Thursday, December 4, 2014

Times are changing

I have finally entered the new world of technology and ordered a freaking smart phone. 

Two things prompted me to do this:

1 - My Dad got a smart phone! and I figured if he is moving int the world of technology I supposed I should consider it as well 
2 - A friend of mine introduced me to this app called Think Dirty.
No it's not what you think so get your mind out of the gutter!
It's an app that allows you to scan bar codes on consumables you currently have in your home or items you want to buy.

Like your laundry soap for example, to see what kinds of horrible carcinogenic shit is actually in it that just may cause you to grow a third tit or if you have chosen wisely and have a product that is not detrimental to your health. 

 I had Caden download this app, but his ipod does not support it - it's too old apparently. 

Decision time. 
what to do, what to do

Since I have become quite conscious of what products I buy; from the freaking lunch meat - that is typically loaded with nitrates and sulfates to my face cream --- I wanted that damn app! and of course the fact that my Dad now has a smart phone..........

It will be here on Monday. 
Imagine that. 

Got the crap scared out of me the other day when I went to get a wash cloth.
Bobbi Jo somehow managed to get in the drawer and lay down. 
Not quite sure if she was trapped in there and made the best of a bad situation or what happened, but she didn't leave after I opened the drawer so she must not have minded too much.

later alligator 


Kenzie Smith said...

What a neat app! I might have to check that out. It freaks me out some of the things that is in our food. That is too funny about your cat!

Swinging by from Midwestern at Heart :)

Anonymous said...

Kellie, Bobbie Jo ,looks like Sally Cat. Bed that did you a scare. Doesnt that blow me away your Dad with a I phone. Am real proud of him being so progressive.
Love u

Nicole said...

Okay so I'm getting caught up. The flu is trying to take over my house... baby is with my parents and hubby is on the couch so I'm hiding from the flu in my bedroom. Anyway... what kind of smart phone did you get (or do you tell this in another post?? Guess I'll find out!)