Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday AM coffee

My brother Jeff assures me that my presence on the interweb is essential and has repeatedly urged me to get my arse back to blogging.
So here I am and I must say it was a nice break.

A lot has been going on around here. 

We've had Caden turn the big 12!
Imagine that. 
He is sure growing up fast. 

 Colton has been home several weekends in a row - of course not this weekend though, he's been helping in our winter preparations all that.

My big idea all fall has been to take a picture for the Christmas cards I send out by my favorite maple tree when it was in full color, but damned if I didn't totally miss that window of opportunity.
There was one evening for about an hour when everyone was home at the same time and I didn't insist on getting it done. 

Lot's of football happening too. 
Caden's last season with the school league is now over, last night was the last game. 
Next year it'll be tackle as a 7th grader. 
I'm anxious about it already - we watched part of the varsity game yesterday and saw one of their star players break his ankle on a play.

The PPK competition is done as well.
Neither Caden or his buddy moved on to the next round.
Caden was the youngest in his age bracket of 12-13 year old, with him having just turned 12 the day before and let me tell you some of those 13 year old kids were bigger than the Hubby - both in height and weight. So it wasn't that surprising that he didn't take a ribbon. 
Next year though, there is always next year. 

Yes that is Colton behind Caden looking all cool.
He came and stood around for the better part of the day to watch his brother compete and never complained once. 
Now that is a good brother lol

Best part of these last two weeks was seeing my Dad and Jeanne.
They arrived on a cold and blustery day which brought our first snow of the season .

We did a little wine tour and tasting to a few local wineries. 
Hell of a lot of fun.
We all reconnected and it felt great.

My only regrets are not taking more pictures and having one of all of us taken.
This is my favorite of the few I did take tho.
My kids sure loved seeing my Dad and Jeannie and are still talking about them now, wanting to know when we can visit them or when they are coming back. 

That's all for now. 
later alligator 


tainterturtles said...

You've been a busy gal Kellie. Love the all the photos of your family. Especially your dad and Jeanne. Glad you had a fun time.

Nikker said...

Hurray for family time! You guys are busy, busy, busy!!
Ugh, you've already got your first taste of snow already?!? Yikes!

Nicole said...

Sometimes it is good to step back... but it's also fun to keep the info going! Oh and tell Caden he needs to slow down on his birthdays!