Thursday, November 20, 2014

They say

it's still fall, but I don't believe "them".
Yesterday was 18* when I went out to feed the horses and it felt warm out compared to the previous few days. 

However we are supposed to be warming up to possibly the high 30's come the weekend and maybe even get rain Sunday evening. 

Chyann decided that regardless if she would freeze or not she was taking a ride.
Ok, I'll come too.

And damn was it cold. 
Casper doesn't seem to mind it at all though. 
His coat is super thick. 

The barn is so full of hay that I have to kick the bales down from the top to feed the horses. 
Course by the time I got back around they were already snacking. 

Right after I took this picture Dodger almost had the crap kicked out of him by Jenny.
Chyann had just gotten off and Jenny out of the blue let loose with both back feet! Literally just missing him by a hair!
Scared the shit out of me lol

Well Dodger hasn't been up to visit the neighbors that we know of. He is the master Houdini when it comes to eating ropes, climbing fence and digging holes to regain his freedom though.

I've no idea what it takes to keep a year old lab occupied.
During my breaks I walk him and throw the ball for him and he still gets wiggly. 
Everyone takes a turn when they get home too.
Chyann says he is a bad dog lol
Any tricks to keeping him worn out and docile, let me know.

Anywho, have a good one :)


SunnySD said...

I remember that energy level! I raised a lab for the Leader Dogs for the Blind program when I was in high school (ages ago), and I swear, the only time that dog was actually tired out was when we'd take her snowshoeing in the winter. A few hours plowing through snowbanks, and she actually slept! LOL! Glad to see you guys weren't plastered :)

Ami said...

Okay, it's too cold where you are.

Kenzie Smith said...

I remember when I used to ride in freezing weather -- I stopped though. I hate when my fingers are so cold I can't make a fist ha ha. Our lab has an insane amount of energy and Houdini's too!! I haven't figured out how to calm him down.. so good luck :D