Saturday, November 8, 2014

Saturday AM coffee

I'm not liking the time change.
Definitely gets dark too early for me.
Sign of the times I suppose, it being the beginning of the holiday season and all that.

Sounds like we'll be getting our first real snow of the season come Monday.
I realize we've gotten lucky in that it's held off this long, but still I'm not ready for it.

Report cards came home on Friday.
Straight A's for my kids and I couldn't be prouder of them.

You know Facebook is an interesting thing. You have your friends and family posting shit here and there so you can keep up with all that they are up to, right?

I find it interesting to see that your Hubby's' sister and her family - who live about 9 hrs away from here, have traveled to a town that is less than an hour away from where we live to spend the weekend and we don't hear from them at all.

Real nice. Ok, so you have plans? Fine, but a call to say hey we are around but unable to meet up would be appropriate I'd say ESPECIALLY if we were in their neck of the woods and didn't contact them would lead to a major family hurt feelings. But whatever, I am not even going to tell him that they are in the vicinity.


Wood is on tap again this weekend and damn if it's not cold and windy out, but got to get as much done before Monday.

Have a good one :)


Ami said...

My brother and his wife have been literally five minutes away multiple times and they don't call me. Family's fun, ain't it?

We're not getting snow yet, but it's effing chilly in the mornings now!! I am not liking it.

And I don't want to talk about holidaze... first time I won't have my baby with me.


Nikker said...

We have family like that too! They actually come to the town in which we live and don't even say, "Hey, want to grab lunch?"
So I in turn reciprocate when I go home... But they started it! (0: At first it really hurt my feelings, then I decided that it is what it is... People are weird...
It seems as though our winter temps have too arrived. Buuuurrrrr!!

Nicole said...

Yeah facebook is an interesting thing. My cell number hasn't changed in 10+ years probably and my cousin has had it multiple times. She only contacts me through fb to meet up on the day that she wants to meet up at a time that is convenient for her. No notice... nothing. Whatever...