change.

So, for my confession.

I hate strongly dislike and am completely unsatisfied with my Kuerig.
There I said it.

Can you believe that? Well it is true.

I know, I know. I wanted and longed for one the whole time Chyann went to the orthodontist for her braces - I would look forward to her visits just so I could have a cup of wonderful coffee made by their Kuerig. It was amazing! I'd even stop in randomly when I was in town to "pick up" more wax or whatever and get a cup. LOVED LOVED LOVED that coffee.

Last year when I went to my brother and sister in laws place in AK, they had one. Again I was treated to amazingly delicious coffee.

When I got home I decided what the hell, now was the time and I bought myself one for Christmas.
Even going as far as special ordering the brand and flavor of coffee that the orthodontist office carried so I'd be ready for my very own amazing coffee on Christmas morning.

My anticipation was great. I told all the gals I worked with that I couldn't wait for Christmas morning and that FIRST cup.

I got that machine out, had the directions read and up and running within 40 minutes.
Everyone came in the kitchen to witness the first cup, because they all knew how excited I was.

That first smell, that first sip and gag, yuck, what is wrong with this coffee?!?!

Ever since then I've continually tried, tried, tried and tried to like the coffee that my Kuerig makes.

I've looked online, contacted kuerig, spent a shit load of money on different coffee and coffee brands, filtered water, distilled water, super cold water, warm water (the model I have has no manual temperature adjustment). You name it I tried it with no success.

Alas I can not stand the coffee my Kuerig makes. I've taken it off my counter top and put it away with all those other small appliances that I had to have - like the air popcorn popper, quesadilla maker, mandolin slicer, little forman grill, rice steamer and vegetable steamer.


If you know anyone that is interested in a super cheap Kuerig, let me know.

Yes, I used all those K-cups I bought for my Kuerig. I cut them open and used the coffee in my $8 walmart special coffee machine and every cup was delicious.


Ami said...

That's a bummer for sure! My suddenly former assistant (she was unexpectedly promoted this week when one of our site directors flaked and quit) received a keurig for her birthday this month.

I recently read an article somewhere online about the cleanliness of the machine itself. Apparently there are two places in the machine that you can't access or clean. The writer of the piece was some sort of biologist, and was concerned, so took her keurig down to nuts and bolts.

She found black mold and I can't remember the other thing she found... so her advice was NO. JUST NO.

If that makes you feel any better... :)

It has warmed up here, too. But the news has an alert that we may be getting hit with some thunderstorms in the next hour and a half. Which means I better go get my shower. I only like theoretical bolts of lightning... not the real kind.

Lisa said...

Oh my!!! I love my Keurig. I had two Tassimos one died right after the warranty, the other I gave to my mom after I got my Keurig and it died a few months after. I love, love my Keurig. I make my own coffee with it. I don't get the little pods often since they're expensive. And I'm cheap.

p.s. I read your blog all the time, but I can't comment since I read it on my ipad and for some reason it won't let me comment. I got my hair chopped off the same week you did. Hubby was not impressed. Oh well. It must have been something in the air. Hair chopping week!


tainterturtles said...

Love your confession Kellie. I thought about buying one for the library, but knew the pods would be expensive. I guess I'm spoiled because my hubby roast our own coffee beans and our coffee is always extra special. Go ahead and keep using the cheap coffee maker. The Mr. Coffee maker at work is 14 years old!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetheart,Terry ,Maureen and Wade are finally here.I wish with all my heart you and Jeff Spouses and kids were here too.
Weather is nice too.I am so sorry you we re disappointed in you coffee.really missing you this morning.

SunnySD said...

Good to know, and that other households also have the failed small appliance graveyards, lol! I like the taste of the coffee from the Keurig our local library has, but found the cup sizes sort of annoying. Small cup was the right strength, but not enough coffee, and the larger ones were weak... So we stuck with a regular coffee maker.

Funny story about ours, though - we'd had it about a month, and it was working great so I pitched the box. Of course the next week we had a power surge, and suddenly it will only brew 4 cups at a time. It's a 10-cup machine, so it had to be started three times to get all the water through. T finally figured out that if you push the 1-4 cup brew button, it brews the full pot. Power surge must have scrambled the settings :)

Anonymous said...

Here is my confession.. wish Kris would start blogging again!!


Kenzie Smith said...

Oh man, that is a cup of disappointment. Sorry to hear that your Keurig coffee sucked.

P.S. Love the name of your blog!

Nikker said...

I love my coffee black. Unless I'm at my sister's. She has a Kuerig. At her house, I need two sugars and some creamer... It's the grossest coffee I've ever had. McDonald's is better... Sorry it was such a disappointment! I'm so glad my sister got one first! My cheap-o coffee maker does it job just fine! (0: