Tuesday, November 11, 2014

No show on the snow and other news

We got lucky in that the storm snow line was about 20 miles North of us.
They got over a foot of snow and we only got a total of about 5" from Sunday night through today.
Not bad.
Yes, Chyann rode the bus and bitched endlessly.
However I am not the only hated over protective parent around.
Two other gals that I work with also made their teen drivers ride the bus- so there!

I think she was really ok with it especially after yesterday AM.
Lots of protesting going on and all the sudden we heard ambulances and fire trucks racing to the scene of a crash just down the road from our house.  HELLO! IT'S DANGEROUS out there.


Today the Hubby and I went to a Veteran's program at school.
It was very well attended even though the roads were pretty crappy yet.
At the program they asked everyone to stand up who had a family member in the service.
I stood up, the Hubby says why are you standing.
I said stand up. Our lives are full of veterans - your Uncle, My Dad, my step-Dad, my brother, our nephew.

Thank you to all the Veterans! Your sacrifices make a difference in all our lives.


In other news, with this snow the horses were stranded down in the front pasture. There was a small drift that they wouldn't go through in the run going to up to the barn. We ended up having to walk them one by one to the barn. Never had to do that before. Strange.

later :)


Ami said...

When I was a senior in high school, one of the kids who drove a bit of distance to school had a crash on her way home. She died and her baby sister almost died, too. Her parents had the argument with her about driving in the snow and ice and she was the one who lost the argument, even though she thought she'd won.

It was a horrible thing.

So let her argue, you go on keeping her safe.

SunnySD said...

Glad to hear you guys didn't get plastered and stayed safe on the nasty roads. I rolled T's pickup last winter after a storm and wasn't that fun - nobody hurt (no damage except for a flat and a small dent in the back quarter panel - but it definitely made me more cautious!

We have the cold and barely a skiff of the snow, but I'm SO not ready for winter yet :(

Nikker said...

Glad you guys didn't get dumped on by the Snow Fairy! It seems too dang early for 15 inches of snow!!!
Horses are so weird...one of them probably thought they saw the "boogie man" in the drift and it kept all of them away from it. Every once in a while Horse Girl will convince the others that somethings going to get them...The Hee-Haws usually break the invisible line first. Maybe you need a donkey! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

So glad u stuck to your guns and made her ride the bus.the computer is acting nicer today.I think I have a head cold.
cant think very good anyway.I love you