Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday AM coffee

Burrr it's cold out this morning. 
Only about 10* and some light flurries.
Sounds like a good day to stay in and do some baking/cooking and nap while watching football.

A few pictures from my trek out to feed the horses this morning.
The apple trees looked pretty cool with the few frozen red apples still hanging around.

Jennifer and Casper in the background.

Gypsy showing off her frosty whiskers.

 A few pictures from the Veteran's day program on Tuesday.
My camera wouldn't record video for some reason so only got pictures this go around.

Caden and the choir singing.

What else is new?

We went to a play on Friday night and then out for a late dinner. 
Hell of a good time and we are definitely planning on going again. 

Found a good blog for new recipes too.
Going to have to try some of those pie and dip recipes - YUM!

Chyann wants to put up the Christmas tree already.
I'm protesting though. 
Not till at least Thanksgiving - when her brother is home and if I can put it off till that first weekend in December I will.

You ever listen to Pandora?
I listen to it everyday and have play lists to fit the genre of music I'm in the mood for. 
You should check them out, I love it.
Currently my favorite is my P!nk! list.
Great variety of tunes. 

Have a good one :)


Ami said...

I plan to decorate for Christmas this year, but I'm sort of wondering why. It was always fun when I still had children at home, but now it's just us. I don't know if we care. I mean, I sort of do.

Seeing the portable shell set up behind the choir brings back a lot of memories for me. :)

And I love the two apple tree pics, you have a good eye for what would be cool in a photo.
Have a great week!!

Nikker said...

I love the up close picture of the apples all frosted, and Gypsy's frosty whiskers! Frosted dark horse whiskers are the best!
I LOVE Pandora!
Thanks for the new recipe blog! Can't have too many places to draw from!!!
Stay WARM!!