Thursday, October 2, 2014

Making adjustments

We make them all the time.

Some are harder to get used to than others.
For instance, since I work at home I do not drive daily and when I do go someplace I usually have a chauffeur - whether it's a kid or the Hubby.

However when I do drive it irritates the absolute shit out of me to have to find that sweet spot with my seat.
I drove today for over an hour and literally adjusted it up/down/forward/back the whole time. 
Nothing felt right and damn it it's "my van", but it sure felt like I was driving a shitty rental.

Other adjustments to contemplate.
I wasn't home today and didn't even think about putting the dogs in the house or barn.

 We now have this big ass dog named Dodger, if you'll recall.
He really is a sweetie, but if you drive up he is going to act like a GINORMOUS MEAN GUARD DOG. 
Which is why if I see the mailman coming I will run down and get him on a leash - because yes I keep one eye on the window all day watching trees/dogs/horses/(not cows apparently tho)/cars ect....
and this is exactly why the Hubby really likes Dodger and what he was looking for in a dog.

So, if it was you who sent me a package in the mail/ups/(know it wasn't fedex)/dhl whatever and they tossed it from their vehicle when he was acting menacing - I'm super sorry because whatever it was Dodger freaking ate it. 
Nothing left but pieces of cardboard and debris all over the yard.

Random horse picture because I miss Chyann being home to be the horse pusher.
She goes to school and works every day.

And guess what?
My Daddy-O and Jeannie are coming for a visit TOMORROW!
I can't wait!

later alligator :)


Nikker said...

That box didn't contain your new shoes did it? (0:
Darn dog!

Nicole said...

Oh I'm glad someone else has a dog that eats packages too although it's a pain in the ass (PITA)