Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday night update

I had plans to blog this weekend and tell all kinds of stories, but the weather has been too damn nice to be inside!
Hot, mildly humid and SUNSHINE!
I LOVE it!

The crickets are even back making a racket in the evenings. 

Did I tell you the cow ran away?
Yep, she did.
We knew was super lonely after her calf died, but figured her becoming Gypsy's shadow had eased the loneliness. 

Apparently not.

The Hubby got a call at work from the guy who owns the neighboring cows saying she had traveled about a mile or so down the highway to hang out with his cows and that he decided to just let her in with his cows.

Yeah, I never knew she was even gone.
She only broke a wire or two on the Northern section of fence. The horses must have decided it wasn't worth the trouble to follow her so they stayed home like good little pony's.


Last night the sunset was spectacular.

Have a great week!


Nicole said...

Lovely picture!!! And Good for the horses for staying home!

Ami said...

So did you get your cow back?

Nikker said...

Poor 'ol cow! Sorry about you calf...