Friday, October 24, 2014

The smell

is atrocious!

Put seven 12 year old sweaty boys in one room and close the door. 

Caden is having a slumber party tonight to belatedly celebrate his birthday with his friends.

With the weather so nice they were outside playing until after dark - some game called ball tag and another called ghosts in the grave yard.

They came in mowed down some spaghetti and cake and are now stinking up the place lol

The Hubby and Chyann missed this fun as they had to drive to UWRF and rescue Colton.
The car had some kind of antifreeze leak and when he added more it just ran out. 
Fingers crossed it's an easy fix, because I'm not sure we have a plan C in the car department right now. 

In other news - check it out!
Caden is probably just humoring me with an interest in riding, but whatever I love that he wanted to come out with me the other day. 

This weather has been way too nice to not ride. 

So I've been making the rounds through the horses. 

I haven't taken Jenny out yet, but I may get to her tomorrow. 
I don't think I've ridden her in at least two years and Chyann hasn't worked with her in about a month. I'm sure she'll be full of piss and vinegar. 
Not to mention absolutely sure lions and tigers are out to get her at every turn, but I've got to ride even if Chyann is busy elsewhere. 

Have a great weekend!


Nicole said...

They haven't quite hit the lets smell good for the ladies stage yet huh? lol. So ghosts in the graveyard is what caused me to chip my front tooth when I was in 3rd grade (or maybe it was 4th). No bueno. I'm getting caught up on posts, but hopefully something good happened with the car?

Nikker said...

At least those boys aren't bathing in that nasty Axe Body Spray...I think!
Hurray for the "new" riding partner, even if he is only humoring you!
Hope all is well with the car!!